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AICN David Fincher Interview

There’s a new interview with Alien 3 director David Fincher on AICN. It’s mainly about the movie Zodiac but there’s a section on Alien 3 about the problems he faced.

“No, I mean again there were about six months on that movie where things were really exciting and we were going to do all of this different stuff and then the studio took over and that is sort of where things took a nose dive. It was like things were mandated, like blueprints for sets were cut in half and they just said, “This is the half of the set you get.”

It all comes down to script. That’s the thing you fight over the hardest and the longest and fight for first, but I mean yeah the stupidity of it was of course… I mean we had a lot of great ideas for a lot of really great stuff. Jake Scott did some amazing designs for a bunch of stuff that I brought to London and flipped everybody out with. They were like, “This guy’s bringing in his own set design.” But there was a lot of really interesting stuff and we just never got to explore it, because we were chasing a start date.”

Check out AICN for the full interview as well as mp3 files of the interview. Thanks to WeaponX for the news.

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  1. konradski
    i agree exhale yet also dont   as the part which they catch the alien with the cost of live,s then one guy so mixed up that the alien is a god . lets it free again was promiseing .but then again with fox just following what finch had on paper is a lot harder to implement without the mind that had put it to the page and what he envision them words and action to look like  by the way the only bit i hated was the queen chestbursting sequence too american for my liking when imagination was enough like in the a3 cut
  2. exhale
    the assembly cut is not a director's cut, otherwise it would be labeled as a director's cut... fincher didn't want to have anything to do with the fox assholes so they made this version. a director's cut wouldn't make much sense though because i think most of the scenes that could be added to a director's cut are already in the assembly cut ;) but that doesn't mean that the assembly cut is the version that fincher wanted to make...
  3. jimmylace
    Alien 3 Assembly Cut f**king rules- especially watching it directly after Aliens. It makes you realise that Camerons movie is the black sheep of the series, not Alien 3.
  4. konradski
    alien 3 was fine but likwe most after reading the novelisation  then seeing snipets of the movie(most of which were cut from the film only to be reinstated into the far better a3 cut) was at first shock tht newt n hicks were dispatched but the birth scene with funeral scene was a delight to watch and the best part was riplly storey moving on(yes the alien franchise is not about the alien but ripleys charachter) now shes lost everything from her first daughter to the surragate ones she picked up in aliens she feels she needs closure and avoila a fitting end tht a3 cut does fine  alien res well killing the only charachter at the begining u like then having whinnet rider act like a card board cut out fcks it up as well as not getting to know the new riply killed it o n aliens tht have a saliva issue
  5. Clark
    One of the funniest things I ever heard was in an interview with Jean-Pierre Jeunet where he said that on one of the first shooting days for Resurrection, he realised his main role on set was to "modify the screenplay" so it better suited Sigourney Weaver's vision of the film...  Seriously - some of the best material from Joss Whedon's script is still on the page. Unbelievable.  By the way... Alien 3 rules. Both cuts.
  6. dachande89
    I share a special bond with Alien 3. The film scarred me as a child. Seeing the dog convulse and have a large parasite rupture from its chest ruined my child psyche. It was this movie that got me interested in the Alien franchise (after i got past my insane fear of them). So Alien 3 will always be a special Alien movie to me..... more than I can say for Resurrection....
  7. Firetnk
    I used to hate Alien 3 when I was younger because Hicks died but later found out the directer got screwed over. This movie is a lot better then Alien R   ;D  . Besides this movie did not screw up the whole franchise like Alien R did.
  8. bluemonday
    Alien 3 is a fantastic film in every way, on par with Aliens but not as good as Alien.  Then again, nothing is as good as Alien.  AvP and AVPR were garbage.  Especially AvPR, what a disgrace.
  9. Anomaly
    A3 mostly has technicality nitpicks as the reasons it sucked to many. People didnt like the story direction but guess what... at least it HAD story with strong actors. That in itself should show why it was worthy. What theyre spitting out now cant even be called movies.
  10. Rafael S.
    The reson why I dont like Alien 3 was beacuse I was so exited about the aliens being on Earth. They didnt. Also they killed Bishop, Newt, and HICKS in the most brutal manner. So I dont go with A3, A4, and AVP of course. I did like AVPR.
  11. Hicks_0998
