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  1. xor_ew
    I know they have teeth (I'm a big Alien collector) :) I didn't write clearly: these teeth are just too small for me. It destroys deadly alien look ...and about flaws - yes, probably we'll see more. It's usual...
  2. nudzi
    xor ew, the Aliens have always had teeth.  And c'mon, the design isn't that bad. There's only a few minor differences between Cameron's Aliens and the ones in AvP... they still look fierce to me though. If anyone has a problem with the minor Alien flaws, I can't to hear what they have to nit-pick about the actual game itself. I bet you that there will be bigger flaws than the Alien design.
  3. xor_ew
    yeah game looks great, but i don't like aliens - design is horrible! they don't look like in "Aliens" movie. This's mix between Cameron's picture and AvP aliens. and wtf with teeth? look at it, micro teeth :/ i hope they'll correct everything. There are so many 3d modelers who can make fantastic alien model - wher are they?
  4. Spoon
    Actually it is.  Originally this game was supposed to come out in 2009.  Seeing a fall release is pretty damn good to me. Just hope its not rushed.  I just hope its slow paced and more realistic.
    If this game becomes a hit we can expect more future Alien games   ;D    I must say, this game looks better than I imagined   ;D    But it's not coming out any time soon   :'(  
  6. Spoon
    Saw this yesterday on you tube. I absolutely cant wait to play both of those games as i love realistic ww2 shooters and love aliens.  What better then gearbox making them on kick ass unreal 3 engine.  Oh man cant WAIT!!!!
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