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AvP UK Terrestrial Premiere

To coincide with the release of AvP Requiem in the UK, Alien vs Predator will finally be shown for the first time on terrestrial tv. It will be on Channel 4 at 9PM on Sunday. Go and see what could have been.

There’s some more AvPR Reviews: Guardian (1/5), BBC (2/5), Daily Star (4/10), InTheNews, GazetteLive (1/5), PinkNews, The Sun, The Mirror (3/5), and Derby Evening Telegraph. Thanks to purebreedalien, plasmacannon and WisePredator for the news.

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  1. Predatory-Intent
    *sigh* This all really saddens me, but if we don't set the standard for movies then they'd keep giving us bad ones.  AvP: R was'nt the best film, but it was'nt so bad either, it was a movie, and very middle ground for me, about a 3 out of 5 I'd say. Not horriable, but not great either, it just, is.
  2. andy_07
    I think the film was a lot of fun.  All I really wanted was to see the aliens and predator go at it, and thats what I got.  It did have some bad points if you really want to analyze it, but what movie doesnt.  I was not disappointed with the film, and i sure as hell do not think that the film ruined the franchise.  I liked the first one, but I thought this was much better!
  3. Predhunter
    The Predator may look better than the Aliens, because like The Brothers have said, they´ve worked more on the Predator. They wanted to change some things in the Aliens, but as they ´ve said, they hadn´t too much time to do it.
  4. Predhunter
    In my opinion, AvP:R was an ok movie. It failed in a lot of aspects, but it got it right in few... So, was it a bad movie? No. Mostly, because it was in improval of the first AvP movie. It was a step in the right direction....  As to AvP3, i must say there are two scenarios to be considered:  1- FOX reduced the budget from AvP to AvP:R, because they felt that the second movie was the last stand for this franchise.  2- FOX tried to increase the profits from the franchise (greedy thinking) by reducing the AvP:R movie budget. Still, a third movie is not out of the equation.   There is room for a third movie, if FOX realises in time that this franchise is really worth investing in, and not pretending that it is...
  5. Hicks_0998
    Cheers for that Gort but I've read the comics too lol, how bout AvP3 is AvPvT? Hmmmmm I'm positive they could convince Ahhhnold to return to his cybernetic roots and tear the Aliens and Preds some new ass cracks...if they have any    :P  
  6. ZEN
    I did a small review for AVPR in the Victoria Bildwell interview.  bueee:Your still a F.....(*rants for ten minutes*).....IDIOT!!!!   >:(  .Same goes for you too,Mister 19 Jan 2008 19:04!!!!!!.I saw it on my birthday with my family and we all enjoyed it you F*****G DUMB-A$$ES!!!!   >:(  .
  7. Joker
    SHREK:  Oh well your the first, or atleast the first to say you like the idea and didn't like the movie. Everywhere I go ppl like it casue tehre fans, or don't like it casue they don't like the idea. Well putting that aside, now you know why I put AVP-R above Aliens and Predator. Those are my fav 3 out of all of em.
  8. Gort Pred
    Well Hicks, the Bors. made sure Wolf was missing a tusk becasue there was a Pred like that in the comics, I have it. His name was broken Tusk. And the facehuggers in the tubes was like Aliens and another take off of the first AVP comic. The first movie was more like the comcis when it came to the Preds and Humans falling to the Aliens. In the first Comic, the hero girl teamed up with the hero pred. So really what this movie did was use things from the comics, and Aliens and Predator and a small bit of Alien 3
  9. Hicks_0998
    Sure the battles were good, sure wolf looked good but it only okay and not the fantastic coolness factor that the originals had, maybe because we're all desensitized to it and all have an idea of how a good AvP movie should be made.  Personally I don't see why they couldn't have used the comics as the basis of a movie because comic-to-movie adaptations are all the rage nowadays.  YOU SUCK FOX!!!
  10. Hicks_0998
    Maybe we should have put the franchise on hold for a few yrs to actually have a decent director and decent story, not just catering to the fanboys but also critics alike.  Giger shocked the world with his creations as did Stan Winston, now the whole world is shocked by the lack of direction for the AvP movies.
  11. wmmvrrvrrmm
    maybe the director of AVP 3 will create a film that will make us realise how lucky we were to have the Strause brothers to direct AVP:R, but such an AVP3 film, it might not even be watchable as a straight to DVD picture, but you never know, it might go straight to downloadable films to watch on your mobile phone.   I thought that the entrance to the alien nest was some sort of decayed Santa's grotto entrance at Debenhams. The alien outfits just didn't got beyond humans in suits and I'm fed up with seeing Gillis and Woodruff's aliens, they ought to work out how to make a quantum leap with their alien outfits and performances because it isn't happening for me, it doesn't inspire me like Giger's work on the original film did and Bolaji wearing the costume of the original  This sort of movie might be great for people who were introduced to the Alien and Predator world through computer games
  12. Richardus
    I agree with the critics and the disappointed fan that dislike this film. The Film is a whole load of bull with the acting, story and the Predalien’s Characteristics and reproduction was stupid.
  13. Psykorgasm
    . | You're not right at all, it's just a shitty opinion and you're being too stuck up your own arse because theres a few people that actually like this film. So just get over it. And yes I am a real fan, been watching these films since I was like 5 years old, which makes me a fan for like 15 years.   ;)  
  14. SHREK
    @ joker   'I am beginning to think anyone who doesn't like AVP or AVP-R just does not like the idea of putting them in one film'  riiite dunno where u got that from cuz i luv both franchises and i like the idea of avp just 2 bad the 2 films were awful
  15. .
