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AXP Visit Hydraulx

AXP staff writer Jay West recently had chance to visit Hydraulx Studios, the home of the Brothers Strause. And by home, I mean the place they edited AvP Requiem among a plethora of other stuff:

“I still go on all of the fan sites now and talk with kids and listen to what they didn’t like on stuff. It’s kind of broken into a few categories: with the kids who f*ck’n hated it a year ago., and hate the sh*t out of it now — and then you get the guys that, you know, just didn’t want it on Earth… so they kinda don’t like it no matter what — It’s very much a love/hate thing. It’s either that they despise the movie or people give it a seven out of ten — or an eight and a half out of ten kind of thing… which is interesting — even today on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) — it opened in London today…”

Jay got the chance to do an article on his visit and a great interview with Colin Strause which is packed with goodness. Check it out.

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  1. yuck
    The more Colin open his mouth the more I dislike him. All the bad people are just kids.  Probably he think he’s a great director and his film is amazing.   ::)    ...Yeah! -- and they're like: "Cameron turned them (the Aliens) into bugs...!" -- "Cameron and that stupid Queen...!" -- "Cameron and that stupid Newt...!" -- all of this stuff... that is probably to me one of my most favorite movies -- ever! So it's like -- how the hell am I supposed to respect this kid's opinion... if he f*ck'n hates "Aliens"...?! It's like... what the f*ck...? What the f*ck is he going to like then? Like you could probably show him "Alien" with a different name... and he'd probably hate that!.... ---  Ridley Scott's opinion is/was similar. Does that mean that Ridley Scott is a kid in Colin’s eyes who can't be respected? That shows that Colin belongs to the people which he call
  2. Predhunter
    freshbreath3:  "AVPR have gore and violence, but not a good storyline and the movie was too fast"  AvPR was fast?? Sorry, but AvP was a lot faster!! We didn´t now anything about the characters in AvP. The Team was allready assembled in Antartica before we could even breathe!  "the predalien should have learned how to use the predator's weapon and use it against the humans and the predator" You´re kidding, right??An Alien (yes, the Predalien is an Alien) using Predator wapons??How ridiculous is that??
  3. freshbreath3
    I see the differents in AVP and AVPR  AVP have a good storyline, but not that much gore and violence.  AVPR have gore and violence, but not a good storyline and the movie was too fast  I still like AVPR, but  i just wish it was longer and suspenseful  as in the aliens stopping the people from evacutating by making car crashes  the predalien should have learned how to use the predator's weapon and use it against the humans and the predator  they should have brought the alien dogs for ALIEN 3.  they should have used the predator's mothership instead of a scout ship  which it would have taken longer and the predalien will cause more rampage to the ship and some predators escaped including the elder one and some died by the predalien  they should have showed more aliens to see the humans and the national guards to get their asses kicked  what do you think of my opinion.
  4. Predhunter
    To Bio Mech Hunter:  Making a PG-13 AvP movie??That makes the two franchises an international joke! That movie wasn´t even close to be scary!! Its final was worthy of a few laughs!!AvP is better than AvPR?? How old are you?? 15?? I  advise you to watch AvP again carefully and see if that´s an appropriated AvP movie...
  5. Slugworth
    Bio Mech Hunter... I REALLY don't think the gore in AVP-R was over the top... it just happened to be a lot gorier than any other Alien installment. Keep in mind that Alien Resurrection and Predator 2 are both very gory in their own right, whether you like those films or not.  You need a lot more gore to label it "excessive" in my opinion. The only truly gory parts in AVP-R were the hospital and store scenes.  Those are the only parts that I could even come close to labeling "excessive".  And if you went into both AVP and AVPR without really enjoying the comics in the first place, well, then no wonder why you don't like them.  As far as screwing with film lore... Anderson gave both creatures a background that pre-dates our own civilaztion... which in my opinion, totally demystifies the creatures. I dont think he did a BAD thing... I just cant use my imagination anymore when it comes to the origin Predator.  And as far as screwing with canon,  Anderson completely f**ked up the Alien life-cycle... unless we're supposed to think that their molting-speed was genetically enhanced by the Predators.     My question for you:   Did the Brothers demystify the creatures or screw up canon even more than Anderson... and how??    (keep in mind that the story and the Earth-setting WAS NOT their idea and they had no control over a lot of that stuff.