    The elements of Alien 3 are what Alien Resurrection and AVP lacked: atmosphere.  You have all the scum of the universe on a prison planet and a xenomorph picking them off one by one so the sense of escaping and outwitting this dragon is paramount to survival.  Stop motion was all the rage back in the 80's and 90's so of course they're gonna use it, like todays overuse of CGI.  Overall how many people will say Resurrection and AVP topped Alien 3?
  12. herrwest
    The only thing i was dissappointed with in Alien 3 was the way they animated the Alien with too much stop motion.  Other than that it had the mood of an Alien movie and a good story with interesting characters, and of course killing off Hicks and Newt so fast, but that even works because the Alien world is a brutal one.
  13. Ty
    Ever since AVP-R was released in theaters this site has had dumb news, sorry but thats what I think. Also, is it true AVP-R comes out on DVD April?    ???  
  14. Hunters Moon
    Alien 3 was a great film and could have been better! if it wasn't for fox. david fincher is a great and stylish director.....alien 3 was dark, scary, it had a bleak atmosphere, alien ressurection was shit! and so was avp
  15. Xenomorphine
    Unfortunately, 'Alien 3' also had unmemorable (and, for the most part, indistinguishable) characters, dialogue which often consisted of little more than constant swearing and, worst of all, for a horror film, no actual scary moments.
  16. howells
    i love finchers movies. he did a good job on A3,yeah it could have been better but after reading his interview we realise why it was lacking. i think if he had been able to make the movie he wanted it may well have been up there with was still a lot better than RESURECTION,i mean it had humour in it for gods sake! the last 20mins of that movie were awful!
  17. Kinn Corn Karn
    I LOVE Alien 3 and it still pisses me off that the a$$hole execs had to screw that movie up! It had so many great things going for it until the suits stepped in! Fincher did an amazing job considering the scrutiny and constant script changes that were thrown at him at the last minute. No wonder he hates talking about it.
  18. frankaster
    BUDGET AND FOX EXECUTIVES, that where the factors that misteriously made the predalien to be a queen, even that you have the animatronic from the last movie you need a dam of money to make it move and stuff, so for save money they say, made the predalien the queen so we save the money for i don't know why and repleace the queeen, the egg sac, eggs, facehuggers, and look does the predalien mouth looks like facehugger so you got it strause do you se the executive of fox makes your lifes easier and we richier and if thats not enouhg we'll contract again the same guy who aid anderson to write the 1st film, and my son whants to do lighting and you can use some people from our shows like 24, don't waste money in ussesless big name proffesional actors and hooo there's a writters strike so you can't change the script... now you have less than a year to deliver a movie in december holidays... and we still have a lot of money. muahahahaha!! dam fox! y hope that camron made an aliens fan fiml durin his vacation and make it somekind free and he will pownd fox!
  19. Mr. Weyland
    I thought Alien 3 was a great movie, it had great music, style, acting, true they killed of Hicks and Newt, but at least it had the dog alien.    P.S. Meeting Morse from the movie was also great.
  20. Nosferatus
    david did a good job on Alien 3..i really love this movie for its depresive feeling....its a pity that he couldnt make it absolutely his way
  21. Guest
    Fox itself doesn't give a littliest f**k about it, thats the truth, and that is sad, but expectable.  Now its us, the fans that give a really HUGE f**k about it, and if the screenwriter and directors (like Strauses) for example are also fans then we are at home. The only thing is the budget.
  22. Greenband
    I liked Alien 3, though not as much as Alien and Aliens. Did it have faults? Yep. But it did have good qualities too. It showed the Alien as the killing machine it should be depicted as. It also was able to maintain and intense and scarey atmosphere unlike the movies the followed it. Plus I always liked the music in that one :-)  Alien Resurection was my least favorate of the four. However, I did enjoy aspects of the storyline. Personally, I feel that they should have ended the Ripley story line with 3. Although I did not like the new born, I do agree with the reason they did it (To do something new, and not rehash the same story).   My least favorate of all the movies thus far was the original AVP. The entire last 20 minutes if the movie basically did it in for me. Although AVPR was enjoyable for the action sequeneces, it really does seem that FOX has run out of good ideas for Alien scripts.
  23. Guest
    Hmm, Alien 3 I really didn't like, but Alien 3 Directors Cut I really really love.  And exactly, some fans, the only thong they can say that something "suxx", but which elements "suxx", well that is hard for them to tell, losers.
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