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AvP3 On The Way?

According to Edge magazine, we’ll be seeing an Aliens vs Predator 3 game in the next two years. Remember the news from the LA Comic Con where the Brothers announced there’d be a new game? Turns out the dynamic duo will be developing it themselves:

“Read in the latest issue of Edge magazine that the Strause bros. will help develop the new game, which is planned for release in the next two years. They were originally approached for input at the start of AvP-R’s production, but of course, didn’t have the time. Now their freed up, however…”

The above was posted over at Alien Experience by Izzet. There’s been no comment from the Brothers yet but keep an eye on this spot. I can only hope they’ve got Rebellion on board.

Edit: According to Hicks over at Alien Experience, Edge has old news and it isn’t entirely accurate.

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  1. BadOmen
    On the other hand if the Strause Assh... uhm, brothers... contribute to the game, it will truly be an awesome challenge to beat the Predator. I mean, they made him tougher than He-Man (  >:D  ), so all of us who DON'T think AVP should be about Predator raping aliens while smoking a cigar, we're just doomed for good.
  2. PyroAcid
    these genras are dead  they are not trying to make the flicks for the cult viewers anymore and they are trying to relate to wider  range   "mtv gen"  we need ridly back or the guys form predator or form the action horror flicks of the 80s and 90s  or someone more  ature and serious  in makeing a good flick. when they tryed to make a good flick. avp 1 was better  are you one of these sheep to? go back to your sheprd, onley  wolfs beyond this point.   >:D  
  3. Guest
    and for the lov god no more stupid teeny lov stroy tie ends. if your going to show sex appeal show some tity what you go show a head being bitten off but no boob or drug use?.   Pred2 had all of that. its like sence the 90s ended everyone got soft "oh my pour kids might do something your moive had in it " bring back the writers form pred2 and pred1 into this stop looking for outside help. they just put there own vision of the moives and they just smash it up givein avp-r was a decent flick  iam qustioning if the bros can or will let loose even more  strop relateing to teens and make a grown up flick with everything pred moives  was drugs sex and violence like the 90s few a well known action stars in the mix form arne to danny glover you need to add more well known action stars like jason saethen or whos the dude in batman/reign of fire? with more sirous acting.
  4. Guest
    the pred vs pred in the future whould be nice with aliens and marines thrown in for Avp-3 for a Pred-3 have them fighting in a warzone like in the  mid east or in the future earth were america is in a cival war and on the brink of destroying its self   you coverd the coldwar with pred 1  pred 2 was the drugwars in LA  pred 3 could be  the war on terror and have them fighting in the desert  what do you all think of the idea?    ;D  
  5. Slugworth
    Hey Gort Pred, if you'd like to continue to talk about this, you should sign up at AvP Galaxy and send me a personal message. I really don't want our ideas out there for everyone to see. The more we talk about them in the open, the less valid they become.    So sign up... I'm not that hard to find on the site. -slugworth
  6. Gort Pred
    lol you better, I did to mine. No one can touch my story or my AVP 2 movie that I wrote in 2004-2005. It makes no sense now casue AVPR is out but it's close...which is weird. For example, my hero Pred's name was Slasher (in my new film) he's the older brother to Scar Predator (from AVP) and he's looking for revenge on the Predalien. Now for the example haha, Slasher is...just as strong as Wolf...and he fights a Predalien(going to be queen) and in my film, Slasher fights this alien and the alien is about to shoot the inner mouth in him when he catches it, picks it up by the inner mouth and cuts it's head off. In AVPR, Wolf caught the inner mouth of Predalien and ripped it out. Almost like mine. But that could be, me and the bros. have the same taste in Predators      ;D     And yeah, I always thought in my AVP5, the preds would come back with better tech and knowadge of hunting which helps them get rid of aliens quicker and can fight Predaliens now. The only problom is, the main villian is not an Alien. It's a Predator. If you played the AVP Extintion game, if you remember the K series Aliens, well in my film, those are there, but they make a K series Predator. Our hero fights one of 2, the second shows up in 6    ;D     I like how our stories matched perfectly and that was not intended at all.
