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Strause Brothers Interview

News seems to have all but disappeared since AvPR came out. I feel sorta empty. There’s an interview with the Strause Brothers on LA Times (Requires Registration). It’s mostly about their life story and how they got into visual effects and formed Hydraulx etc.

“Colin, the more effusive of the two, said they convinced executives at 20th Century Fox to hire them with 40 pages of notes, location references and concept art work as well as a back-to-basics approach that would return the franchise to its R-rated horror origins and remind audiences just how scary these monsters can be. As 2004’s “Alien vs. Predator” was rated PG-13, many fans felt it pulled its punch. “It was real important for us to set this movie apart from the last one,” said Greg.”

Thanks to Alien Experience for the news. In box office news, AvPR is up to a domestic total of $33,956,000 as of Jan 4. Foreign takings are $16,265,237 so far. The worldwide total is $50,221,237 which is well over its budget (though I’m sure Fox was hoping for a lot more). It’s still to come out in many parts of Europe this month.

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  1. Psycho Geek
    The Strauses raped the Alien in the AVP Franchise. Id like to punch their fat faces without warning, when they would stand before me. When they ask why ill punch again.    :P     ;D     >:D  
  2. Predhunter
    I´m not agreing that AvP:R story is a good one. What i mean is that the Directors had to come up with a story that fitted in that miserable low budget...$40milion!! That´s very low for these kind of movies!! Maybe the Brothers are not the Ones for the job or maybe they are, but certainly, Fox has to be concious that has to be willing to invest more money in this franchise. This movie had a lot of bad reviews, but still, it could (and it will, I think) reach $100milion box office performance. Not bad for a so colled crappy movie made specialy for fans...This means only one thing: If properly invested, this franchise will raise the cash!
  3. PyroAcid
    Predhunter i agree it  the  scenes of the old ones. left overs in the old flicks was greedy  bodys skined spines riped out blood everywere alien eating on a dead body and hereing the lil mouth brakeing bones as it fed but maximus think about this way if your the onley breding member of your spices whould you stick around? hell no you want your drones to go ape on every thing but i do think they should have have guy that made the pred moives and one guy that made the alien flims not have one sided focus going on
  4. PyroAcid
    lol be nice if they just made it pred3 and just use the stroyline form the ps2 game that came out start out in the 1930s  then end in the 2030s and have it more about the predator and what he has to do to gain back is honor  Alien5? more like alien with maybe a pred or 2 geared for humans end up finding aliens attacking humans this 3 pov dont qutoe work that well sure this was alot better then the 1st one but no cigar
  5. persistentvision
    Maximus and Deco, I COMPLETELY agree with you. The Strause Bros. failed dramatically. I was SO looking forward to AVP-R but alas-it was truly SHITE. I am a BIG fan of both Creatures, long term since A1 and P1, and the AVP Comics. The sad reality is that our beloved Monsters are doomed since Ridley Scott and John McTiernan walked away. Just compare the resumes of Paul Anderson and Brothers Strause to those two guys and that`s all you need to explain why the AVP movies haven`t worked. But to disempower the Aliens and reduce them to scurrying bugs is unforgiveable-compare their screen presence in AVP-R to Ridley Scott`s enigmatic, and ritualised Beast!!!  What a Strause Bros. disaster for first time directing! Blatantly copying lines of dialogue, plot devices and soundtracks from Alien/Aliens, Predator/Predator 2 does not constitute "directing"!! Pathetically unoriginal, guys. I guess if you are a geek under 21 that doesn`t have Giger`s Necronomicon books you might have enjoyed this crap take on our favourite Movie Monsters!!! I wont go within 100 Light Years of another AVP movie.
  6. Predhunter
    In my opinion, the main problem with this movie was that the budget was too damn low!  I think the budget for AvP:R was about $40milion. Less $20 milion then the first one, if  the numbers aren´t wrong...
  7. Stamos
    Whenever a new flavor of bubblegum comes out, it usually doesn't cut it and ends up in the bargain bin, just like these AVP films.... DarthJanus is right, brains seem to be lacking when it comes to creativity, so why not follow the story of the comics...AVPR was not as creative as I was watchable until you knew that there were no A's or P's left, just some REALLY stupid H's....cheaparses  Theatrical Performance  Total US Gross $37,054,994  International Gross $36,000,000  Worldwide Gross $73,054,994   Hopefully, the next one's right because the numbers are getting much better, here in AU I think if you wait a week or so, then you wont be able to watch it at the movies, it's dead...
