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AvP Requiem Blu-Ray News

There’s some minor news about AvP Requiem on Blu-Ray at High-Def Digest. Something about an interactive game.

“The exec also demonstrated the forthcoming “Alien vs. Predator vs. You” BD-Live interactive game, which can be played by multiple players across a network, and is set to be included in the forthcoming 2008 Blu-ray release of ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’ (street date TBA).

“The whole idea is to extend the movie experience from two hours, to ten more hours of fun,” said Kaye.”

Thanks to Nutta and Krisjohn for the news.

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Comments: 35
  1. saaretso
    If it is 2 hours that will be excellent   ;D   Personally thats what i thought the movie lacked. But this whole Blu-Ray movement is going to change society. Im perfectly fine with my dvds And i really dont care if the definition is higher, as long as ive got it and like it. But I think sony is smart for making the ps3 blu-ray compatible, they waited for the right moment (isnt that great, sony fanboys are going to be giving everyone else more shit cos they didnt get a ps3) But with the governments and companies raising prices but lowering wages its not gonna help them much. I hope the realize this soon. So Im stickin with my dvds for now, unless of course all movie titles come out on blu-ray only   :-[   Lets just hope blu-ray subsides so maybe HD can still get a chance along with normal dvds. I just hope they release this 2 hour version on dvd!    ;D  
  2. Sulaco
    Greenband:  I was being sarcastic but serious, yes ps3 only has two good games but it's backwards compatible with my old skool games and the blu ray is sweet! Even better with the releases of the predator, alien saga and avp's!!! I was questioning this system for a while, but it's taking off!!!   8)  
  3. Greenband
    The problem with PS3 for me, is that there was not too many exclusive titles that drew my attention. Like Call of Duty 4 for instance (Great Game!!!!) I have for 360. Resistance looked like a good game, but I'm starting to get First Person Shootered out this year. Its been the year of the FPS in the gaming industry, and there has been many great games (Bioshock anyone?).  For the 360 not supporting Bluray. It looks like Microsoft may already be throughing in the towel on HD-DVD:, and could possibly consider a Bluray addon for the future:  Worst news for HD-DVD supporters, good news for Bluray supporters.
  4. Sulaco
    Greenband I bought the expensive f*cker a year ago! Theres many great games... Resistece fall of man and Call of duty 4, oh and in 2009 an alien game!
  5. Greenband
    1.) Sony is just pissed they lost the BetaMax VS VHS battle in the 80's:  2.) Its not worth paying alot for a technology that is practically based off an existing format (CD & DVD). Especially when there is two formats and one will defiantly lose (RIP HD DVD).  3.) If you don't have a HD TV who cares? Also if you have some crappy 720i or 720p HD TV, its not really worth forking out the money for the player.  4.) I honestly can't justify the cost of either player. The only way I could see justification of it, is that you got a Playstation 3, or you went all out and bought a 50" HD TV with 1080p resolution.   Otherwise you've wasted a ton of money on a crappy first generation player that probably wont be compatible with future disks for some lame assed reason. In my own opinion, (Since I know Microsoft is a big HD-DVD supporter) they dropped the ball by not including the HD-DVD player as an feature of the 360. Instead its an additional addon. If it was included, it would have been pushed into alot more homes then it otherwised would have.  Me,  theres not very many games on PS3 that has excited me. So I'll wait patiantly until this war is over. By then prices will be much lower. With the money I saved, I'll be able to buy a next gen HD TV :-)
  6. Andrew127
    dvader27 which Strause brother are you? Maybe we watched two different films which seems to be true as me and 95% of the AVP communtity (and 99% of critics) only saw dark blobs moving on a screen juxtaposed with the life of a pizza dilivery boy from a day time soap.  Anyway I'm under the impression a decent cut of the flick could come out of an extended version. Meaning that the fights last more than 20 seconds and the characters are actually interesting and given the time to evolve into something we can emphasize with.
  7. Cellien
    HD-DVD was the better format for consumers.  Finalized specs, mandatory online capabilities (for updates), cheaper prices, and no region locking.  However, in the boardrooms of corporate warfare,  none of that matters.  This war was won through executives and handshakes and the PS3 skewing numbers of potential customers.    I am an owner of the "Red" HD-DVD, but I will be "purple" soon when I get a Blu-Ray player.  Lets hope Fox releases the Alien Box Set in HD.  :)    *Please, Sony fanboys, refrain from trying to argue with me about how much better Blu-Ray is.  I've heard it all before.  :)*
  8. Kinn Corn Karn
    Hicks_0998, what are you talking about? $700 for a blu ray player? You can get Sony's BDPS300 for $399! And the discs aren't $45! I've picked up several for under $25. Also.....Warner announcing that they're now going Blu Ray exclusively gives them 70% Hollywood market share.......this format war is as good as done.
  9. Sulaco
    Couldnt have said it better Wolfs Girl: The only director I hate more then Paul Worthless Sh*t Anderson would have to go to Lucas! No worries it has to go to dvd also with an extended cut I'm sure. Alot was cut in the theatrical. I heard some fans saying they love Batman but hate Avpr, maybe they should have given the predator a predmobile, so they would like it.
  10. Hicks_0998
    For my UK and US cousins, the price of a sony blu-ray player is about the same as a PS3, $700, plus our HDDVDs are around the same price.  So at the end of the day, in oz, HDDVD and blu-ray have no competitive price.
  11. dvader27
    the movie wasn't rubbish me i liked it weather it had the scenes in it or not and i am a true fan and i love it if you wanna blame anyone andrew127 blame fox their the ones that told the strauses to hack it if it was up to them they would have had a great film beyond two hours if they had their way   maybe geoge lucus should direct the third one he has his own film company
  12. Andrew127
    Yeah what did he mean by 2 hours long? I hope this is the running time for the flick on DVD. That would be far better than the hacked to pieces 86 minute theatrical rubbish.
  13. Starkiller
    Go Blu-Ray! it is the better product...i mean HD DVD is cheaper and easier to produce but at the end of the day id rather have quality and pay that extra amount, Hopefully Blu-Ray will win in the end...If the price of the PS3 comes down this year, many people will buy it and it will help the 'format war'    ;D  
  14. Krisjohn
    Yeah, what Cryxen said.  The format war is over.  Warner moved to Blu-ray only a day or so ago, and it looks like Target will only sell Blu-ray.  Paramount moved to HD DVD a little while ago but the Financial Times reports that Paramount's HD DVD contract had an out if Warner defected.  I don't have either player myself, so I'll be picking up one of the 'Blu-ray 2.0' BD-Live players when I've saved up a bit of money -- hopefully there'll be a bundle with AvP-R if it's a 'launch title' for BD Live.
  15. Cryxen
    The Format war is over, the only company not With blu-ray is universal, Warner just went exclusive.  Can't wait for this Blu-Ray release!
  16. Hicks_0998
    Well thank you Fox!! Being in touch with the people as you always are, I shall fork out $700 for the Blu-ray player plus an additional $45 for the Blu-ray movie itself!!    ;D    God I love being a mere mortal and not being able to afford nice things.
  17. superdrizz
    i don't own whatever the hell play's blue ray, at least there will be the unrated standard dvd edition, if what i heard is true.  speakin of off topic, who was it that decided to release the movie during the holiday movie rush?! jus had to get that out there.
  18. The Chibi Kiriyama
    ...Why is it that so many things are becoming format-exclusive? I want to have a good time watching movies, not pick a side in this format war and hope the one I chose doesn't lose steam.  Sorry if it's off-topic, but it just annoys me.
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