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    @Slugworth, I wasn't making any comparisons to the classics, only stating that the Brothers Strause don't seem to understand the finer points of what made them so epic. I was making a comparison to the first film, however.  Regarding the battles in AVP, I was disappointed there weren't as many as we had thought (although I felt they were well executed for the most part), but to be fair there were a few more battle sequences omitted from the final cut thanks to Fox's meddling. It would be nice, if they went back and recut and fixed up the film the way it was originally intended. But good luck with that.  The comics and novels are a major turn off for myself and a bunch of people I know. It's not the concept (I've always loved pitting these two awesome creatures against eachother), it's the execution. The majority of stories are great, but the way their played out and the way both species are portrayed are heavily skewed.  I can't see how you can call the excessive gore in AVP:R, even remotely, tasteful. Of course, AVP's vibe should be dark and violent, but not over the top. Also, I can't see how you can think Anderson screwed with canon, and the Strause bros. didn't? At all?  I completely agree with your comments regarding Fox, though. They don't completely ignore the fans, they just have a way of half-assing their efforts to maximize their profits. Essentially, hyping up the fans then screwing them over with major disappointment.
  7. freshbreath3
    Rob - - - - - - ski  I am not dumb  avp did suck because two predators were killed by the same alien drone. that pissed me off.  why would directors put sex on avp that's not a good time on that event.  I thought gore and violence would make avpr better.  but it sort of   but it was still good  except they didn't bring the alien dogs for ALIEN 3.  and they should put more aliens.   they should add this scene: when the power turned out those who were evacuating: the aliens go on top of their cars and start making car crash and aliens killing the males and the aliens taking the females to the predalien.  what do you think of my opinion Rob - - - - - - ski
  8. Shouldercannon
    Sorry nudzi, I wasn't meant to be patronizing, but a couple  of the comments here are utterly retarded (not you, you and most  most of the posters are fine), so I need to be clear with those few people and remind them of how things work in the real world so they know from what angle they need to approch Fox in hoping for a better AVP or standalone film.
  9. Shouldercannon
    I hate to break this to you all, but the reality yes,  the bottomline is what matter to Fox, just like any other studios, they , they are in it to make $$$. Typically as a business venture they want to maxmize their return and minimizing their cost, hence the low budget and the non sci-fi earth setting. If you want a higher budger, you must convince Fox that it is justify by a higher expected return. This is the cold hard reality that you all fans must face.
  10. Slugworth
    ... AVP-R worked well in it's own right, but comparing the quality of the 8th film to the originals is silly at this point. Remember there's a lot more people that have a greater influence in the story than the Brothers had. That much is for sure. We all know FOX is an evil corporation. but they don't necessarily IGNORE what the fans want, they just don't get it exactly how we want it.    Hell, the only people that keep giving FOX money are the hardcore fans. They wouldn't have brought this franchise to the big screen if there wasn't such a high demand from the fans. They get their money in the end,  so let the fans have what they want... and that's sad, I know.