  7. Slugworth
    It's cool that you mentioned "the Predators don't have that power anymore" because of humans adapting Predator technology. At the end of my story, it's implied that the Predators are now hunting an even higher technology (Space Jockey technology). So it all blends in great with your story, since we haven't seen the Predators in more than two-hundred years... they're now hunting a more "beneficial" prey.  Maybe when the Predators finally return in your story, they can be more bad-ass than ever before, thanks to their new tech.  I just gave away the cliffhanger of my story, by the way. It's a good thing no one cares right?  I better copyright this quick   ;D  
  8. Gort Pred
    I'll talk about this for ever if I have to lol  thanks for the years, I never really knew them. Well if Alien 3 was 2179...then mine will be....2379. My movie will have an ending that will lead on for AR and the ppl in that movie. Thanks for the idea. I always did have this after I saw AVP-R and the humans have pred tech. Well I always thought that becasue of that, humans have taken over space now where Preds don't have that power anymore. So I thought og this story in a possible AVP 5 (based on AVP Extinction the game) that the Predators plan a revenge plan on the humans. Predators are going to screw around alot with human tech when there hunting aliens, and in the end our hero human finds out that Predators are going to invade earth and gain there rule back. What do you think. I had that thought for some time, but I added the revenge thing after AVPR
  9. Slugworth
    Gort Pred...  There's a planet in my story that the crew are SUPPOSED to go to, but since they get shipwrecked on the Alien world, they never actually make it there. Maybe your story could take place on THAT planet,  years after my story, when the planet is finally colonized.   To make that work, the Predators could have been monitoring Weyland-Yutani's progress in planetary colonization during the years after my story.  And maybe they chose to plant one Alien Queen-egg on the planet, in hopes of making it a hunting ground for the future. There's an idea you can stem from.  Here's each movie and the year they're supposed to take place in, just to give you a better idea of when everything happens. My story 2104 Alien 2122 Aliens 2179 Alien3  2179 Your story ?? Alien Resurrection 2381  By the way, I bookmarked this thread, so I'll be checking it regularly if you'd like to still talk about this.   8)  
  10. Gort Pred
    Slug:  Oooooooo I never thought of that. What if my story was AVP 4? OoOoOo    ;D   I love that. Hey if your story gets you think you could help my story? Holy crap imagine that! Well if you put it that way, I'm going to take away the part when Wayland-Yutani calls the Nostromo and have them talk about the guys that want to clone Riply instead. DO you think I should keep them on the jungle/desert planet that I have or change it to Fury?  And yeah about the family thing, I know its werid, and I thought I was the only one
  11. Slugworth
    Thanks nudzi... I really didn't want to have my story take place on a colony for the main reason that:  we've already been there.    ALIENS was great and I feel that if I placed my story on a colony,  it would basically be ALIENS but with a Predator involved.  Also, a lot of the comics take place around colonies... I just wanted to do something different.   Since my story takes place on the Alien world, it doesn't mean that I'm ignoring the life-cycle all together. It just means that we see an Alien in it's molting process a lot later in the film... which breaks tradition in a good way. Believe me, there are still plenty of face-huggers. There's a scene in my story that focuses on a half-molted alien and the reaction of one of the humans. The scene is super eerie and borderline sexual. ANOTHER one of my favorite parts.  These are good questions, by the way. Thanks to both you and Gort Pred for your interest.  And to Gort Pred:  I really like where you're going with your story. What if it took place after ALIEN 3?  Then your story could be like AVP-4, while my story works as an AVP-3. Just a thought. I think they both work together well.  Aliens and Predators are definitely like family to me too. Weird, eh?
