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AXP Visit Hydraulx

AXP staff writer Jay West recently had chance to visit Hydraulx Studios, the home of the Brothers Strause. And by home, I mean the place they edited AvP Requiem among a plethora of other stuff:

“I still go on all of the fan sites now and talk with kids and listen to what they didn’t like on stuff. It’s kind of broken into a few categories: with the kids who f*ck’n hated it a year ago., and hate the sh*t out of it now — and then you get the guys that, you know, just didn’t want it on Earth… so they kinda don’t like it no matter what — It’s very much a love/hate thing. It’s either that they despise the movie or people give it a seven out of ten — or an eight and a half out of ten kind of thing… which is interesting — even today on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) — it opened in London today…”

Jay got the chance to do an article on his visit and a great interview with Colin Strause which is packed with goodness. Check it out.

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