  8. DarthJanus
    You have the perfect story for AVP already, it's called the first comic series.  You have well developed characters including the predator "Broken Tusk"( which wolf was a cheap copy of)  I hear all the time you can't do a literal transition from comic to film.  Bulls**t,   seen Batman DeadEnd this is such a fantastic take on batman vs predator vs aliens that it proves it can be done.  Also provesthat we don't need sculpted body suits for heros like Batman( different rant altogether) and stick with the Stan Winston design for  the Predator.  Wolf(and Scar's mandabiles were way off and the heads were badly designed) was close but still left a lot to be desired.  If they do a 3 is should be Rated R but not for gores sake alone but for intense suspense and scare factor.  Has far as Alien 5 pick a good comic story and translate it to screen, Heres an idea hire the comics  writers to do the scripts.  Predator 3 needs to be the first Predator comic with Dutchs brother.  These things have kept the franchise alive while the movies have been crap.  Get with it Fox and stop wasting time and money on some new flavor director/writer of the month crap.  Give us what we want.
  9. hicks man
    Dude I agree with you because the aliens did seem like a bunch of pussies but when the national guard came in that's where they shined. Although the best is when the predator fought the alien at the power plant that's a good fight scene.
  10. Predhunter
    Sure, it would be good to see more then one Predator. But i don´t think they had the budget to do it. If the Predators were three (for example) it would be necessary to do 3 times more fight scenes. That would cost money, and the movie would be more then 2 hrs long. And if they were three, from your point of view, the Aliens would probably kill 2 of them right at the beginning...  "This is why fanboys, particularly Predator fanboys, shouldn't make AvP movies. Or any movies"  Such a poor coment...
  11. Maximus
    "Are you serious? The Strause Bros. skewered both our beloved creatures. They nerfed the Aliens considerably so they can have one god-like Predator deal with them. Cheapening the Aliens was a stupid decision on their part, as well as including only one Predator. And let's not get into a discussion about what they've done to the Pred-Alien."  Agree completely, the Strauses made every single Alien weak and stupid.  Even the Predalien was a wuss, he retreats after the Pred swipes at him once.  This is why fanboys, particularly Predator fanboys, shouldn't make AvP movies.  Or any movies.
  12. Predhunter
    YutaniDitch:  Has for "gratuitous violence", i think the Brothers tried to show a scenario as real as it gets. Do you think that in case of an Alien infestation all the children and babies would be safe??No. And why not showing it? That gives a realistic perspective of what that chatastrofe could be. Humans are no longer on the top of the food chain, so anything can happpen! Obviously, the Brothers wanted to go bit further with this movie, making it more serious and real.  As fore the violence scenes in the two franchises, yes, i agree there wasn´t much...But, the scenes were scary and BLOODY, showing us sometimes entrails of humans bodies and so on...
  13. Deco
    Alot of the fans on this site seem to have lost sight of what 'Alien' and 'Predator' were originally. They are not 'Gore fests' nor were they EVER renouned for their violence. They are so famous because they play on the Fear of the dark and the Fear of being stalked/hunted. This combined with their masterful direction/screen-writing makes them the movies they are. Not how many battles are on screen or how much gore there is. Batman begins is a great movie but the fights are blurred and somewhat difficult to make out; but we as an audience forgive that flaw because the movie is fantastic. AVP as a concept needs to let go of 'doing things in camera' and sticking to the way the previous films were shot and grow as its own franchise. The creatures are not scary to us anymore so we should be focusing on other aspects of them to make them more terrifying. Grow the terror!  I wouldnt mind seeing an alien in the opening minute of any new movie to be honest. We've seen them a million times. Now lets break open the basket and make a movie that explores the true nature of both creatures.  FOX l will write a script for FREE and you can take my fee and add it to the rest of the budget to make the film as epic as possible!!! Im serious!
  14. trailpimp
    Here in Portugal the movie has premiered, and what's left to say is that the film is very poor. All things fail in this movie, the most noteworthy is the overall direction of the movie, "interesting scenes" cut in half or are short, the script makes no sense, the actors if well directed could of pulled it off, there's a total lack of "grandiousity" and originality. For me what is the only thing note worthy is the Predator, Ian White gave him "the life inside" that once was the hallmark of the Predator, but even that wasn't explored. The movie has B series all over it, especially the ridiculous ending. One thing that is funny is that the soundtrack is good and even that was offbeat with the scenes, leaving me with impression of hearing a Mozart's Requiem in a Rob Zombie movie!!! The zombies beeing the aliens and the humans... There's a lot of potential for this franchise, but it's important to bring top people to it. Let's Hope that "Requiem" (mass of the dead) is not about the end of this franchise... Fox it's not only your dollars on the line here.
