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  1. Warrior Angel
    I like the menu's, but they're dark also.  It would be cool to have a menu that shows Wolf on the left half side and it has the option to view the movie, then on the bottom middle of the screen would be the predalien it gives the option to select scenes and on the right half side of the screen menu would be the alien and allows you to view bonus features. at the top of the screen is earth which allows you to click set-up and language options  can't wait for the DVD to come i'm buying it!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  2. zalman
    could not wait for the uk version so i bought the us version so far the menus i dont care about the 2nd cd it comes with is so u can download too ur hard for a portable device xtra stuff is not bad would have wanted more deleted seens and outtakes as for the film itsgetting better with more guts etc and it rated 18 for uk and r rated for the us all i can say is bring on AvP:3 !   >:D  
  3. "Flare"thePredator
      ;D   Great!!!! It looks better than AvP's this time.I like it...there's only one more thing to do now...BUY THE DVD APRIL 15th!!!!!!   8)     :o     ;D  
  4. gameoverman
    1.0, 2.0 - well it sounds cool.  The menu looks better than AVP's by a long-shot - no crappy cgi menu.  I'm getting the dvd because I"m addicted to aliens and predators anyway so until rehab is available........
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