  11. Slugworth
    Bio Mech Hunter... I think you're making too many comparisons. I understand that the quality of the first AVP was better, but even Paul Anderson took what was canon and completely demystified it.  He also had 20 million more dollars to work with. And the actual minutes of Alien vs Predator action was barely ten minutes in AVP  I respect that story line enough, but I wasnt left satisfied. Since AVP-R literally takes place where the other left off, I look at it as the second act of three-act saga... and I want my third act. Or else I won't be happy either.  I appreciate the Brothers giving us more A LOT more on-screen action... and I don NOT think they personally took what was canon and screwed it up. I really can't think of anything they tampered with that wasn't already screwed up in the comics or the first movie. I also enjoyed the gore, I thought it was all done in good taste in accordance to the vibe of AVP. The store and hospital scenes were the goriest in the movie, and I thought they were great (whether the actors were good or not).  I personally don't think they have to stay true to the tone of originals if they dont want to. Remember,  AVP came about as a comic, one of the goriest comics at that time... and it spawned a few equally gory video games...      cont'd
  12. Bio Mech Hunter
    The abounding ignorance that people seem to have in believing AVP:R was better than the first film because it had lots of gore (an overly excessive, in-your-face amount, IMHO) is simply astounding. That, and how oblivious they are that canon has almost been completely thrown out the window. Both species were so heavily slanted, it was rediculous.  The first film had plenty of gore... for Preds and Aliens, and I agree there should've been a more realistic amount human gore. Just not the border-line stupid amount the Strause Bros. inserted in AVP:R. It's as if they were trying too hard to differentiate their film from the first (in addition to several other elements).  Overall, I feel AVP was much more faithful and respectful to both the franchises and the creatures and was just a better quality film than AVP:R. I'd sooner have Fox bring back Paul than Greg and Colin.  It's funny how some fans will try to justify the disappointing final theatrical cut of AVP:R by bringing to attention the many scenes that were edited, not filmed, or finished, (which really are good points, but...) while simultaneously ignoring the large amount of footage that was edited, not filmed, or finished for AVP. Then, to top it off, they pour on the "AVP hate".   ::)     :D  
  13. Bio Mech Hunter
    Fox hasn't learned a thing in the past 20 something years of screwing over fans, what makes anyone certain they're going to change all of a sudden? They care more about the bottom dollar than the fans to the point of heavily sacrificing quality and shear potential.  Also, I personally hope the Strause Bros. don't return for a 3rd AVP installment. Their views, expressed opinions, and pure lack of knowledge has proven to be a major detriment to the AVP universe. I admire them for being such passionate and honest fans, but honestly, that's not hard to come by. It seems they understand squat about what made the classics so great. That, and the Aliens and Predators themselves.   ::)  
  14. Slugworth
    To Yuck from #20.. because the people you have to hire to construct these beautiful sets are aware of the hurdles that they have to jump through in order to make a studio picture... especially with FOX.   With years of inflation and high demand, that's why it's so expensive to hire the right people nowadays.  Fortunately the Brothers dabble in visual effects too, that's what makes them such affordable candidates for both direction and effects.
  15. dachande89
    Do u actually believe FOX will learn anything? Cause I highly doubt that they will change anyhing at all in the way they make movies. And the movies we love will suffer for it. Damn bastards.
  16. Predhunter
    Well, for the Brothers this was their first movie directing... They needed to know how it really felt like, making the movie and listening to all the critics. And i must say they face their critics very well, showing will to learn from their mistakes.   Has we all suspected, the budget had a main role in script quality, as well as quality of acting. Good actors cost money and so does sets.   As for FOX i hope they have learned something out of this too and on the next AvP movie maybe they´ll make up for their mistakes. Because if it is a money problem, the two last movies performance speak for themselfs...
  17. konradski
    ha ha ha since when has renting battersea powerstation and melting plastic around the structure inside amounted to millions oh and they got the old alien floor grating from the first film back cos the bloke who had it couldnt shift it(english term as in sell it on or use it)and they only had four suits theres a pic i got somewere . that on the still u can see the black cat suit with the prosthetic over the top but only if your looking for it/notice it  apart from that its very effective when , as we saw in the movie and its animated wit the bloke inside
  18. Slugworth
    I thought this was a great interview and I admire Colin for being so open about the politics of making a film. This may be wishful thinking, but it looks to me that we might have a greater chance at seeing AVP-3 than we expected.   I wouldn't mind the Strauses involvement on a third one, since it sounds like they won't make any compromises this time. They definitely have passion.  I think with a better script, and with the experience they got from making avp-r, a great AvP still could happen by the Brothers.   Lets just hope avp-r continues to make a little more money in DVD sales, and maybe Fox will give in.
  19. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Sorry about that.  I was quoting on the dumber fans that think that gore, violence, pain, sex is more important than the characters that present it on screen in the first place.   When I watch Alien, Aliens, and Alien3 the sets wowed me more than any presence of gore. The atmosphere was perfect. The characters were written so that you see someone with a spirit get killed, not a product that spills out red paint, aka blood.