  15. YutaniDitch
    Predhunter,  check the Alien movies again: no gore (only ONE blood scenes with burster in A1, and TWO blood scenes - the burster scene and Ferro dying)   Predator's 1 and 2 'gore' scenes were in P1 the bodies hanged, that bloody undiscernible mess (maybe Hawkins' entrails) that Poncho finds, and Dillon's 'fake' arm (funny fake, with the real arm really showing) and Billy's spinal removal...  Not what >I would say GORE, as in 'graphic violence and human body parts (head, legs cut off, entrails, blood by ther gallon, etc)...  Good, memorable stories, memorable characters, that's what the originals were all about...not gratuitous violence and dim-lit 1-minute fight sequences    ;)     ::)  
  16. Predhunter
    AVP was a kinder garden movie...The Predator gets the girl and he also gets to tatue her face! How lovelly... You mind as well call it "The Beauty and Beast"
  17. Predhunter
    Bio Mech Hunter:   Do you really think the first mvie was far better respectfull for both franchises??? There was no gore and allmost no violence in that movie!!PG-13???Is that how you respect both franchises?? Taking of the scaryness of both creatures, where Aliens don´t kill people and are caled serpents??Predator prey hanged upsite down with...their close on???People getting kiled and no blood spilling??That is making both franchises an international joke!! Oh, and one Alien killing 2 Predators (wherein one of the fights there was hand to hand combat) and the Alien wins??Sure, I can accept the first kill, witch the alien caught a distracted Predator. That´s how Aliens make their kill.They take their enemies by surprise. But the second one... I don´t agree with it ! At all !!
  18. hicks man
    AVP R was aweome and I hope they make a third one with the marines from aliens, I've got a good story, Marines from earth find the predator planet and engage in a full blown war then in a final act the marines come across the aliens that were captured and in the end the predator planet explodes destroying the alien and most of the predators and we have a main character almost like ripley
  19. Bio Mech Hunter
    Granted, the first film screwed up some things, but it was far more respectful of both franchises (like not deliberately f***ing with canon). In addition, the Predators in the first film had a valid, believable in-universe explanation for their skill sets, weapons and armor. In AVP:R, the Aliens just happen to be stupid, relatively short, and physically weak for no apparent reason. And Wolf isn't allowed to get acid burns, evidently.   ::)    AVP:R was good, albeit flawed. It did a lot of things right, but it got some major things wrong. And considering the Strause Bros. have stated they're big fans of both franchises and have a great deal of knoweldge about previous installments, you would think the film would've turned out much better than it did. It had "Predator Fanboy Film" written all over it.  Personally, if Fox does do AVP3, I'm hoping "The Brothers Strause" get the boot.
  20. Bio Mech Hunter
    Predhunter: It wasn´t a perfect AVP-R movie, but still, i think the brothers took a great step in the right direction. At least they tried to respect the nature of both characters (Alien and Predator). Remember it´s their first time directing a full movie. Give them some credit. If they´re hired to do the third one i think you won´t be dissapointed!! _____________________________ _______________ __  Are you serious? The Strause Bros. skewered both our beloved creatures. They nerfed the Aliens considerably so they can have one god-like Predator deal with them. Cheapening the Aliens was a stupid decision on their part, as well as including only one Predator. And let's not get into a discussion about what they've done to the Pred-Alien.
  21. Predhunter
    Well, considering that AVP made $38m on opening weekend and at the 2nd weekend AVP2 made so far $36m (and the budget for AVP was $60m), i think that will be hard to beat. I seriously hope not, because AVP-R was a lot better than the first one!! Sure, it lacks some human drama and deeper human character relationships. All human characters should have been better explored. It wasn´t a perfect AVP-R movie, but still, i think the brothers took a great step in the right direction. At least they tried to respect the nature of both characters (Alien and Predator). Remember it´s their first time directing a full movie. Give them some credit. If they´re hired to do the third one i think you won´t be dissapointed!!
  22. chaz
    ok 7 says avp has made in the mid 30's in the USA so far with about 50 million worldwide. it probably wont make what avp1 made which is fine cause we all know what movie is better. hopefully it makes a lot more overseas where the market it much better, i would like avpr to make 175-200 worldwide. which is def a long shot
  23. Sulaco
    The future is bleak for these series, and by the time they make a predator 3 straight to dvd, I'm gonna be a f*ckin old man!  Because this is like finding Moses dvd collection!   ;D  
  24. Ty
    Hey cultistofvertigo! What the heck are you talking about? Alien 7? There was only 4 just Alien movies. Duh da duh!    :D   Theres Alien, Aliens, Alien 3. and Alien: resurrection. The AVP films don't really count as "just" Alien movies.
