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AvP – Combat Evolved

Following behind AvPvU, another marketing game for the upcoming DVD release of AvP Requiem is now out, this one called Combat Evolved:

20080329 AvP - Combat Evolved

It’s in the same sort of vein as some King Kong games where you destroy buildings and eat people. It reminded me of the War of the Worlds game for the mobile. Quite entertaining actually, I’m embarrassed to say it but it is fun. Check it out. Thanks to SiL for the news.

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  1. Steve-El
    LOL! Aliens vs. Predator: Rampage style!   8)    "You can't face-hug me, I'm a lawyer for Weyland/Yutani!"    :P    "Where's a Predator when you need one?"
  2. XenoVC
    Leave HICKS ALONE SPAZ AFTER EVERYTHING HES DONE FOR YOU,   ;D  But seriously if he thinks its based off war of the worlds mobile game let him    :D  
  3. spaz
    Your an idiot, king kong game??? "War of the Worlds game for the mobile"???  Its BLINDLY obvious its a game based on rampage. Get with the f**king program boyo
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