  12. nudzi
    Wow, sounds good Slugworth.  I like the approach that you're taking. Alot of fans want the a story to take place on a colony,  but the direction you're taking is more like "we need to understand outer-space before we can get on other planets".  I think that's great.  Tell me though, since the story takes place on the Alien home-world, does that mean the Aliens are already full grown when the humans and preds arrive... and does that mean that you are ignoring the Alien's life cycle?    STRAUSES FOR AVP3!!!  and Slugworth.   ;)  
  13. Gort Pred
    I have nothing but respect for others who respect these things as much as I do. Alien and Predator were my very first movies I ever saw ya know. In a strange way, Alien and Predator is like family to me haha. I loved AVP-R for the same reason and I like ur idea for the "more alien base". I always thought thats how it should go. AVP-R shoud be more Predator 3-ish and AVP3 should be more Alien 5-ish. And I know, alot of ppl like there own way, not others. I am curious, what do you think of my AVP3?
  14. Slugworth
    Ya, since the Predator was "thrown in" to the Alien universe from the start, I thought it would be cool to give the opening more of an original Alien-feel... since I felt that AVP-R was way more Predator-based.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie for that reason. This was something that I changed a little after seeing AVP-R.   Thanks a lot Gort Pred, your words really means a lot.  "Encouragement" is something that a lot of these fans forget... because they all want the franchise to go their own way, they can't possibly respect anyone else's opinion. So, thanks again.    ;D  
  15. Gort Pred
    Slug:  ....Holy shit, i like it. Ya know I wish I could sit down with you in real and help make a Pred 3 or something. It's sounds pretty good. One thing and this has nothing to do with you, but nudzi...he's making things reminiscent from Alien, I made things reminiscent from Predator in my pred 3...ok well anyway, Slug that sounds great. This is something I want to see someday. AS a fan of everything that has the name Alien and Predator in it, this sounds great
  16. Slugworth
    Gort and nudzi... The opening sequence takes place about 10 months prior to the rest of the story. It starts out a little slow at first, very reminiscent to the beginning to ALIEN, with a starship and its crew being awakened from hyper-sleep... but then the pace immediately picks up when they discover a small dark planet. There is a reason that this planet hasn't been discovered yet, and it's the same reason that the entire crew end up getting killed at the end of the opening sequence. But their cause of death isn't a predictable one and does not come from a predictable source. I'm really excited about the opening scene.  Later in the story: The main human characters are a mix of Weyland-Yutani Specialists and Military Security,  embarking on a mission to a beautiful new planet. Their job is to take air and soil samples, chart terrain, etc... (this hints at the colonies of the near future). It will take them about 13 months to reach their destination, but..  our main characters get sidetracked... and are shipwrecked on the small dark planet from the opening sequence... the Alien "home-world".   The cause of their crash isn't a predictable one either... and is another one of my favorite parts.  There's plenty of Weyland-Yutani influence, and plenty of twists regarding both the Predators and the Aliens. That's definitely all the detail I can give you regarding the plot-line.  Thank you so much for the interest.       :D  
  17. Gort Pred
    I'm with nudzi, i want to know too and yeah, your story sounds more...Alien vs Predator like with connections. Mine just sounded like Aliens and Predator, not vs. Well still I'm happy with my Pred 3. But still hahaha I want to know too.   Go Strauses for AVP3, but ya know...Go Slug for AVP3! too
  18. nudzi
    damn slug, it looks like you've got your bases covered. I wish all the luck in the world for you. You know you're gonna need it.   ;)    Can you tell us what this piece of technology is, or would that just ruin the whole surprise? Also could you give us a rundown of the opening scene to your story?   STRAUSES FOR AVP3!!!
