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VFXWorld AvPR Article

Izzet over at Alien Experience found a really interesting article over at VFXWorld that they posted before AvPR’s release. It deals with a lot of technical related stuff but it’s quite a good read:

“The film came in under budget, “which doesn’t seem to happen too often around here,” Colin says. “It actually freed up money so the studio would let us expand the movie and do the Predator home world and bunch of other cool sequences.”

Even though the film is out and the majority of our forum members probably hate it, I’d still recommend giving the article a read.

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  1. Joker
    Well wait a second. Predators are not retarded. Second of all the Preds were not wearing masks. Every single pred was not wearing one. Only the ones on the scout ship in AVPR. Thirdly, don't blame Shane for everything. Paul helped write the first one too. Shane wrote the whole requiem movie. Now I think Shane knows what he's doing, esp. when it comes to writing things people can do. That’s a major thing in screenplay writing. Paul just took Shane’s bloody AVP1 script and made it to his liking more and just made Aliens 10% stronger then normal. Fourthly...why are we on the first one? Haha
  2. Stamos
    I guess the preds on the ship were just absolute retards....the humans would've picked up the xenomorph in quarantine....why wouldn't the preds if they had superior tech?  That would go against canon wouldn't it? They have Xenomorph vision but somehow missed an alien in a dead pred?  That's heresy to the Predator race. And of course it was outlined by that scriptwriter who I hope has a cameo on AVP3 where his head is blasted off by a shoulder canon, leaving just his lower mandible intact.  Something like the graveyard scene which was cut from AVPR
  3. atomic punk
    hey,does anyone here remember how in the first alien movie how he was trying to inpregnate the female?because there was no queen alien to lay eggs.aliens move very quick would neve give ou a chance to think.what was that dork doing with the preds weapon?wolf would have got that back in 3 seconds.   ???  
  4. Gort Pred
    Same here msn_recon_marine. I have everything that has the title Alien and Predator and Aliens vs Predator. Played all the games, owned a lot of the toys too    :D   have the comics and love them, books are really good, and of corse I have all the movies. I'm not picky at all. Joker's right, I respect and love everything Alien and Prefator.
  5. msn_recon_marine
    I have to say I truely enjoyed the movie it was quite the story. I do agree that the lighting was bad but you have to look at where they are fighting too.  I found that they did a good job of protraying how dark and evil the aliens are. I also have to say Wolf is badass.  I can see where some wouldnt like it but if you are a fan of either series you should like it.  I truly hope that they make another one that has a little less of the human story and more of the battle between them.   Of course I would love to see a Predator 3 movie. ( Die hard Predator fan for many years)  I have all the Alien movies, comics, novels, and the same with Predator  and AvP.  I am not to picky when it comes to these guys I just love to see them on the big screen.
  6. Joker
    And I would hate if AVP was on the same scale as LOTR. Too damn long. Ppl would go mad. There's only so much you can do with a Predator and an Alien without  dragging on. Theres only so many green eminems a man can have  before he says f**k I want a red one! I like LOTR but I hate how long they are. You can't possible make AVP as long as that. And if you were talking about it being epic....well I don't know. Maybe I would like that, but If I like the movie what do I have to complaine about and wish what scale it was on.     I think we should get an AVP3 and end it after that. We can all live now with 2 pred movies, 3 AVP movies, and 4 Alien movie. No more.
  7. Joker
    Well Deco, I say TURE fan becasue I kinda have the same feelings as Gort Pred. I respect everything alien and Predator. I may have my differences with AVP 1 and AR, but that doesn't mean I hate them. I love all of them. Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Ressurection, Predator, Predator 2, AVP Alien vs Predator and Aliens vs Predator Requiem.   Besides I don't see what was so bad with the lighting. I saw everything very clear. I can describe every fight. I saw everything.   And if alot of theaters got bad pictures, just imagin if this film makes it to Blue-Ray
  8. Deco
    Joker,  Just because you like everything Fox spits at you doesnt make you a TRUE fan.  A true fan is someone who considers themselves such, its for no-one else to say otherwise. No one here is telling you to dislike the movie, they are telling you how much they didnt like it themselves.  If you thought this was a great film then thats your opinion and your entitled to it.... But i will plant this seed; imagine an AVP on the same scale as lord of the rings....?
