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AvP2 Collector’s Box

There will be a new DVD Set released in Japan which includes a Predalien figure and a two-disc Extended DVD Set of AvP Requiem. It’s limited to 3000 sets. Check out this thread for more details.

20080222_01 AvP2 Collector's Box

There will also be a huge Alien/Predator boxset released in Australia which includes 16 disks – two for every film in the series. Entitled Alien / Predator – Total Destruction: The Ultimate DVD Collection, you can find it on It costs AU$119.83 and will be released April 23, 2008. Thanks to Facebox and beeko for the news.

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  1. "Flare"thePredator
      :o     8)  The Predalien figure looks so great that i'm going to get 1 when it comes out!?.It is way too much though,but i don't care.   ;D     ::)  
  2. andy_07
    I love the predalien figure, but i think it should also be missing second-mouth if they are going to have the blade marks in the head.  Any idea how much it is?  I know its not $120
  3. Gort Pred
    Duuuude look at the DVD cover. The cover makes it look epic. I like this alot. But I'm still getting the extream unrated 2 disk DVD with Chet on the over.
  4. carnalien
    very true spaghetti, 120 bucks is frankly ridiculous even though the figure looks pretty amazing. the unrated dvd double set is like 35 bucks or sumthin yea, how can they crank it to 120 with just a plastic toy?
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