  19. Slugworth
    nudzi... there is a pivotal scene in my story where the human characters discover a certain piece of alien-technology, presumably of Predator origin. The audience finds out later that the "piece" is of Space Jockey origin instead. But again, no one comes in contact with the Space Jockey, who makes an appearance in only one sequence of the story. I guess I can tell you that much, since we're the only one's reading this anyway (like anyone cares).  I also think I might have a fair shot at getting my story in the right hands, whether they choose to take me serious or not. If I got the chance, I'd go prepared with story-boards and a tighter synopsis to try and get them interested in reading the whole story. I have a contact for Ron Cobb, so I'm willing to pay him if he'd be interested in developing a couple ships for me.   I also live in Ventura, CA, 45 minutes from FOX studios... just like the Predator, I'll hunt down producer David Giler if I have too.  So yes, I'm pretty serious about this.     ;D  
  20. nudzi
    Gort Pred... Ya, your story sounds good, I understand the direction you want to go with it now. Maybe your Cambodian jungle environment could include the scattered ruins of old temples etc... to kind of of give the story a half Predator 1, half AvP 1 kind of feel, since according to Paul Anderson, the Predators influenced the Cambodian culture anyway... and it would also give the story another kind of environment for the heroes to hunt in than just jungle or whatever.  Just an idea.  Slugworth... Are you going to actually try to get your story to Fox, and do you think it's good enough to where they might actually read the whole thing? Also, you mentioned a predator and space jockey tie-in... can you tell us how one would be mistaken for the other?  STRAUSES FOR AVP3!!!   :D  
  21. Gort Pred
    Slugworth:  A professtional, nicccccce. I like it. Well I'd love to see it someday. I hope it gets excepted. I love reading scripts. There f**king hard though. Until I read Hous of 1000 Corpses I found my way of writing. Anyway, wow again and can't wait.
  22. Slugworth
    Thanks nudzi and Gort Pred, but unfortunately, I don't want to give away my plot before it's done and when I'm positive that nobody wants it.  After that, I may publish it online. This site is really good at informing the fans of other fan-projects. I'll let them know when the time is right, maybe they'll feature it here. If you ask the right questions, I'd be down to fill you in, but there's certain elements that I have to keep a secret.   I have in fact gone to a friend of mine for his advice on the story. He's actually an established writer and English major. You should look up 'Mathew Bortolin'... he wrote "The Dharma of Star wars"... it's really interesting, and funny if you're a Star Wars fan. It's also one of the only books that George Lucas and the Dhali Lama both have in their personal libraries. (shameless plug for my friend)  As far as the Space Jockey/Predator tie-in... its done somewhat indirectly, meaning that they never really come in contact with each other. There's a part in my story where one is mistaken for the other, and that's about as far as it goes. I thought it would be an interesting way to approach a tie-in without ruining the mystique of either creature. The Space Jockey has been a mystery for 30 years now, and I don't want to ruin that. Thanks again.   And Strauses for AvP-3!!!    ;D  
  23. Gort Pred
    Hey nudzi its all good. Ur name is not SHREK on heres, so I have nothing bad to say about the advice your giving. I noticed i worded something wrong. I didn't mean what was going on with the guys Dutch and everyone killed, i meant we don't know if the Predator was hunting them. Thats what I meant. In mine, the Pred is hunting the bad guys and finds that someone else as soon as he was about to attack take care of them for him. He actually watches the american kill all of them and changes his mind on who to hunt. But thanks for saying I'm on the right track. I'm glad you didn't get all like "your stupid thats not a pred story" shit like some people. Really I should get out right now that if theres a pred and one hero like my story, then I want it to be about the Pred and the hero.
  24. nudzi
    Oh, in Predator 1 when Mac also says something about  Russian Military Advisors and that "...something very big was about to happen here."  That insinuates a possible terrorist threat, and weapons going in to the wrong hands . Just remembered that... sorry.
  25. nudzi
    There's a line in Predator when Dillon yells "In a few days they would been across the border with this stuff!!" Insinuating that Dylan (the CIA agent) knew of the plan the whole time. I guess it could have been drugs that they were smuggling, but the CIA generally doesnt go after South American drug lords. "This stuff..." insinuates something a lot more dangerous, like weapons... in whatever shape or form.  I understand the differneces in your story, but the main direction of the plot is very similar to Predator 1 and uses similar elements to both Predator movie. You're definitely on the right track with a good Predator story though Still trying to help.  back on topic again... STRAUSES FOR AVP3!!!
