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AvPR DVD Special Features

Here’s some early details of the special features on the AvPR DVD straight from the BBFC website. This is for the Region 2 (UK) set.

– Audio Commentary By Directors Colin And Greg Strause and Producer John Davis
– Audio Commentary By Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis
– Building The Predator Homeworld (6m 35s)
– Fight To The Finish: The Making of AvPR (12m 13s)
– Science of the Hunter (10m 44s)
– The Nightmare Returns – Creating the Aliens (7m 33s)
– Science of the Xenomorph (11m 16s)
– Deleted Scenes (19m 52s)
– Crossbreed: The Predalien (8m 19s)
– Primitive Design: Creating the Predator (10m 24s)
– Prepare For War: The Making of AvPR (15m 50s)

So the big surprise here is the deleted scenes. Twenty minutes worth. I guess this means the UK will only get the theatrical cut while the US will get the Extended/Unrated cut. Thanks to DazAvP01 for the news.

Update: Seems the UK may very well get the Extended version after all. Two cuts of the movie were submitted this month. One version was 89m 53s and the other 96m 54s.

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  1. Starkiller
    Darkness: Seems the UK may very well get the Extended version after all. Two cuts of the movie were submitted this month. One version was 89m 53s and the other 96m 54s.  ___________-  woohoo! this sounds promising, thanks darkness    ;)  
  2. Rob - - - - - - ski
    dvader27: The movie was just about finished when the Writers' Strike began. All the writing on AVPR was last year.  About the DVD. I will buy it. I am conflicted on which I like better, AVP or AVPR. Currently both I give 5/10 rating. I like AVP for the pyramid setting, with the discovery leading to a "wouldn't want to discover" situation. AVPR had more action. The bad lighting didn't effect me on the action sequences, either I have sharp eye-sight or I watched a better film reel. On the bad side: Both films have poor to mediocore acting. AVP has the better side for the characters being international mercaneries and explorers is more interested than average American citizens. I perfer AVP leading lady than AVPR's. They both are ripoffs of Ripley, but AVPR's was the greater. The overall execution of the both films is just simply not the best. Both have budget constraints, but that isn't always the factor to determine great movies.(Terminator) They may have done thier best, but their insight, capacity, and knowledge of best executing a scene is what short from what made the best the best. And Ultimately, the reason critics are so hard on the new films, is just we are doing the same thing over and over agian. From the chestbursters, skinned bodies, and appearance, etc. have been seen and overlooked so many times, they are sick of it. That's how franchises run out of fuel. So this franchises sake, look at the scenery off the sides of the road rather than just the road.
  3. dvader27
    me i can't wait i'm there the day it comes out at wal-mart or target of fye to buy it i'm just wondering what the cover looks like will it be one where the predator and alien are hovers over the earth or the one that has the alien and predator at the top and dallas & kelly in the middle plus how can all say this movie was awful it had good action sequences, heavy on the gore and blood and violence ok maybe the acting was bad but do you what expect there was a hollywood writers strike some writers can't help it they want more money like us all plus all the good actor/actresses have better movies they are doing it's not fox's fault,or the brothers fault or andersons fault either you gotta give them credit they did try to bring what thought would be the best and they did give it to us so in closing ...............GIVE THEM A BREAK !  this DVD will ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ::)  
  4. ZEN
    Also,the reason why I chose Rutger Hauer is because I've been watching a lot of his movies lately,and he looked like he whould fit in well with an AVP movie.  I just thought i should tell you guy's that when i saw AVP-R on my B-day it was a little over 94 minutes long (thank's to my trusty pocket-watch).So if it's under 95 minutes then you'r getting screwed   ;)  .I hope I get the version that's over 110 minutes long   ;D  .That would be f***ing sweet!!!!   ;D  .
  5. ZEN
    This was my original idea for AVP-3,but I'm not suicidal.What I mean by that is,is that if I f**k up the whole Ripley thing I'm going to have thousand's of angry alien fan's running after me with torchs and pitch-forks,and thats not something I want.And it's also not my place to mess with Ripley or Dutch,I'd only do the stand alone movies like AVP or AVP-R.It sounds pretty cool,and ya,Rot-gut Hauer (HA-HA-HA,I'm just joking!!!   :D  ) is old,but they could have some super drug or he could be part cyborg or what-not which would make it possible for him to go up against the predator and win,then die from a sudden alien attack from behind.Feal free to use this idea,I think I'll just give up on the whole script thing because everything I think of is super-duper-uber-lame.I get nifty idea's,then they go nowheres,fast.Also try to imagen comment # 43 with the movie guy's voice,it sounds awesome!!!   ;D  .  PEACE EVERYBODY,AND ROCK ON!!!!!!! l,,l_   ;D  _l,,l
  6. ZEN
