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Woodruff Talks About Future had a chance to interview ADI’s Tom Woodruff which will be posted later. They did post a small piece about what Tom thought about the future of the franchises. He’s interested in Alien 5 and AvP3.

“My hopes, as a creature designer and as a fan, would be ideally to continue on whatever storyline it is the Alien versus Predator takes us in because there’s certainly a wide open book at this point,” Woodruff says. “But in addition to that, I’d still like to explore the future world of Alien 5, what’s the next step of that story? It’s such an unresolved story and there are so many opportunities for characters and great storytelling. As well as Predator, both of those are open-ended stories and AvP has taken the center line combining those stories, but I think there’s plenty of room for three very distinct story takes on those characters.”

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  1. Gort Pred
    Well we all know Im all good for an AVP3 but...there is nothing more I would love to see (besides the Wolverine movie) and that is PREDATOR 3  However...I don't see how or what they can do for Alien 5. In AR I could of sworn they said Riply killed the last of them all in ALiens and Alien 3.
  2. Gort Pred
    Well somebody hates the AVP comics and movies. (In AVPR the Predator kicked everyone's ass, not the alien) but it doesn't matter.   This makes me think of the post i made back in the day when Batman Begins came out and I didn't like it. I do now but back then.
  3. thebbeenn
    AVP is the worst idea since Greedo shooting first! The 1st AVP -  directed by Paul WS Andersson, the man who gave us the Mortal Combat movies (oooh what a merit)! It's really a wonder how he could throw the two coolest Sci-fi villains together in the same movie and NOT succeed.   I thought MAYbe AVP Requiem had some potential, but after yet another totally gimped out Predator who got his ass kicked by virtually everybody who is somebody, I gave up on the this "franchize" forever. And the Alien/Predator Hybrid queen...that was a "quality" character there, wasn't it? Here's what they probably thought the 5 minutes of brainstorming her into the world.   "So guys, we need to make our mark on the franchize, 'cause we're important ..n stuff."  "Oh yay I got an idea! Let's have her laying eggs DIRECTLY down the host's throats! I mean, the mandibles kinda makes her look like a facehugger!"  "GAWD you are such a genious!"  "Oooh also, let's have the Chestburters hatch after about one minute after gestation! I don't wanna have to wait for the cool stuff to happen. Suspence buildup and anticipation are SO overrated..."    No... AVP is but a sidestory, thrown together as fan service only. It has no bearing on either franchize.   So, give me a Predator 3, and an Alien 5. Give me new pray for the Predator. Give me an armada Space Jockeys in all kinds of mind-warpingly weird shapes - created by none other that H.R. Giger.
  4. Gort Pred
    brian, you and only like 4 other ppl on here are the only cool ones here. It's hard running into a site like this and finding ppl that are cool. Ya know if slugsworth was here    8)   this would all be over.
  5. Gort Pred
    Well Jordan its good to know you’re very confident about yourself. I like movies that are great too, American History X, American Psycho, One Flew over the Cukoo’s Nest, Misery, The Shinning, Predator, Jaws, The Big Lowbowski, Fargo, Pulp Fiction, Batman Begins, Katie Morgan blowjob (oh wait that’s a private movie    ;D  ) My list can go on. But AVPR is one of those movies where your not meant to give a f**k. everyone here knows the directors have said that they aimed for an 80"s B action movie right? You all act like you didn't know.   Guess what? missed my point again lol this is funny and annoying. I didn't say shit about your movies; I was using that as an example
  6. Dallas01
    I don't live near him, but I know exactly where the studio is in Chatsworth, CA. Its a cool place. Its just sad these talented people are letting bad and no talent filmmakers use there creations in bad films.
  7. Le Celticant
    Old alien suit look like suit?    ???   Sincerly, i find Alien & Aliens suit very true... more than AvP & AvP:R.  Is there a Big Fan there who live near Tom Woodruff and can close his mouth with a bullet in the face?   >:D  
  8. JordanLee
    Well gort, I'll have you know that I'm right on every case. Not just some. And you're opinion, unlike your grammar, is good and fine with me. But AVPR as a film, not so much. It is not an opinion that it is a poorly made film, it is a fact. Did I enjoy it? I got some aesthetic pleasure of seeing my two favorite monsters on the big screen again. Do I see it as a well-made film. Not at all.    :-\  
  9. Gort Pred
    Well Jordan, your right on some cases with the ADI thing and Stan, and its the directors who choose what design they want. Even if Stan did work on AVPR, they would of had him do the rigid heads still casue those are the ones they like. They said alot and i mean alot on how James is there inspiration to make movies.   ANd I do know what is good and what is bad. Sometimes it gets boring to have to be on guard on every movie that comes out to make sure its good. Sometimes its just something to just watch the damn thing. I love how most ppl here don't even notice my points. In the old alien movies they still look like guys in suits, and to hear the same ppl over and over and over again about how bad AVPR sucks is annoying and how it sucks all the positivty out of the ones who like it. You would get annoyed if every time you spoke about your fav movie and I kept on saying that your stupid for liking it and its the worst movie ever over and over.
  10. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    I can't believe how blinkered some of the comments on here are.  The ADI guys were working with Stan Winston studio on the second Alien flick and beyond. From a technical standpoint, the Aliens and Predators in AvPR are way beyond that of the older films. The creature suits have never had such mobility.   The amount of ACTUAL SUIT work in AvPR, considering the style of action, is very impressive.  Quite where the blind devotion to Stan Winston studio comes from I don't know. Some of Winston Studios more recent work has been less than impressive, and ADI isn't the only creature shop to usurp the throne.