  26. Gort Pred
    Slugworth:  Thats pretty cool. I like it. I'm happy to know theres a connection to the space jocky and the predator. And I'm glad its your own story. Thats a big thing about making an AVP, A, or P movie. You want to make your own story. I'v made like 3 AVP3 stories and 2 Pred 3 stories. No Alien. I think after AR, its done. You want to give out a basic plot?
  27. Gort Pred
    nudzi, you missed something. In Predator, we didn't really know what was going on with the Predator and Dutch and the bad guys they killed. I wanted to put Pred back in the hot times. Thats the time they hunt, during the hottests times. Well also, in Pred 1, there this whole group of good guys getting killed one by on. In my Pred 3, its one good guy. He goes there and well kinda has to ally himself with the surviving good guys. The Predator when he kills these bad guys, the american starts to become just like the Pred from the ending of the middle and on. Both the Pred and him make traps, and both fall into both. I put that there mainly from Pred 1 for 1 reason. Thats a cool way to have a human fight a Predator. Fight fire with fire. I want to see that again anyway. So the american and the Predator stalk and hunt eachother and in the process, inocent lives are taken from both. Really now I didn't want to do this but I like the ending. The Predator stabs our hero and the hero saws threw the pred. Both die in the nuke. And the gov't forget all that happened and keep it secret and get guys similar to what Key's men were to cover or get things from what happened. Its Predator, or it could be a good Predator remake.   You have to have the Predator down there hunting again. All these missions, no hunts. The Preds hunt the stronges humans on earth, you want to have those in the pred films. We had a soldier, a cop and now pretty much a bounty hunter.
  28. Slugworth
    Thanks.. I've been working on it for a little while. I was afraid that I'd have to make all kinds of adjustments after I saw AVPR, but it actually fit even better. It's fun to write too.  btw... I also briefly threw in an early version of an exo-suit (for comic and game fans) It's reminiscent of the power-loader in ALIENS but used as a security/assault vehicle.    cheers!
  29. nudzi
    Gort Pred, your Predator story is basically the first Predator movie..... but with South-East Asia instead of South America.  The base that Dutch's team attacked was in fact harboring illegal weapons being prepared to ship across international borders... but under false orders to Dutch. Just my constructive criticism. I'll stop if you'd like.  Slugworth, your elements sound interesting.      ;D    we've also gone incerdibly off-topic... STRAUSES FOR AVP3
  30. Slugworth
    I actually have a story... 20 pages of notes, 15 pages of a "screenplay" already finished. Involves the events 18 years prior to ALIEN... and actually does hint at further Weyland Yutani exploits... a possible "native" Alien world, Predator pre-hunt rituals and new technology... and briefly (and tastefully) involves the Space Jockey with an indirect Predator tie-in (so not to spoil the mystique of either the Jockey or the Predator).  I don't want to give away my details... but those are the key elements that I'm working with. (I also wish wish to bring back the Predator's vocal-mimicry capabilities as well, and have an eerie scene dedicated to that)  Those are a few things I'd like out of an AvP story.  Who knows:  when I'm done (and nobody wants it),  maybe I'll publish it online.
  31. Gort Pred
    Well nudzi, what I learned today was well Im more of a Pred fan. I own all the alien movies but don't watch them as much as I do Predator. I play AVP games but as Pred more. I know more about Preds then I do aliens. So having said that, what do you think of my Predator 3 sotry. Its on the second page right before I talk about my AVP3. Its not long, its a basic plot.   Still like I said, I want other people on here to make there own story, I want to know what the fans really want.   And I forgot about the jocky. Thanks. Thats werid that I did considering the fact that I watched Alien before I went on here haha  Still I'm more with the Predators. What do you think of my Pred 3. If anything did u want to give me a better place to send it to you if you don't think it's wise to say it over here. I have many Pred 3 plots.