    (I should have spelled "Gort Pred '&' other's,my bad).    In the future the clone known as Ellen Ripley and her crew of mercenaries (Ron Pearlman and others) have been sent by wealthy bussinessman Jacob E. Vance (Rutger Hauer) to send cargo to a colony in the middle of nowhere.But,what they do'nt know is that he's orbital marine (O-marine) fleet major (flt.mjr.)Vance of the experimental weapons division (or TDI,OWLF or any of those other guy's).He and mjr.Reaverson (Jesse Ventura,of course) have sent them to an alien infested planet to see if she's what they need to get rid of the species code-named "PREDATOR",and they fallow along as part of their cover to "reunite with family and to make sure the cargo does'nt get stolen".But the ship gets destroyed and now they are trapped with three warring hives,and to make matters worse,the predators are on their way because of a fake signal to lure the hunters there.Now it's an all out war between the galaxies deadliest being's,and only one faction shall survive!.
  7. ZEN
    It's to bad the movie is'nt over 95 min. long (or did I mis-read it   ???  )   :(  .  Gort Pred @ others:Sorry i did'nt get the chance to read your ideas,but they were very long and I had a very busy week.Heres my idea for AVP-3,but i might not get the chance to tell you the whole of it right now,so I might have to finnish it later.Here it goes (wait for next comment).
  8. justin
    I really loved this movie, so im looking forward to the extended dvd.Even my mates thought it was good, i hope one day they will bring out the full extended version of the film. roll on avp 3 or predator 3.
  9. Andrew127
    Yeah we will get the extended cut. It will be the extra 6-8 minutes they said about a few weeks ago. The 20 minutes of extra deleted stuff is the half finished stuff I'm sure.   If not I'm gonna import the US one.
  10. thegodfather
    People the extended version is coming out in Europe, it will be classed as 'Extended special edition' and will have 2 discs. Very intresting to see 20mins worth of deleted footage in one go though
  11. nicky
    Why do people think the UK arent getting the extended cut??! The BBFC says its 93 mins whereas the US theatrical was 86mins and Colin already said the extended was only about 6 mins longer and that's not 19 mins of incorporated deleted scenes either.  Starkiller said, "IF we dont get the extended cut..."
  12. MrFacehug
    The DVD that will be released in UK is the same DVD for the rest of Europe, right? I really hope that we will get the extended version as well, otherwise, damn you Fox and your f*cking discrimination!    >:(  
  13. chris
    The UK WILL be getting two DVD releases.. the standard cinema version ( which thoses xtras will be on ) AND the Extended/Unrated edition ( with some of those xtras ) and it will come in a Tin box ( like the Die Hard 4.0 dvd release )
  14. gameoverman
    My dvd player plays all regions plus I can play most dvds on my computer so I don't care I'll be getting the region 1 version if they get the extended cut (they seem to also be releasing a version with just bare minimum commentary and that's it, I won't be waiting for the se to be released here).
  15. dachande89
    Oh man, I cannot wait to see those bonus features and deleted scenes. I did enjoy this movie, and am looking forward to seeing the extra stuff, that was left on the cutting room floor. AVP-R.
  16. Slugworth
    Geez, even when there's only DVD news, all the people that hate the movie still come out of the wood-work. Seems like a waste energy at this point... we get it, you don't like movie. Time to move-on.
  17. Keyes
    Some people are jumping the gun here. We don't know yet we won't get the extended cut.  Darkness I think you should remove that bit in your original post to avoid confusion.
  18. Optimus Maximus Virus
    SKARRed4life | 11 Feb 2008 21:5616 thats so ravin that the UK gets friggin theatrical cut an the US get the full deal wiv the DVD. _______________________--  Dont worry im just gunna buy the US (NTSC) dvd online, I have a multi-region DVD player    :D   But it does suck that us brits allways get the bad deals, release dates etc    :(  
  19. SiL
    AvPR special features, as extrapolated from the AvP special features:  "These guys are SO AWESOME to work with! They're all just so TALENTED and AWESOME! It was just AWESOME!"  Ad infinitum.
  20. Optimus Maximus Virus
    I quite liked the film! and im looking forward to the DVD. The deleted scene's, making of avp-r and predator homeworld special features seem interesting! and the commentary by the brothers also will be good to hear   :D   does anybody know the UK release date?    ;D  
  21. dimelives
    It's probably the remainder of the deleted scenes ASIDE from the ones reinserted for the unrated version, including the skinned Predators and so forth, probably as unfinished materials. That's really cool if they're actually including all of that as a special feature. But why are there two "Making of AvPR" features   ???  
  22. Keyes
    There's still time for the "Extended" version to go through the BBFC. I remember that the alternate cut of Die Hard 4.0 took a bit longer to go through the system, so no worries - there's still a few months to go anyway.
  23. Starkiller
    if we only get the theatrical cut and not the 'unrated' or 'extended' dvd that sucks! i really wanna see these deleted scene's inserted into the film and not in a 'deleted scences menu'    :(   oh well see what happen's?
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