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Strause Brothers Interview

News seems to have all but disappeared since AvPR came out. I feel sorta empty. There’s an interview with the Strause Brothers on LA Times (Requires Registration). It’s mostly about their life story and how they got into visual effects and formed Hydraulx etc.

“Colin, the more effusive of the two, said they convinced executives at 20th Century Fox to hire them with 40 pages of notes, location references and concept art work as well as a back-to-basics approach that would return the franchise to its R-rated horror origins and remind audiences just how scary these monsters can be. As 2004’s “Alien vs. Predator” was rated PG-13, many fans felt it pulled its punch. “It was real important for us to set this movie apart from the last one,” said Greg.”

Thanks to Alien Experience for the news. In box office news, AvPR is up to a domestic total of $33,956,000 as of Jan 4. Foreign takings are $16,265,237 so far. The worldwide total is $50,221,237 which is well over its budget (though I’m sure Fox was hoping for a lot more). It’s still to come out in many parts of Europe this month.

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