    Yes Psykorgasm, you are not a real fan because you have watched a shamed film to the Alien and Predator films and no one tells me shut up, because I am right.
  16. Joker
    @ SHREK  Hey are you me? No i didn't think so. Yes I put AVP-R above Aliens and Predator for one reason, that film had both in one movie. I am beginning to think anyone who doesn't like AVP or AVP-R just does not like the idea of putting them in one film.Thats a fine enough excuse, but don't go around saying what you think is a fact as a f**king fact. I'v been on here less times then you have SHREK and I repsect ppl on here better then you do.
  17. Dan
    Reviewers should stop being stuck up raiting films excellent because they have "celebrity actors" and rate a good film once in a while, just watched it and i loved it 9/10 because it ended =(
  18. Ryan741
    Went to see the film last night with my girlfriend is has just opened in the UK, had a blast, really enjoyed it, being a big fan of both creatures i came away from the film smiling, would see it again, I've never seen a film so picked on by the press, what were they expecting?  An oscar winning masterpiece?   The film was great fun   :)    Ryan
  19. dachande89
    Ok I enjoyed the film, it had some great fights wih aliens and the predator, and I thought wolf was badass. i enjoyed it. But to the people who have said that it holds up to the movies Alien, Aliens, and Predator, I think u have to be high. I mean it was good, but those films were brilliant. This movie was not. It had good action, but no suspense, no good charaters, no great dialogue. It was good, but nothing to Aliens or Predator.
  20. Xenomorphine
    Entertainment-wise: Was surprisingly fun!  Acting-wise: Functional. I don't know what all the fuss about it being 'bad' is supposedly about. There were some points where I thought characters should have had different reactions, but would imagine that's more to do with how the directors wanted it.  The concept: This is not the 'Aliens Versus Predator' film we've been waiting for. It needed less high-octane and a heck of a lot more ominous dread.  Basically, it was the sort of film 'Slither' could have been, if it had tried to be serious.
  21. Joker
    I don't think they could find any real Directors to make this film. I don't think alot of Directors really care. I think we always needed fans to make films like this. I love this movie and I really do put it in my list of:  AVP-R Predator Aliens  as my fav of all of them
  22. Gort Pred
    I'm glad to see some people on here  saw the point. When you all woke up to see this film, you were really going to see Aliens and Predator a Predalien fight. And that's what we got.   And for people who are lost with the Predalien reproduction thing. That's what all Pretorians do. It's something to start a hive. When it made it to full Quueen, it would have gone back to laying eggs. Have to admist though I love the Reproduction method used, its alot faster and more disturbing. I mean I love the eggs, and the Queen was always my fav. alien but hat doesn't mean I'm not allowed to like the Predaliena dneverything about it more.
  23. snakePredator
    Men....the Predators in AVP are FAT....  AvP : R for a great great movie...i know the acting is bad, and the script is la lot used...but i loved the film...i watched it two times in the theater
  24. stevens
    Im a predator fan and i liked avpr some scenes where a direct copy of the first predator .The scene when the predators healing himself, the way he takes his helmet off near the end thes a lot of nods to the fans.But on the other hand im also an alien fan and the predalien was not explained what so ever.No wonder they showed pictures of it you hardly so it.And for the record why have you got to have so many humans in it you only needed the two brothers .
  25. Psykorgasm
    *waits for praises of AvP1 now* Oh dear, f**k that. AvP:R is soo much better than Anderson's piece of shit. I doubt Anderson's own idea of the film without the Fox tampering, it still would've sucked arse. He's already f**ked up the Resident Evil films.
  26. Bio Mech Hunter
    I've seen AVP:R three times so far, and after running a few comparisons to the first film and discussing them both, I have to say I enjoyed the first film a lot more. AVP:R was good, but very disappointing. Skewed is actually a more accurate word. The Strause Bros. were absolutely full of it.   >:(   The film was basically a wet dream for rabid Predator fanboys, and in direct effect, ruined both species.   :'(   Then there's their vision of the Pred-Alien. With it's fancy new reproductive method. And with that, "The Brothers Strause" have officially pissed canon down the toilet.  There were lots of little things it got right, but the main elements of the film were so one sided and butchered. Something I give props to the first film.  I would've liked to have seen the first film the way Anderson originally wanted it, rather than the watered down, edited version Fox dished out.   >:(  
  27. .
    I agree with the critics, this film sucks with the acting, story and the Predalien’s Characteristics and reproduction was stupid.   I am very disappointed with this film. 20th century fox should have hired experienced directors and writers not bunch of Ridley Scott and James Cameron wannabes that’s what made the Alien and Predator films fantastic.   Better yet they should have not made the AVP 1
  28. JediYautja
    I've finally seen AVP: R and in my opinion, I don't think it was too bad. I thought it was better in terms of violence than AVP. (I thought that the best line was "The government would never lie to us!" lol) For me it's a good enjoyable way to see some blood flying for 90 mins! Hehe  (BTW, I thought that AVP focused more on the Alien, whilst AVP: R focused more on the Predator...We now need a good story that balances both out! :P)
  29. bueee
    "as a Predator movie AvP-R scores for me 8/10"  yeah, because you never saw predator movies and can eat this trash with a smile on your face.
  30. uzi
    To the reviews I can only add that as a Predator movie AvP-R scores for me 8/10, but for a Alien movie it is not more than 3/10 And it could have been sucha great movie :(
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