  9. Deco
    YAUTJA | 31 Dec 2007 15:1846 Deco, cud u answer my question above? no.39   Hi Yautja sorry I havent gotten back ive been enjoying the festivities!  I would say that there are more battles but the lighting is really terrible. I really hated this movie guys, im a die hard fan and thats why I hated it. Now thats not to say that i didnt think there were elements of the movie i liked. The Predator for instance, he was nailed, the character, the way he moved. Whenever he was on screen it felt like a Predator movie and that was great to see. The script was just trash. Hitchcock once said, 'you can make a bad film out of a great script but you cant make a great film out of a bad one....'
  10. bluemonday
    AvPR was trying to be its own thing?  HAHA!  Every single scene was just an homage to a previous film.  There was no originality whatsoever.
  11. Bio Mech Hunter
    I saw AVP:R twice and am planning to go again with a friend. Honestly, I don't hate it. I rather liked it, but was very disappointed mainly for the blatant fan worshipping of Wolf and demonizing the aliens as stupidly weak and mindless. The film was unrealistic and unfaithful in many respects. It did get quite a few things right, though. Which was somewhat relieving.  Like it's been said before, the first AVP film was horrendously cut and butchered from Anderson's original intention. He's gotten an extremely bad rap for something that was out of his hands. And considering we're specifically discussing Fox Studios here, of all film companies, you'd think we'd already be familiar with with this kind of crap they're constantly pulling. There was some damn good stuff that was ommitted, re-cut or re-filmed for the final release. And for the "Unrated Edition", they re-inserted barely a fraction of the edited material.   >:(    I recall many comments George Lucas made about having to battle Fox with getting Star Wars done the way he wanted.
  12. Gort Pred
    Anyway, Happy New Year atomic punk, YAUTJA, and nudzi. I'm thankful the brothers left us a great AVP movie just in time for the end of the year.   Bring on AVP3  Suggestions for names,   Aliens vs Predators Extinction (3xtinction) AVP-3     ;D   I like it hahaha
  13. Gort Pred
    Well vader, you don't think when AVPR ended, it didn't tell ppl that Aliens and Predators are badasses? From everything I saw, Aliens are more evil then before. Preds are less merciful. Don't get me wrong, as the fan I am, AVP was pretty good, but Fox didn't chop it up as much as you think. Paul took shots out that I don't think he should of. Like there was a fight between Grid and Scar that I would like to of seen, considering the fact that Gris killed Scar's friends, or brothers. Yeah, AVP had things from Alien 1, but AVPR wasn't trying to be like Alien. It was trying to be it's onwn thing, and got major influence from Aliens and Predator. Those are Collins fav and then comes Alien. Thats how I look at it too, Predator and Aliens were my fav, but I still love em all. You do give a good point though and I repsect that. And I don't think theres been talk about Anderson since we heard of AVPR was being made. I never bitched about him before.
  14. vader1231231
    I dont get why all of you guys keep on bitching about paul anderson and the first avp. The first one wasn't that bad. I mean at least it created a scence of claustrophobia, like the first alien film. Also, it wasn't andersons fault that the movie was choppy. It was all fox's fault. They hacked everything up at the last minute. I am 100% sure that if AvP 1 had been given more time and not have been cut down at the last minute, it would've been better. Another thing is, at least the first avp still left the aliens and preds with their dignety. They both were still mercyless killers. I think that avpr really f**ked up both franchises with it's lack of atmosphere, ripley and newt wannabbees, and excessive gore.
