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  1. ZEN
    I think they could have done better on the mask,but other then that it looks nice!   ;D  .  Mr.Man:Bueee is a stuborn jackass who only cares about himself and despises anyone who's opinnion is different from his own.I loved AVP-R,Deco hates it,but you do'nt see me attacking him because he does'nt like it do you?.Just stay away from Bueee,he's a total freak.
  2. Mr.Man
    @ bueee:  And all you do is piss and whine at anything you see? By the way, I've saw your previous post on a news which features Alien vs. Predator being scheduled on TV and from what I can discern, you seem to be intolerant of people's different opinions or viewpoints from you.
  3. bueee
    what the f**k is this noob in barbarian pants, warcraft armor and scretched aluminium thing from kitchen on his head?   a gift from stupid comics masturbators?  neca and adi, please be born back into your anonymous alcogolics mother stomach.
    Dachande89, that pred's face mold is not quite 100% accurate. The upper mandibles are too wide from one another. And why do you guys hate the mask? It looks pretty reasonable to me except the lower part of the mask need some changes. Other than that, I am going to get the Unmasked Open Jawed predator and the 18 inch ALIEN figure. Already got both Alien and Predalien in the series 1 NECA. Sadly I got a Closed-jawed Predalien :( or it is happy? hmm
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