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AvPR UK Competition

There’s a competition on Kerrang at the moment to win tickets to see AvP Requiem. You’ll stay in some London hotel and after you’ve seen the movie, they take you to some battle event in the forest.

“Want to get even closer to the biggest, baddest battle between the deadliest species who are now on Earth? Enter our prize draw and you could be selected to take part in an exclusive ‘Aliens Vs Predator – Requiem’ event. You’ll stay in a top London hotel overnight, be treated to a screening of the movie, and then, when you’ve seen the chaos these creatures can cause, you’ll head off to the top secret mission site where you’ll be split into teams. And then, the battles will commence against a backdrop of dark, cold woods and a former nuclear bunker. It will be hard. It will be creepy. It will bring you closer to the ‘Aliens Vs Predator – Requiem’ experience than ever before… get your night vision and alien slime at the ready…”

The question is what is the name of the crossbreed in AvPR. That’s a tough one.  :wink: Thanks to BADBLOOD88 for the news.

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  1. konradski
    i think youll have to buy the magazine to find out who the winners were as theres no were on the site showing comp winners even for the other items up for grabs
  2. konradski
    its name was alidator    :D     :D   now if the pred had , had hanky panky with the alien then it would be a predalien , in a scientific sense of course   :o     :o  
  3. Akarou
    No that's the codename we all came to know it by. Only hardcore fans would know that answer anyway. They have to make it fair on the population but sometimes they make it too easy.
  4. konradski
    lol nederlanders u only live a couple hours flight away from us  make it a holiday  beside,s the films not tht good anyhow just watched it again on dvd and still cant figure 3 things out   a.the predator is trying to erase both their alien presences on earth yet skins a local drawing atention to what he,s trying to do?  b.the new queen only impregnate,s human females  dont know about u guys but since when was the womb needed to create xenodwarfs ps she,d have survived the birthing process as they came out of her stomach  c.for some reason the alibobs stay in the town instead of spreading cross country ?(reason i bring this up is to do with the alien surviving at all costs see alien movie for ian holmes descriptionont ta beastie)  d. ive decieded to rename the film aliens v predator v post teen angst kids with guns v brightness control affliction  look guys im all for letting my brain escape and letting shit slip by  but big holes like this just make me wonder  by the way i watched frankenfish and boy i enjoyed it even tho it was out there. but it was not as fulla hole,s as this and possible cost £20.00 to make but boy did they make it stretch even the non descript actors gave it a good stab and pulled it off,,think tremors   >:D     >:D  
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