  11. JordanLee
    This seems like everyone is conforming to the same idea....ADI isn't responsible for the creatures horrid look aside the predators is AVP. You can only do so much design wise and creature wise. IT's the way they are shot and presented by the directors. It's shooting them. Stan winston's Aliens looked stupid and gaudy in normal light. It was the way Cameron shot it. So as for the "get Stan back" deal, think about it like this....How would stan winston's aliens look if the Brothers Strause had control over them?......think before you agree with every single person on here.   :-\  
  12. Colonial Badass
    LOL. I cant believe what i'm reading here. A copo of peeps here said that alien 3 was there fav movie!! jesus! One even said that the alien looked the best in alien 3!! ha ha ha. Have you people got eye sight problems? Alien 3 had some terrible creature effects!!  I think that the aliens and predator looked fine in the latest avp movie! (on par with the original films) Dont get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the AVP movie franchise! They should never have set it on earth. Plus the directors arn't in the same league as cameron / scott. Should have been based on the original comic / book (AVP: Prey) if you ask me. I can only hope that AVP3 will be based on this (as its hinted they are now taking the franchise into space)  I think the bosses at 20th century fox must be a bunch of retarded monkeys to be honest, the fact that the first avp movie was pg-13 says it all. They should be dragged out back and shot! i've watched it once, never again will i soil my eyes with such garbage. at least avp-r had gore! still could have been a hell of alot better though
  13. Gort Pred
    brian, no no they should end it, deff. everything needs an ending. They should make P3 first, its long over due. I mean there are 4 alien movies, and 2 pred movies. We need Pred 3 first. Then AVP3 and then A5. Put it in a nice order. And I have no clue what is going on with P3 coming out in 2011. I know what everyone else on here knows about it but I never stop searching.   I'm with you on it all, I want P3, then AVP3 and then A5 and its all over. End it. Star Wars was meant to end after Revenge of the Sith but theres a cgi clone wars movie coming out. I can't stand Star Wars now with all this crap. Stopping the Alien and Predator movies after one more sequel for all will keep them remembered much better.
  14. brian
  15. Gort Pred
    Yeahhh brian!!  PREDATOR 3  is what we need  it sucks that they were going to make it but Fox said "no wait...lets do AVP instead"  I would of liked P3 before AVP thank you very much
  16. Gort Pred
    Well Hicks, excuse me for not caring about looking behind everythin in the Alien movies    ::)    My name is named after a Predator from P2 that alot of ppl don't even notice for one reason, I'M A PREDATOR FAN!  I love Alien, but only cared what James had to say about Aliens. I may get something for this but once Alien was over, I didn't give a flying f**k for the credits or who played who or what, but my point was not that, my point was even in Alien it all looked fake, and why I love Predator more is becasue its more human like it makes no difference if it is a guy in a suit. Sorry for offending everyone who lives for ALien and maybe blew up randomly after they saw AVPR    ::)  
  17. blackhawk
    If AvP 3 is going to be made, i really hope they don't use the same design for the Predator that was used in AvP. The weapons were cool but when Scar took his mask off at the end of the movie i thought i was looking at an action figure!! it looked so fake! the Predator looked the best in the the 1st Predator movie. The design for the Alien was also crap in AvP and Alien 3, i know that CGI was kinda new around the early 1990's. What the hell is wrong with Fox?? and why do they keep doing this to us dedicated fans!! The CGI Aliens in AvP looked so bad i just can't stand watching it!!    :'(     :'(     :'(  
  18. Pvt. Hicks
    your mistake is accepted i guess if you didnt know tom wasnt the one in the suit in the original you shouldnt be here but...ok  i love how tom doesnt mention Ripley for Alien 5   ::)  
  19. Gort Pred
    AvPvTerminator  yeah he was, unless Paul lied to us all in the behind scenes in AVP unrated DVD, and the sites that played the video. When it was coming out, the old site it had played some behind the scenes, we all remember them, and Paul and Tom both said they were in the suit
  20. Gort Pred
    I'm going to agree on everything ppl are saying about the Aliens look. They really were not that good looking but (and I know I'm gonna hear it now) I think Alien looked fake in all of them. I liked the drool in the close ups from Alien and Aliens, but com'on, you could tell they were guys in suits from the first movie. And Tom was in the suit in Alien 1. See this is why I can say I like Predator 15% more becasue it makes no difference if it is a guy in a suit, the Preds are huminoid anyway.   But and this is big but, bigger then the one from Leprechaun 3, I still love the Alien movies. Alien 3 is still my fav and next to that is Aliens, but I still love love them all.
  21. karol_alien_pl
    hi    :)   i think finaly i gone to Alien 5 i really won't it becouse i'm big fan of Alien series and Predator and for the last AVP. i thing this is good idea for made Alien 5 and speciality AVP3    ;D   I AM WHAITING
  22. War Wager
    It's good that he wants Alien V, but I doubt his opinions will sway Fox much. He seriously thinks the AvP Aliens are good looking? Slight exaggeration mabye. They look horrific compared to the original designs, why can't they just go back to them? I'm sure it would be cheaper.
  23. SiL
    Nothing quite gets on my nerves like listening to Tom talk about how awesome the design changes to the Alien are.  "The Alien has never looked this good! Never!"
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