  32. nudzi
    Cool.  In regards to the end of AVPR... I understand that it's implied that WY used predator technology, but keep in mind that you have to use ALIEN movie lore as canon BEFORE you choose to take artistic freedom with AVPR.  The kind of colonies that were shown in ALIENS haven't been constructed yet, so it would be more interesting to only hint at the genesis of planetary colonization. That's why I suggested that your story take place a around a new test site  (hinting at the colonies of the near future)  Also, you should keep in mind the existence of the Space Jockey... which has already been associated with the xenomorph according to ALIEN... and would make an interesting tie-in if used correctly.  But remember, the dead Jockey was fossilized, meaning that it had been there for a long while. There's so much info already out there, and so much to work with... do your research, write your story and be careful who you show it to..  Still trying to help.
  33. Gort Pred
    nudzi you still da man. I know your trying to help. Yeah my story may have some holes but I tried. I can answer a few of ur questions. One, if you remember, the Predator mask in P1 looked very easy to take off, as soon as he unpluged the wires. In these new ones, they manage to suck on to there face. I just wanted to make Preds more like the way they were. I also took that idea from the comics. In the first version of AVP, when the preds started losing, the tails would knock the helmets right off. Now really it's up to you whether you want to say this film takes place before ALien or after. I put the nostromo thing becasue of AVP-R. But remember, at the end of AVP-R, we know how they knew about Aliens before anyone else did. I think we could have the power since we had new alien tech. And I love the Predators. See I had to tweek this thing, casue I was gonna make Preds unstoppible. Once again I didn't describe the fights...yet, so you don't know how well the Preds do in this. Really I'm treating the Preds as Preds, and Aliens as Aliens. If this was real, you would not see what the Aliens and Preds look like until the middle of the middle of the film. I wanted it to be a mystery to what these new Preds look like. I don't really see why ppl would not take me seriously, esp. considering the fact that I have thought and copyright my 3 other AVP3 ideas. I really want to know what other people want AVP3 to be like.
  34. nudzi
    Gort Pred... your plot relies on the assumption that colonies existed in the years prior to ALIEN, when there's no evidence to prove or disprove that I know of. Keep in mind that the events of ALIEN are only 118 years after the events of AVP-R, so it's unlikely that there'd be bustling colonies already, since most worlds haven't even been surveyed yet. It's implied that colonies are a new technological advancement in the years between ALIEN and ALIENS, since Ripley seems to be unaware of this. I did find a ALIEN galaxy timeline online, which  states that the advancement in FTL technology came after the events of ALIEN, but I'm not sure where they got that information. Maybe your story could take place on a test-site for the new Planetary Colonization Project... keep in mind your story pre-dates the invention of the atmosphere processor.     Two more things:   You shouldn't give away your story online if you really want anyone to take you seriously.  And how do the aliens keeps knocking the predator's masks off??  I don't think your giving the predator's enough credit in their ability to design adequate armor for an alien hunt.  Just trying to help.
  35. Gort Pred
    Woops, forgot one part, this is the end,   Later on after that, back at Waylan-Yutani, they are talking about how both missions were a failure and they were not able to get an alien egg. Later on, a general calls in a single for a ship passing its’ way by. It just so happens to be “The Nostromo”.
  36. Gort Pred
    Later on after that, back at Waylan-Yutani, they are talking about how both missions were a failure and they were not able to get an alien egg. Later on, a general calls in a single for a ship passing its’ way by.    THE END?
  37. Gort Pred
    He keeps shooting at her and eventually she crashes to the ground but still alive. Slasher climbs on top of her and knowing she still lives, rips the tubs on her back off. The queen is screaming in pain and for mercy. The Pred we learn now is a very psychotic one. He then pulls out his writs blades and slowly saws her head right off. He stands there, with the queen head in his hands and roars. Suddenly, an alien tail goes right threw Slasher’s chest. A normal warrior alien. Slasher drops the head and rips the tail right off threw him and grabs the alien and jams it threw its head. After that, Slasher sets off his wrist grenade. The marine runs out of there but can’t open the door. The bomb is ticking. Then he finds a way to sneek out and run. The bomb goes off and the marine is sent flying. He is alive but injured a lot. He’s crawling with his walk-y-talkie and just when he’s about to call in for help, he stops and looks over. He sees Iron Pred, with his missing arm, get into his pod with all the trophies he and his brothers had when he was with them and blast back into space. The marine calls in.
