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AvPR DVD Cover Art / Details

It never rains but it pours. Fangoria have got the AvPR DVD cover art and details of the various DVD releases in the US. There will be single-disc releases of the Rated (94mins) and Unrated (101mins) cuts as well as a two-disc set of the Unrated cut.

20080214_01 AvPR DVD Cover Art / Details

Check out Fangoria for a full list of features. The upshot is that it doesn’t include the Deleted Scenes in the UK version nor some of the featurettes. Expect Fox to release another version at some point. The Blu-Ray version will feature both cuts and will also include all the special features on the two disc set as well as “an exclusive Weyland-Yutani Archives picture-in-picture reference guide to the warring alien races”. The single DVDs will be $29.98, the two-disc set is $34.98, the Blu-ray is $39.98. These will go on sale in the US on April 14. Thanks to JK for the news.

Update: The cover art for the single-DVD release and the Blu-Ray set can be seen on DVDActive.

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  1. Warrior Angel
    holy sh*t!!! i heard that AVP-R sucks but so what it's way better than AVP....and the 2-disc cover rocks!!!! i stared at that predalien for like 3 minutes thinking about what it will look like with my DVD collecytion. But that cover is only goanna sucker ppl in by buying the 2-disc set....and the price is way too high...the reason is because its the cover art, the second disc and the extra digital copy
  2. Krycek
    The white font with the red "R" really reminded me of the of the original Alien movies and they should have kept that on the cover and in the opening credits of AVPR
  3. Starkiller
    DoomRulz I like the covers but I don't like the AvP font. It reminds me too much of Anderson's '04 mess _______________________  I agree! the font sucks! they should have stuck with the white alien font they used in the posters    :-\  
  4. dvader27
    well it may look expensive but buy it at wal-mart, target, or at that website you it will be 30% off the retail price when it comes out and when it is posted on the site that's just a little bit of info i will give out both covers look awesome
  5. Krycek
    The photo of the predalien looks just like that painting of the predalien by the guy who designed the very similar predalien concept. I don't remember his name though.
  6. Wmmvrrvrrmm
    as a photograph, this Predalien photo despite the fact that it has a normal alien tale is exciting, just as I thought the special creature publicity photos for AVP were exciting, I'm sure you know the ones I'm talking about
  7. wmmvrrvrrmm
    most double disc DVD sets in the UK cost about the equivalent of $40 when newly out. The cover is certainly an improvement on the cinema poster but the cover certainly doesn't have the wonder of the Alien poster with the symbolic egg. I like the spiraling queen chestburster image for Alien 3, that spiraling form retained some echo of the idea of a visual metaphor for DNA. But there's nothing like that going on in AVP:R or AVP for that matter
  8. Newsfop
    Don't forget that it will be on a discount the first week it's released at a lot of stores, plus always sells stuff cheaper. Don't just look at one venue. Remember, you can always get ripped off at Borders and FYE compared to the other places.
  9. dimelives
    Remember the Strauses saying there was around 30 min cut for the theatrical version? What's reinserted is--what did they say--about 6-8 minutes worth of that. So the remaining 19 min were things like the skinned Predators, the little kids in the hospital, and other things that they either didn't want back in the movie, or they didn't have the money to complete them for the movie. Either way, that 19 min remainder is stuff that WON'T be reinserted into the movie. So if it isn't included as a deleted scenes bonus, then we ain't gonna see it at all (not with this release, at least).
  10. Starkiller
    I like the fact they have put the pred-alien on the cover, but i dont like the font and where they have put the requiem, the white alien font used in the posters and film was good! they should have used that! Cant wait for this film to come out on DVD I hope the UK edition gets the extended/unrated version aswell!  Bring on AVP3 strause!!!   ;)  
  11. Optimus Maximus Virus
    the cover is ok? but i dont like the font they used same as the first film    :(   they should have used the white alien font like on the posters.  What version is uk getting then? and yes i agree that is a bit much for a DVD? fox are going to make big bucks on this?    :-\  
  12. Gynoid Assassin
    Its a good thing they didn't just make the poster with earth on it the cover for the DVD.  That would have sucked, and I like this one better.   ;D     ;D  
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