  20. nudzi
    Rob... who's the typical idiot? Colin, or someone on this thread? I'm confused. If you're talking about Colin, I'm pretty sure that he wasn't able to influence the story telling the way you would have liked, that much is clear.  And if you're talking about someone on this thread... then that's just mean.    ;)  
  21. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Typical idiot thinks that gore, violence, pain, sex is more important than the characters that present it on screen in the first place.  When I watch Alien, Aliens, and Alien3 the sets wowed me more than any presence of gore. The characters were written so that you see someone with a spirit get killed, not a product that spills out red paint, aka blood.
  22. freshbreath3
    Rikomaru and shrek  you two are wrong AVP sucked to tell you two the truth because their was no gore.  AVPR was better because it had more gore than avp  I hate people these day saying avpr sucks  SHUT the $^&# up for crying out loud.
  23. shred predator
    I just hope their dvd cut IS what the movie was supposed to be in the first place-FOX should be ashamed of screwing up that movie and the directors wants
  24. Otnip
    Excellent interview, Colin is very honest with how things turned out in the movie and I was I got to see that 15 minute roof top battle!  You may not like the movie, but how can you hate Colin after this interview?
  25. Gort Pred
    To yuck:  Rob is right lol but also becasue the people that build the sets want to make more off of it. Sci-fi was sort of blah and now they belive that the seeting is what makes it. What they don't know is, everything it important when it comes to Alien and Predator
  26. yuck
    Colin:  ...I just look at the sets like in "Alien" -- which we'd watched again recently at the Jules Verne Film Festival -- you watch it, and you're like -- those sets... each set would probably cost you $4 or $ 5 million dollars, and today you'd be putting $20 or $30 million into sets like that.  They're the MOST beautiful sets -- and that's like the unfair thing about it.. It's almost like you can't build sets like that today. Unless you have a $150 million dollar budget., and twenty of it goes on production design. ....  --  I don't get it. Why more expensive today? Make no sense.  ???  
  27. Garo Predator
    100 million is too much of a big budget is it hmmm i really want wolf back he rocked my socks like you see a cameo of him he is a elder you see his face with his helmet in his hand that would be awesome
  28. freshbreath3
    AVP was worst than AVPR  AVP didn't have gore and violence  AVPR had gore and violence with crapping actors  I like AVPR because of the gore and violence  the bros. should get another chance to prove themselves good directors  They should make AVP3 in space   rated R  so it can have a good story line and gore and violence  it should be 2hrs 10 at least   this movie should be after ALIEN 3 but before ALIEN RESURRECTION.  budget: 100 million.
  29. Newsfop
    It was a situation where you had to accept the things as they were. The first one ended having just gotten off of Earth, and then the predalien pops out. You can't just ignore something as cool as that. Unfortunately, you have to deal with the cool thing in a blah place. I certainly wouldn't want to see a cataclysmic battle of the species slugged out in my home town. That stuff is for creepy foreign planets or spaceships. But since this movie was towing a heavy allegory of cleaning up a mess left behind, we have to deal. I still liked the movie. It was very entertaining, in my opinion. I'm sure it won't garner any awards of praise, but I left the theater feeling better for having seen it.
  30. Slugworth
    The chances for AvP-3 are looking up!! I like that Colin seems determined to get the higher budget that the movie THEY want to make deserves.  AVP-3 in space... and they're interested in the role of the Space Jockey.  Good enough for me.
  31. Zach Attack
    AvP-R was a great film because it explained alot more about the Predator homeworld and repruduction method.It was cool and i hope that the brothers Strause make a AvP3 in 2009 or 2010.
  32. The Necronoir
    Unfortunately I'm one of those who objected to the mundane setting. The first five minutes was great, with all its sci'fi grandeur, but the remainder of the film just struck me as wasted potential. I could have been much better if they'd simply thought of ways to keep the movie in the sci-fi-esque locales such as the hospital and powerplant, but when you get aliens jumping through people's bedroom windows and the swinging doors of a diner you've just gone too far beyond the pail.
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