  38. Gort Pred
    Back in the colony, the 3 marines find themselves in the presence of the Queen alien. The queen has 2 aliens pick up 2 of the marinas and kill them. The hero Marine grabs his gun and loads it and points at the eggs. The queen feels threatened (like she should) and agrees to let him go. As he’s walking out, he turns around and the queen gives the signal for an alien to attack him. The Alien knocks his gun out of his hand, but the marine jams a knife in it’s head, and a small amount of blood falls on his cloths. He takes the shirt off and throws a grenade into the hive and blows several eggs up. The queen gets frustrated and attacks him. Soon as she’s about to kill him with her tail, Slasher shows up and blows there sharp part of her tail right off. Slasher jumps down near the marine. An alien shows up but Slasher pins it to the wall with his net gun. Then another comes down, but he used his spear gun and nails its head to a wall. The queen smacks slasher out of the way, damaging his helmet. He takes it off and we see Slasher is a very scary looking Pred. You can see the anger very easily in his eyes. He pulls off his shoulder cannon and turns it into a plasma handgun.
  39. Gort Pred
    The remaining 2 jump down and we get a look at out 3 preds. After that the marines in the colony is still looking and then find themselves ambushed in with aliens. Aliens are everywhere and half of the marines are killed. Only 4 marines are left. The survivors find a secret path way and go into it. They find them self’s in some room. The an Alien shows up and kills one of the survivors and then one of the Preds show up and kill it. Our hero marine shoots at the Pred and damages an eye peace in his mask. While he’s trying to fix it, 2 aliens attack him, and the tail knocks off the helmet, and both headshot into his face. The marines take that as an advantage and run while the aleins gnaw at the dead pred. Finally one more Pred shows up and kills the 2 aliens and takes there heads. Now the last 3 marines are chased into what appears to be a hive. Later outside, an alien is still out and attacks Iron when he’s not looking. The alien knocks his mask off with its’ tail, but Iron grabs it by the neck. The inner mouth comes out and bits off one of his mandibles. The Iron get’s his writs blades out and slices its head off, and all this acid poor’s on his hand, melting it off.
  40. Gort Pred
    Later on, Iron Pred is stuck outside and is unable to help his brothers. So he stalks and guards the place. A few hours later, the marine infested with the chestburster starts to feel weird. Then one of the Predators’s show up and kills the marine. After that, he turns around and witnessed the chestburster come out of the infested marine. (the scene is just as brutal as Kane in Alien) and as the alien is sticking out of his body, the Predator gets his shoulder cannon out and blows it head off. Then an alien attacks him, and there’s a big fight between this Pred and a lot of aliens. In the end the Aliens win, the number is what killed him. After that, the one lone Aliens standing on the body gets blown off as the Hero Predator “Slasher” shows up and kills it. After that, more aliens show up and Slasher kills them all. (Slasher is a Pred who will attack for vengeance but is all about the mission, anything happens, he will get the other Preds to do it) Slasher shows up and mornes the dead Pred, and then blows its chest open to no alien will get it. Around now is when we get to see what the Preds all look like.
  41. Hmmm...
    Gort Pred... #92 is your remake of Predator.. and #92 and 93 is just ALIENS, but instead of the derelict spacecraft, you have the Predators there to plant the seed instead. The rest seems like a direct rip off from the comics. You have the right idea though, need more inspiration please.