  15. vader1231231
    I dont get why all of you guys keep on bitching about paul anderson and the first avp. The first one wasn't that bad. I mean at least it created a scence of claustrophobia, like the first alien film. Also, it wasn't andersons fault that the movie was choppy. It was all fox's fault. They hacked everything up at the last minute. I am 100% sure that if AvP 1 had been given more time and not have been cut down at the last minute, it would've been better. Another thing is, at least the first avp still left the aliens and preds with their dignety. They both were still mercyless killers. I think that avpr really f**ked up both franchises with it's lack of atmosphere, ripley and newt wannabbees, and excessive gore.
  16. atomic punk
    to all the fans of these movies.happy new it cool,drive safe drink hardy.hey gort pred.thanks for the response.maybe we will see a pred.3 movie soon or aliens 5 whtever come first.big pred fan though.   8)  
  17. Guest
    Happy new Year my friends, I can see that no matter what country Ur from, if Ur a fan ur a fan for life !!  Thanks for support Yautia and Gort Pred and of courese STRAUSES for bronging us a fresh wave in the AvP world :)
  18. Guest
    Rock on man, I can see that U think and feel exactly like me. I mean, I work night shifts usually, I watch P1, P2 and Alien, Aliens, A3 almost every night at work when its calm and nobody bugs me :-) . So these little touches in AVPR were really important to me. Great that there are people who feel exactly like me.
  19. YAUTJA
    yea nudzi, the actual creatures performances were fantastic, from the pred and aliens movement and characters to the on-screen time they have face to face i.e. fights, stalking etc.
  20. Gort Pred
    I saw the same stuff nudzi. The part when Wolf comes out of the water. The part at the plant when Wolf is searching for the alien and the red triangle is scattering like in P1. Stuff like that. And I will defend the bros. with you. I loved how they showed us threw the movie how much they love both Pred and Alien. They don't love one over the other, they love both. I heard James Cameron loved AVP. I wonder what he thought about AVPR and the fact that they used his alien designs. I wonder what AVP 3 has instore.
  21. Guest
    Thx Gore Pred, I'm really ready to defend the Strauses on that, I won't allow them to be eaten by a horde of Alien nuthuggers. I really saw that they KNOW how to present the creatures. the aristocratic, a bit "geyish" moves of the predator, combined with his ruthlesness and brutalism were a direct, "lossless" copy of P1 pred. I simply loved the little details I picked up from the previous movies, the Strauses (and fans) were also able to pick up and admire.
  22. YAUTJA
    my fav scene....i dunno, theres so many gr8 ones, i realy like the sewer scene where wolfe activates the glove and punches through the floor! and powerplant scene where the alien and the cloaked pred were stalking each other... in fact, the more i think of this movie, i loved it.
  23. Guest
    Exactly Yautia, that is what im telling. The negative comments on this board are dreadful, not the movie itself. Movie, considering the conditions was a mastefpiece.
  24. Gort Pred
    YAUTJA and nudzi.....I love both of you lol  You get it. Your the true fans I wanted to see on here. Esp, you nudzi. Your 100% correct. I didn't go to see humans with good talent. I went to see the alien and predator movie we should of gotten back in 2004. Still as the respectful fan I am, AVP is still one of my top alien, predator movies, but AVPR was better    :)    I will be one of the few to say this, I loved all 8 movies.   YAUTJA...what was your fav scene ?????
  25. Guest
    And bueee, ur just sad. No counter agruments, everybody must be drunkadrs, stoned lowlifes, and U handle the most pure truth. Advocating not to see the movie is also a state of mental retardation. I believe everybody have a right to see the movie and judge for themselves if what they saw satisfies their tastes. The movie was much much much better then what I thought about It after I read ur retarded comments about how is "sucks". If "sucks" is all U haters can say then kiss my butt cheeks, I'm off to see it for the second time.