  25. stealth bunny
    i've just watched avp-r and dragon wars and they both have the same problem lame characters but gr8 monsters and efx,i could not care less if every died in both films and that is a big problem,cut the people out and just give us monsters if this is how bad the writing is going to be!   :-[  
  26. Silent-Hal
    I agree Hicks, the original AVP comic book would have made a great movie. Its still the best piece of AVP fiction IMO. Unfortunately all we've gotten so far are some pretty lame references and homages in the movies    :-[  , they even tried to base Wolf off of Brocken Tusk.
  27. Hicks_0998
    What would've paid off with audiences around the world and true diehard hardcore fans of the series is if the first AVP movie was based on the comic, with Ryushi as the planet and Noguchi as the main character.  Older fans would know what I'm talking about, and the young uns who have actually *read* the original comic.   The AVP lore is rich and deep, and although Fox think they know it, they dont.
  28. cultistofvertigo
    alien 5? Dont you mean 7? Also, can you really have the aliens fight the same thing so many frickin' times? I accepted the predators for these two films, but theres like a billion other things for aliens to fight. Also, it's time to get up to date and put in the "x" and that isnt going to happen untill the predators go away.  Obviously, no one is going to stop making alien movies any time soon, there WILL BE an alien 7. Those yautja things are hurting the franchise, and it's time to move on or it'll just get too repetitive. That's what I say, anywhichways.
  29. chaz
    avp r may not do hot in the US but it still has like 45 countries to open into (i counted it on boxofficemojo). i think part of the low intake has been since it was released at xmas. thats why these family oriented movies are dominating. i think avp will make 50-55 in the US and 100-130 (millions) overseas
  30. JK
    We need to know what happend after A4. I want A5  with Ellen Ripley in action the android Call and the others survirvors. Of course Sigourney Weaver.    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  31. Ty
    Well, I would like to see an AVP 3 because of the good story line of the AVP saga, and how AVP-R had a lead to AVP 3 in the end. AVP 3 will be almost like a comic line from Alines I remember. Ninjas vs. Aliens and some thing taking place on the Predator home world. THATS what I think will happen. But Alien 5 would be good I guess, depending on how they do it. But NO Predator 3. No.   >:(   The AVP saga is basicly a Predator run on. Also, just got the Hybrid fig at an FYE at my local mall.    ;D   Very cool and well detailed and the hair things on his head are cool.   :)   No Sideshow fig though.
  32. Maximus
    There's no integrity left in the AvP franchise after AvP-R.  Critical reception has been embarassing, and fans are generally disappointed.  AvP is now a parody, and I seriously doubt Fox will continue with a third one.  There's just nothing left.  Predator 3 will never get made.  Predator 2 was terrible and the series has been dead for almost 20 years.  Alien 5 is still a possibility though, because Ridley Scott has expressed interest in doing a fifth and final one as recently as the early 2000s.    Alien 5 is the way to go, as long as there's a good director, cast, and script writer.  Fox would never turn down a Ridley Scott helmed Alien 5.
  33. Joker
    I don't know about you Maximus, but I'v ignored AVP 1 since AVPR came out.  And  jakey_jedi, I don't know where you got this "we" from, but I want an AVP3. And I don't want an Alien 5. You can't do it. You just can't. It's over for Aliens in the single films. Predator 3....well thats a possibility, but no one has got a good story. AVP 3 is the best chance we have of seeing these 2 again
  34. Gort Pred
    Now this is good news. When the UK release comes, it's gonna go up alright. Were going to get an AVP 3. if it's PG-13 then I'll be a lil dissapointed, but I'll still see it and put my faith in it. The film surpassed Alvin now finally and Alvin's getting a sequel and that movie made like $30 million something. This is hire. I'm happy. AVP 3 will be made, and that's a fact.
  35. Maximus
    If they make an AvP 3 (I hope they don't), they need to get a new director and script writer, and they need to ignore AvP-R.  However, I'd much rather see Alien 5.
  36. jakey_jedi
    we dont want AvP 3 we want Alien 5/ Predator 3 Avp was tried and hasnt really panned out. I aint seen AvP R yet as i live in uk but there seems to be alot of negativity surrounding it. Personally im dying to see it.
  37. Ultimate-Predalien
    I hope they make another as well, But they should stick to rated-r, or at least make a directors cut if its pg-13 which I'm sure they will if they make AVP3, But I think it should stay r-rated because that means more fighting and gore.....   ;)  
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