  42. Gort Pred
    ) So anyway. The aliens are all killed in cool ways, I’ll post up the fights some other time. And we see the hands of these predators rip the heads off and make trophies out of the alien skulls. Now the marines land. They settle down and well…do what we saw in Predator. There just walking around. Then one of the marines are captured by the Predator which I call Iron Predator (ha ha ha) and kills him. The other marines go and look for him. AS there looking they discover the skinned bodies and the dead alien bodies. The marines have no clue what the aliens are. Then they find that there very close the empty colonies. As there going, Iron Pred contacts the other preds threw his mask and thing on his writs and to let the others know he’s not going to be able to get them all. Iron is able to get 3 marines, the rest are forced to retreat in the one of the colonies and lock them in there. What they don’t know is they locked themselves in with Predators and Aliens. After that, they see what has happened and find dead bodies hanging on the wall. They start to hear this weird crawling sound. One of the marines goes to see what it is and just when he does, a facehugger attacks him. The marines freak and bring the comatose body to safety. Later one marine is told to stay behind with the comatose marine as the others look to see what they can do about the things attacking them. AS the one marine is there, the face hugger comes off and the marine is awake but feels dazed and hungry.
  43. Gort Pred
    Here's an AVP3 idea too.       It takes place on a planet that’s like a half jungle half desert place almost. Well a pred ship flies by and drops a pod. Inside the pod is an alien egg. When the egg hatches, it leaps itself onto a strange animal that lives on the planet and later on will grow into a queen. Well now so this queen can have some eggs, there are colonies on that planet. So pretty much everyone there dies and aliens are all over the place. After that the pred ship comes back and drops 5 pods down now. Later after that, a group of marines are sent down there to find why the colonists have not been answering any calls or nothing. So when the marines go down there, there ambushed by a Predator. There all killed and skinned. Later after that we have our main character marines, representing ones like From Aliens and Predator. So now they have go down there to find the colonists and the other marines. So they plan this whole thing and go. Anyway during that, a group of aliens back on the planet are discovering the skinned bodies, and later on all killed by 4 preds. (Keep in mind you don’t see these predators until really later on, like in the middle of the middle of the movie) (I like the mystery like in Predator and Alien) (Just to let you all know, there are 5 preds, 4 are going there to hunt and find the queen and take her skull as honor to there clan, and the 5th pred is the one looking out for humans or anything else that might stand in the way of this mission)
  44. Gort Pred
    Ok Iron, that sounds great, just one's made already. I have the comics. "Predator: Bad blood"  Here's one. A predator is hunting in Cambodia, and an American assassin comes down there to get some guys that are dealing weapons and shit. Well when the Pred is about to attack he gets cut off when the American guy comes in and kills the guys first. Now the Pred changes his mind of who to hunt and starts stalking the American. Well later on the American will find out about the Pred and they both wind up stalking each other. That’s the plot, want to know more, then make the movie and find out.
  45. hicks OU812
    Ya, I need another AVP-movie... I wanna be able to watch all three in a row one day, like one big  saga.  AVP-R would make a great "act 2".... but we need that epic closer. AVP3!! AVP3!! AVP3!! AVP3!!   >:D     (I'll take the game too!)
  46. ZEN
    Personaly,I think the Straus Bros. can do a good job at a videogame because it is nothing like a movie.In a videogame you've just got a bunch of primates punching key's and wupping and howling while trying to get it to work,and you also got a bunch of testers to see if it's good,and if it suck's,you can just re-do it,unlike film,where if you f**k something up you can't just hit DELETE and start over.I loved AVP-R,but the Straus Bros. should'nt touch another A / P / AVP film with a ten foot poll!.For a first attempt it was cool,but if they were to do another one it should only be after they direct a few other films, just to get the hang of it. KillerB in regards to comment # 81:I went in not expecting an epic masterpeice,and i did'nt get my hopes up high because i knew they'd never get any better then P1 or A1.I just asumed it would be an okay VS movie,which is probably why i loved it so much,I totaly agree with ya   ;)  .Also I'm not much of a STARWARS fan,I list it as 5/10 when i compare it to P1 and A2,but i've got to say this:Hicks_0998,may the force be with you! (HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!   :D  ).  PEACE EVERYBODY!!!!! l,,l_   ;D  _l,,l
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