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Arrow AvP Requiem DVD Review

Another review of the AvP Requiem Unrated DVD can be found over on Arrow in the Head. They give the DVD 2.5/5 but the major point here is how many times the reviewer mentioned how dark the movie is. As we all know, a big complaint was about the darkness and evidently, this hasn’t been corrected on the DVD.

“In fact, I really liked the design of both the Aliens and the Predators in Requiem, but sadly, most of the time the film is so dark that you can’t see a damn thing. I didn’t see the film in the theatre, but I wonder if it was as dark on the big screen as it is here. This is a big problem much of the film, I could barely tell what was happening and I started to lose interest as to who is fighting whom.”

They go over the special features but don’t talk about the differences between the Theatrical and Unrated cut. Thanks to ScarPredator16 for the news. Also check out his Fan Review of the DVD in the forum where he mentions what new scenes are in the Unrated cut.

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  1. Gort Pred
    Hicks, thats very true, but why do all the ppl who like it have to hear everytime that its bad. I there are alot of reviews about it being bad, can't the ones who like it get a break?!
  2. Hicks_0998
    Well there are 2 types of people: people who like it and people who hate it.  The only difference this time is we can compare AvP with AvPR as opposed to when AvP came out we had all the Alien and Pred movies.  AvPR has its pros and cons and you can argue it to death all you want but at the end of the day you can't change peoples perceptions of it.
  3. Gort Pred
    Well Shrek no I want to know what your fav. movie in general is, I don't care what Alien or Predator movie you like more  and I don't say calling a movie bad is whinny, I call seeing it from the same person in almost every f**king thread possible saying it is  I speak for all the ones who like the movie when I say, WE KNOW YOU HATE IT!! who cares about what you think when it comes to this movie anymore?!
  4. SHREK
    Gort Pred is saying the truth that AVPR was awful whining? anyway... do u wannna kno my favourite movie ever or my favourite movie from the alien and predator series...
  5. konradski
    yes the film was too dark when combat scenes came into play ie the whole fcking point of the avp franchise,we could see the fights in the first so why not the second and if i hear some absolute tripe about budget,well to the guy on about the original aliens the reason behind the aliens suits was because they only had one  hero suit in the buisness is called a heroe suit due to it being the most detailed for close shots and cameron now take into account a hell of a lot of new camera teqiques have come about and development lighting/development process,s and you can work it out for yourself jesus when aliens was made steady cam had never been done let alone cgi interloped with film (see the adventure of young sherlock holmes for this and last starfighter or was it willow )even then its not whats is flying around today
  6. Gort Pred
    "1.) The reviewer never saw the movie in the theater and hence does not know what was cut from the theatrical version. "  well its a good thing we have this guy reviewing it      ::)  
  7. blackhawk
    I didn't find the movie dark at all. I saw it twice in the theatre and both times i was able to figure out what was going on and who was fighting who. Maybe some of those reviewers shouldn't be sleeping when they do a review on a movie    ;D   i geuss it helps when you keep your eyes open.  I personally found that having the movie the way it was helped the Aliens and Predator blend into the background and shadows.   ;D     ;D   It kept the movie in suspense.
  8. Greenband
    There is two possibilities:  1.) The reviewer never saw the movie in the theater and hence does not know what was cut from the theatrical version.  2.) The Strause brothers pulled a Paul Anderson and talked a ton crap. However they really did not have any additional content other then a few lamo scenes. AVP did this, why not follow the tradition.  I'm guessing we saw most of the deleted scenes already anyways. I can name about 6 that where in the trailers, tv spots, etc that never made the film.
  9. Wake Up
    I agree! Gort Pred, why have none of the reviews of the DVD/Blu-Ray mentoned the extra scene's and bonus footage/material? I mean that's the only reason we want to purchase it!   Im not bothered about the bad reviews of the film, Im used to it! but I want to know about whats in the DVD/Blu-Ray version that wasnt in the theatrical version
  10. Gort Pred
    Notice something, why is it in all the so called "unrated dvd news" there are no mentionings of the new scenes. Now aren't those some pretty cool things we all want to know of. The longer/newer beginning, the grave yard scene, more character dev. scenes, I mean why has none of them said anything. To be frank, if there is one more like this one where they "claim its too dark" and theres no talk about the new scenes, then I don't think they saw it. I think there lying. Well screw that cousin f***er, lets just wait before we have a "dvd review" telling us not to get it
    The movie was not dark to the point you couldn't see anything, anyone who said that either was so unlucky they saw a rare bad copy of the movie or they seriously need their eyes checked or they just wanted to continue being haters because I guess it's a full time job.  I'm sure the blu-ray DVD is going to be perfect! I'm sure I'm going totally love it, I'm sure I'm going to be watching this movie daily just like I AM LEGEND on blu-ray.   Stop listening to what other people say, make up your own dam mind,period, end of story, thank you, good bye have a nice day!   ;)  
  12. Gort Pred
    Mobi...something is right haha  the film is not too dark. All these reviews are annoying me, not just this movie. But Funny Games got a bad review too. Now I'v had it. All these ppl are getting paid to write bad about these things. How many ppl here know for a fact this movie was made to be an 80's action slick, I DID!!!!! seriously people!
  13. MoBiUGeArSkIn
    It's dark... but no darker than some of the others. I don't remember ever getting a clear view of the aliens in ALIENS. They were always obscured by something, be it the scenary or blasts of steam.  I also didn't have much of a problem with the editing.
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