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DreadCentral AvPR DVD Review

A new AvP Requiem DVD review has surfaced over on DreadCentral. They give the Unrated DVD 2.5/5 for the movie and 4/5 for the features. It’s an amusing review. They mentioned the darkness of the movie and have even posted screencaps of this to prove their points.

“I have sat through Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem at least five times (this last time with every light in my house out); yet, I feel like I haven’t seen it once. Why, you ask? Because for whatever reason the film is so dark you can barely make out what’s going on. The great Daniel Pearl worked on this flick! How this happened is beyond me. Words alone can’t accurately describe what I’m talking about. You have to see it for yourself. Or, in this case, not see it for yourself…”

The caps are depressingly dark. You’d sorta think that the studio would have done something about it after every theatrical review and now every DVD review complained about the darkness. I guess not. Thanks to LukaKovach, and Sirand for the news.

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Comments: 14
  1. xAvP2MasTeRx
    the movie looks AWESOME on my TV, i can see everything, crystal clear   ;D    i found a function on my DVD player and TV to make the mvoies looks MUCH better, if i turn it off it looks HORRIBLE, but when i turn it on it looks so great, i can see every details in the background.
  2. ZEN
    4 things they should do:  1:They should turn up the brightness on their TV. 2:They should cut back on drugs. 3:They should go to the hospital to see if they have eye cancer. 4:they should start eating more carrots because they have a vitamon problem.  My optomatrist said I should'nt drive in the dark,yet I could see this film.Thats sad.
  3. iceman
    The review was on target...The dvd reeks just like the film..Anyone who wastes their money on it should also be prepared to go blind trying to see what is going on in the film.
  4. Semaka
    The man is right. In ALIENS, there wasn't any one on one fights, or melee fights, so you don't need light, but in AvP:R /// come on man, I watched the movie like 8 times, and at the 7th time I saw some aliens coming from the wall in the scene where Dallas is hanged upsite down, and some aliens in the hospital in the scene where they run after the predalien. The scene where that guy dies in the hospital....well, besides the fact that he is wacked by an alien, I couldn't see shit!
  5. Uncle Creepy
    Hey guys! I'm the dude who wrote that review. The link to our audio discussion can be found within my DVD review. Have a listen.   I wasn't bitching just to bitch. I wasn't even trying to be funny.   Honestly, I'm more depressed than anything else. I really thought that someone would address the darkness issues for the DVD.   I guess not.
  6. emi66
    i really dont understand, whats everybodys problem with avpr. i have seen it in a shitty (im hungarian, so i know whats shitty) movie, and i could see everything good. Lighten the tv, or i dont know.  i think  avpr was a great movie, better than andersons crap and ALIEN was dark too, remember. Aliens not very different. The only real problem, that i have with avpr is, that the endfight was a little bit short. it was cool, and i think the end with the bomb is believable, but Wolf and Chet could have fought more. But avp's endfight wasnt better anyway.  So avpr is cool and avp not. Strause brotherd, keep up the good work, it was good for your first real movie.    ;)  
  7. Gul Kalvo
    They are just hiding the atrocious ADI work on the alien warriors. There are much more creative ways to do it... anyway. Just remember the original alien... an artistic masterpiece, but it is a rubber suit, and looks like a rubber suit. The direction and editing of the movie work to solve this. In aliens they were not even wearing full suits...and darkness was not the solution. Just remember when before december they were working on the tone of the final cut. And now they have time to solve this on the DVD. So for me is clear they are trying to hide the mess.
  8. Xenomorphine
    Perhaps you are a little fixated on the film, then, GP. :)  Most people, including myself, wouldn't have a clue what scenes those are from. The darkness was - and remains - a barrier to the entertainment value of the resulting product.
  9. Pvt. Hicks
    they bashed the living f*ck out of avp-r. for like 40 minutes. it was audio, and it was the most hilarious thing ive ever heard. they ripped it a new one. the most brutally honest and longest review of this movie ever.
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