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Hot Toys AvPR Diorama

The merchandise board has been buzzing about this for the past few days but it’s taken this long for bigger and better pictures to show up. Without further ado I present to you the PredAlien vs Predator – PRE-PAINTED DIORAMA KIT:

20080102_01 Hot Toys AvPR Diorama

“Approximate standing 12 inches tall well pre-painted diorama kit, this highly detailed sculpture captures the Predator and its enemy Predalien fighting on top of Alien corpse featured base.”

This is priced similarly to the other Hot Toys models at about $150 – 200 but damn does it look fantastic. You can check out the rest of the images on the forum. Thanks to Sabres21768 for posting them. The pictures originated from Cool Toy Review.

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Comments: 46
  1. Jin Saotome
    AHA, I've found an error! The Predator has his bandolier on in the figure, but he took it off in the movie.  Doesn't matter, this diorama still makes me feel funny in the pants.    ;D  
  2. Ultimate-Predalien
    oh damn u got a good deal, I got the diorama thing above for christmas, where did u find them 1s at if u don't mind me askin?
  3. TheUltimateBadass
    The price for what I bought, the series 1 alien and predalien sells for like 23 bucks for 1 set, darkfigures sells for 28 bucks lol
  4. Ultimate-Predalien
    SHREK 4 1, I'm not a F***in' tard, yes I understand the point ur disappointed in the film but where is ur bitching gonna get u huh? if u say the 1rst fil was bad and u agree with Deco that bitching is gonna get u a better film, well then how come u see in ur friggin' eyes yet another bad film, wut it looks like is ur bitching ain't gettin u anywhere and I'm trying to tell u that but ur 2 stupid to listen, Besides this isn't a life and death situation, and if u weren't so stupid, u'd realize that I'm not making it look like a life and death situation as u put it, So quit being so immateur..... I do respect ur opinion as much as my own, But your bitching isn't gonna help us get another film.....
  5. Ultimate-Predalien
    Yes those are, but I'm sure this site is visited globally, ppl from the Uk, Us, have and I'm sure ppl from other countries as well have, so I'm pretty sure we have our share of global votes here bud, So go to hell, cuz i was talkin 2wards shrek not u, I'm sure he can fight his own battles without u holdin his hand all the time like some grandma does with her grandchild, SO BUD THE F*** OUT!!!!
  6. Deco
    Ultimate Predalien, are those facts just on this site? Cos that is hardly the global picture. Anyway, peace to all. Im just as big a fan as any. And as a fan, we ought to be allowed to 'bitch'. If everyone said the first AVP was great and nobody kicked up murder, we would have another kids movie. Balance shapes the world gentlemen...
  7. Deco
    HICKS  Your right, this is a fansite. Firstly, well done on that cunning observation. Secondly, what your saying is that because we dont agree with you you'll 'Roast' us?? Haha I would think of a rebuttle but all I will say to you in response to your ever so frightening threat of a 'Roasting' is this: Shrek, nor I, nor anyone else who didnt like this movie dont need to counter argue, the ratings and general consensus about this film speaks larger volumes than any of us aptly named 'haters' ever could.  The movie was utterly awful with some admittidly tolerable moments but after that, my God... It was a countdown conundrum written in bold spelling 'Faeces'.  None of us are trouble makers on this site and never have been, we're just giving our opinions. In any case, if you liked the movie good for you. Out of curiosity, did you pass out with pleasure when you watch films like Return of the King or Forest Gump? Considering your affection for this movie I can only imagine your reaction to actual masterpieces.    :D   Be chilled my friend   Oh and SHREK; to quote another 'incredibly crafted line from AVPR: If we get a roasting 'May God Help Us All'    :D  
  8. Ultimate-Predalien
    Oh P.S. Shrek its not that we don't respect ur opinion because I do, U just bitch way 2 much as is and check the polls, the majority of ppl who saw it did like it, So shut the hell up........  ppl who thought it was GREAT-(47.86%) ppl who thought it was GOOD-(22.72%) ppl who thought it was OKAY-(11.98%) ppl who thought it was DISAPPOINTING-(10.12%) ppl who HATED it-(7.32%)
  9. SHREK
    lol hicks u backed up exactly wat  i was sayin to deco, im a 'hater' in ur eyes....if any1 criticsises the movie some ppl act as though its like an insult.....     ::)  
  10. Hicks_0998
    Shrek why do you, like so many other people, bag the movie when this is a fan site? It's like someone saying your favourite footy team sucks or your favourite game sucks.  Have some respect man.  Rant about how bad the movie is on other sites aye.
  11. Hicks_0998
    Guys if you don't have anything nice to say keep your thoughts to yourselves because the vast majority of fans here loved AVPR and I will say it again for your sakes: you will get roasted if its negative.
  12. SHREK
    @ DECO  erm i didnt think the first half an hour was too bad but after that i was like    ???   lol,   i liked the predator design and that was about it.......predalien = pretty crap,   aliens =  looked alrite, not great,  but from the actual movie, i dont think there was anymuch i liked.  the national guard bit i think was one of the worst parts....they arived in 5 minites and were wiped out in 3
  13. lone_predator
    AVPR isn't good film because it's lacks great star (only from TV and B - Movie) and lacks of money (Where the Alien Queen T_T I miss her and Chet doesn't look like Queen)  maybe the fate for AVP3 will be like this only come to DVD  The story AVP3 will be like this " One Predator vs only 1 facehugger" who would be win ??? pathetic    :'(  
  14. Deco
    This movie was an insult to movies and to Hollywood. Imagine the loudness of Miramax's and New Line Cinema's laughter when they see what kind of crap their competition (Fox) are producing. They f**ked their reputation out the window with this one.  Another thing I cant stand is that the film-makers always talked about homages. If you make a sequel well enough in keeping with the spirit of the originals, you shouldnt have to have 'homages' or 'throwbacks', the material should be complimentary of things without having to use exact same character names or exact same lines of dialogue (Get to the Chopper).  Thats not to say I didnt like elements of the film (very few). The predator was great. Really captured the character. I am predominantly a Predator fan but the Aliens were just cannon fodder and were no match for the Predator. Im not bitter, im just a big fan who would like to see an epic AVP film.
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