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Civilized Beasts in South China Sea

I come bearing news of literature and one of them is a massive shock to me. Announced sometime in 2004, Civilized Beasts look to finally be making it’s way into the stores. It recently received an updated cover and Dark Horse has just released a preview!

20080320 Civilized Beasts in South China Sea

As well as that the profile page for Predator – South Sea China, formerly The Island, has been released. You’ll find a synopsis on there. It’s due out in August while Civilized Beasts is penciled for next month. For more information on South Sea China check out our forum. Thanks to nchurch81 for the news.

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  1. Sgt. Johnson
    that be a python they live in south china burma and so on. Anacondas are from south america and are good swimmers so you'd think that it was a anaconda on the cover but this novel takes place in south china
  2. Ty
    Very cool. Sorry I have not posted here in ages now! I just wanted to say I made a fan site, it's not mainly a fan site for AVP stuff, but it's still very cool. I made a review on AVP-R there too, in the movie reviews section. Go see! Please sign my guest book there too! The site is my home page. You should be able to get there by clicking my name. Thanks! Also I almost got a comic volume like that only it was an Aliens one.
  3. dachande89
    Yea I dont have a prob with the AVP armor. Im cool with any pred wear from the films as long as a Pred is wearing it. This looks to be a fun novel, and the pic is just awesome beyond words. I cant wait.
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