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Strauses Talk About Blu-Ray

There’s a new video interview with the Strause Brothers about the Blu-Ray DVD over on Hollywood In Hi-Def (via YouTube). They discuss why they like high-definition. There’s also some quick VFX shots from the movie.

20080412 Strauses Talk About Blu-Ray

There’s another featurette over on YouTube, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, which covers Ian Whyte as the Predator. The audio is terrible so I couldn’t make much out. Thanks to DazAvP01 and XenoVC for the news.

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  1. lamepredator
    its funny how these guys talk about how much went into makeing the it so they didint have to use much cgi but i dont think any of the ideas went into the stroy. and why do these idiot wirters think there going to get more money form that strike if they cant even make good stroys? its like on one knows what  a medium its like hollywood just sell horror flims to highschoolers. like   the ring and one missed call or just a lame snuf flick like saw i want my mind to rase here and be awed not sit there going wtf did i pay 10$ to watch a moive thats so damn half assed or cut back it just ruins it.
  2. Hemi
    @Zen  true, reactions were disappointing. But for different reasons. People expected an alien brawl with guns blazing, and they got a lone alien movie like part 1. Alien 3 won allot of hearts allong the years, and the special edition gives a good view of how David Fincher wanted it to be. Frankly I liked it from day one, and didnt understand what the fuss was all about.  Avp just disappoints in general movie makin history. In 20 years it wont be a better movie, and alien 3 proved to be ahead of its time.
  3. ZEN
    @Hemi  Sorry mate,no offense.I was just saying that when A3 came out it was like the AVP movies now,with lots of people disliking it.The only reason I consider AVP and AVP-R better then A3 is because they have the predator in them,and thats it.I have the ALIEN QUADRILOGY (finally) AND ITS AWESOME!!!!!   ;D     ;D  .  PEACE!!!!! ,,V.   ;D  .V,,
  4. Hemi
    @Zen comparing alien 3 to the 2 avp movies...shame on you..  These flicks will never come near Alien 3. Alien 3 was the last great alien movie, it was downhill after that...  These 2 will NEVER come near David Fincher...
  5. Spoon
    ButtZilla thanks for showing the clip.  I really love that scene but still wonder why they would point the guns at the predator thinking he understands or something ?  they think the pred would surrender?   Just shoot that ADI disaster
  6. ZEN
    @ButtZilla  People said similar for the director of A3,but the movie is becoming more popular every day,and he's a big name director now.Just saying is all.
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