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New Aliens: CM Images!

A whole heap of new high-res images from the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines title can be found on german site X-Box 360 Universe. They’ve also included the pictures from the Game Informer magazine in high-res.

20080302 New Aliens: CM Images!

The graphics look astonishing, don’t they? As I said there’s quite a few new ones. Some are showing the marines lurking around and being attacked by aliens as well as various locations from Aliens. Be sure to check them all out. I’ve also uploaded them all to our Gallery.

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  1. yuck
    AWESOME!   :)   And no damn predator in sight who could take the leading role and could deride the alien franchise. Thank you for making this game!    :-*  
    I've been playing Crysis all week. My rig can handle Crysis on dx10 with everything on max detail, so I think it will have no problem playing this Aliens game too   ;D    I can't get over how insane the graphics look for this game. This time we will get the full Alien experience we all have been dreaming of! Woo-hoo!
  3. Commander Griker
    YES just in time i just got done building my Dream Machine HD Gaming PC it blows the xbox 360 and PS3 away im an Xbox 360 Live gamer but my Pc is a Titan  System specs:       -ASUS CROSSHAIR AM2+ AM2 NVIDIA nForce 790 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard   -AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windsor 3.2GHz    Nvidia GeForce 9600 GTX 512MB   -Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR2   -X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS SoundBlaster   -SATA Sea Gate 500GB hard drive   -1000 Watt power supply   -MERC gaming Keyboard   -Reaper gaming Optical Mouse   -Logitech X-230 2.1 Speakers   -Wierless high speed internet    i will be playing Aliens: CM  on the heighest setings  when it comes out right now all i play on my Pc is World of Warcraft Burning Crusade and Unreal Tournament III
  4. SiL
    My only gripe is that they have ADI shoulders, which obviously don't work well in one of the images. Why didn't they just go with the normal shoulders from the first three movies?
  5. konradski
    hmm remember guys/gals these are still image,s  how it works out when movement is added is a whole diffrent story  i just played sof 3 and it absolute c*** compared to the gameplay demo and the lovely bloody carnage shown in the stills  same for cod 4 looks lovely yet you only acutaly get to do somthing on the last missions wereby you interact instead of just triggering set points in the game game folk will understand this. as you can play cod4 up to the sniper part just by letting the team mates dispatch the enemy and then you just trigger the next activation point game sequence
  6. Mike G.
    That's insane.   If you could some how teleport these pictures back to 1988, I would have easily believed that these are screenshots from the next Alien movie.  Never in wildest dreams would I have thought that graphics could ever be this good. Looks like the Aliens are going to be scary again... finally.
  7. Dual Blade
    I am extemely excited about this game. I don't have an Xbox or a Playstation 3 but THIS game could entice me to get either system. For me this is almost like an actual squel to interacting you within a actual sequel to a film. I do have a PC but I would rather want to experience this type of action top quality.  If this is done well we could see how this could measure to an actual alien movie. BRING THIS ON!
  8. Golicrules
    I am so glad to see an Alien game like this. The creatures look terrific, and all we are seeing is warrior aliens. If I recall corectly I believe I saw something saying there will be drones(dome carapace) as well. I hope the tracker only shows moving aliens. I would love to have one just be right next to me because I was careless.
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