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AvP Trivia Contest

Well this is certainly interesting. Fox has put up this official trivia competition in which fans can compete with other fans in a chance to win prizes:

“Hi, I work for a trivia company, we’ve just teamed up with 20th Century Fox to create a freeplay Aliens and Predator quiz based on all of the movies and the run of comics, you can win either an alien queen statue or a predator statue, if you think you know your stuff, check it out.”

Serious Trivia employee Tom Preston signed up on our forums to let us know about the site. You need to register an account and you compete online. It’s pretty damn fun. I recommend giving the game a go.

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  1. Beowulf
    please send me one! ill even pay you for it lol, im still ranked 12th in the overall games, and i came 10th in the main finale event. i tryed to play for those posters about 30 times and could never win!! agh
  2. Beowulf
    Yeah, I dunno who won first. I just know I made second in the cult trivia finale    >:D   amazon gift certs looked better to me than some crappy metal sculpture, so I did low bid on some questions that I knew to stay in second place. I got WAY too many posters out of this, too, so I'll prolly send one or two to CorpHicks so he can hold a lil poster contests here on
  3. Jimmmz
    Do they put a limit of 1 Poster per person???  Because its abit unfair if they dont do that..  Also i think the top 10 on the overall leader board should get a Poster aswell since they play the quiz the most to try and get the highest possible score, so they are putitng more effort in than anyone else.
  4. JD
    Ive only played it five times and i won 1st in every single match, im not playing anymore cause all they do is repeat the same questions so it requires so skill at all, you just have to rememeber what the correct awnser was the time before.  So you would get obsessive fanboys on there 24/7 always trying to aim for the top..
  5. Akarou
    JD why insult someone if they're obviously having fun. Maybe he doesn't want to get some air or maybe he's got a freakin' expensive air con unit he wants to use. Besides I don't see YOU not playing it. Hypocrite.
  6. msn_recon_marine
    The bad thing is that sometimes its the same question you have seen befor but they have changed the order of the answers. I have clicked the wrong one a couple of times thinking I knew where the answer was.... lol that will teach me
  7. Akarou
    It's all good I've received my e-mail now. Just gotta wait until the end of the month for the poster now =P. In the mean time it's time to try and win the Pred or Queen.
  8. Serious Trivia Player Support
    Dear all avid AVP Trivia Players!  Apologies for the delay in the emails, we wanted to make sure you guys didn’t receive an email each time you  win. We collate all the information and the send an email to only first time winners. After that we just count how may posters you win. This process in now in place and you should receive email fairly rapidly. If you do have any queries then please visit and we will be happy to help.   Kind Regards   Andy Faulkner Player Support Operations Manager
  9. Oliver
    FAO Akarou and others: I have just had confirmation that emails to those who have already won a poster will be going out today-within the next 12 hours. Those who are yet to win will receive their confirmation email within 24-72 hours of winning. Apolgies for the delay in confirmation and stop winning, I'm sliding down the rankings by the hour!!
  10. Kigan
    Man, I just can't seem to come in good enough to get that poster! I want it SO BAD too!   I hate when I click an answer and I KNOW it is wrong, especially when I click it completely by accident.  Well, time to play some qualifying I guess and hope that in the next round I can get myself a poster.
  11. EpsilonOrpheon777
    yeah this is pretty awesome i'm Predator but wtf i clicked to enter the poster one and it said "this one won't start for awhile" or something.  so i hit back to go get more points and it deducted the thousand! =[ so how long do i have to wait to re-enter?
  12. msn_recon_marine
    not to shabby I do say. I rather enjoyed it. It did hit me with a few curve balls and I got interupted a few times but pretty fun.  The comic book ones stumped me good. I guess I will have to go back and read them again and this time look who wrote them LOL
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