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Predator R2 Blu-Ray Cover Art

The cover art for the UK Blu-Ray release of Predator has been released. As you can see, it’s reminiscent of the DVD Definitive Edition. The set is the same as the US release… no special features at all. The release date is May 19, 2008 – same date as AvP Requiem.

20080228 Predator R2 Blu-Ray Cover Art

Also check out this Predator DVD / Blu-Ray Comparison page. The picture quality in the Blu-Ray release does look a lot better.

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  1. xeno.naga
    Hey guys.  I'm from the U.K but I imported an American PS3 last year (cheap as chips) so I can only get region 1 Blu Rays. The American boxart for Predator is TERRIBLE and I want this version, so my question is, is this title region free? I know some Blu Ray movies are, and others are not.
  2. Biomechanoid
    Hmmmm well after I watch a blue ray movie (no, not on ps3, on my BR player), I cringe at the mess standard DVD displays.  If someone claims they can't see the difference in quality, then they must have mud splattered goggles on.
  3. Rob - - - - - - ski
    What's up with all this? Blu-ray is all about better sound and better picture qaulity. I hardly see the improvement from regular DVDs and even if I did notice, I wouldn't care in slightess. It's like telling you and you saying to us that all the DVDs are blur pictures and hazy sound in unbearable measure. I am satisfied with movie on DVD and even more on watching films in my local theater that runs on a 90s projector. I don't care as long as I hear and see it fine and it's giant screen where films are created to be watched at in the first place. It's just another step to keep DVD's sales going up after there sales are slowing shortly after slowing Theater ticket sales. Film Theater is being replaced by TV and DVDs. Now DVDs are being replaced by IPOD and the Internet. I am likely among the handful of people who would be among the only ones would watch film in Theater, where films are made to be shown in the first place, decades later when they are still around.
  4. BioMech
    At least, they fixed the colours, but the original picture of Predator is quite grainy, so now the noise is sharper too.   :-\   I'm sure in the future there will be another blu-ray release with spec.feat-s. In this format, just waste of money.
  5. Nosferatus
    quality is A LOT you want to tell me that the difference between DVD and Blu-ray is the same with every movie????......if yeah than i am going to destroy my DVD player and buy just Blue-ray movies   :D  
  6. eating_puppies
    No special features on the Blu-Ray release? WTF?! Oh wait, thats right, now Fox can sell us the same movie as a 'special' edition later on with all the content that should have been on this release. This is just a big middle finger to all of us fans. And the sad thing is is that people are gonna run out and buy this just because they can see Arnold's stubble alittle bit clearer    ::)  . Screw you too Fox, screw you too.
  7. Gort Pred
    Uhhh...nice?? Don't own blue ray anything, and don't want to, HD is fine with me and I don't feel like buying a crappy PS3, atleast until my PS2 finally breaks.   Anyway, why is Scar on the cover, thats the scene when Scar stabs Wayland, when there was a close up or its the part when he looks at him knwoing that he's sick  why not a pic of the Pred from Predator?
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