  26. YAUTJA
    ok, i jst saw it, i was realy dreading it after the negative comments......but i actualy realy liked it, i can totaly understand when people say its more a predator fan movie ( which im not complaining at), coz wolfe was ace! so was chet! evry scene with her was gr8 and the removing the mask scene was awesum.
  27. Guest
    It is as I said it a couple of months ago, all the little retarded shits that bash this movie remind me of football fans. When the team is on top, everybodys happy, when theres sometning wrong, team struggles, TEAM FANS are the first ones to destroy, humiliate it. Thats what I see here. Fight FOX, not Strauses U morons.
  28. Guest
    Now what was do damn bad that You hateers bash this movie. What the title tells You? That it is about ALIENS AND PREDATOR, so stop bitching about how bad or low or whatever the acting of humans were. I dont give a f**k, Pred and Alien FX and Acting was FLAWLESS and that what pleased me, my friends and audience, at least in Poland ad the premiere screening. I am a fan of the P and A monsters not humans. What did U expect from Fox and budget that low? If U tak that under consideradion AVPR was a f**kn masterpiece. Strauses handled the action parts perfectly, u can see they are FANS! that know how to present the creatures. I've got tears in my eyes when I saw how excellent the Pred and Aliens were presented as creatures. That's what counted for me, a die hard fan of the creatuers, not a die hard fan of the scripts, as all U haters.
  29. Gort Pred
    To ATOMIC PUNK: Yeah I know. I hate it when ppl do that. "I'm a fan, but Aliens Vs Predator Requiem sucked" Durrrrr duhhhhh....EHRRRRR!!!! lol  And I have the same ques Collin. When's AVP3!?!?!  Wolf Pred was the best Pred out there
  30. atomic punk
    yah,some say they are fans but they hate the movie.i myself thaught it could have been much much better.on that note hay collin when is avp-3 gonna come out?love the@##@ng wolf pred.
  31. AVPR!!!!!
    bueee! Your a lil fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone here is a fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  32. Gort Pred
    bueee? What the hell crawled in your mom and f**ked her so bad that you have to think I smoke. I don't do that stuff. I never saw you on here telling ppl what to do. So whats your problom?
  33. Joker
    Who here is a TRUE fan and likes it or loves it?!?!?!?!?!!?  I love it.   And bueee, it is all about fights if it's Aliens VS Predator. Thats all I want atlest. In stand alone movies, I want what Aliens and Predator gave us. But if there in one movie together, then all I want is to watch them kill eachother.
  34. bueeee
    "I find it funny that ppl that hate it still come here to talk about how much they hate it."  oh, "he finds it funny". so stop smoking marihuana, enough of reasonless fun for you.   who will tell people what to think about the movie? you? heh.
  35. Joker
    Shrek, I agree with Gort. I love this movie. Who gives a f**k what ppl think. So fans don't like it. So critics don't like it. I do. I'm not allowed to tell ppl (who like it) that I love it.
  36. Gort Pred
    @ SHREK: Now if everyone loved it, then I would have nothing bad to say now would I. I didn't say everyone doesn’t know what there talking about. I was just talking about the ppl that hate this thing like they have to. Like there's nothing out there to hate. There plenty out there to hate. Like Bush, or The Dark Knight. We all remember AVPR is coming out with an Unrated DVD and it’s meant to be longer right? I do. I was just talking about how funny it is to have these ppl run around seeming like there forcing even ppl who like it to hate it. That’s funny and a lil cruel to me. That’s like you showing me your fav movie. You love it. You keep on talking about it and talking about it. And you get the chance to show me and I'm laughing threw it. I'm talking threw it. I'm telling how much I think you were joking about how good it is. YOU DON"T DO THAT! Unless you’re an asshole. And I’ve seen a lot on here. I don’t force ppl to love, like or hate movies I love like or hate. I just hate when ppl go around doing that, and just repeating what they read in a review. There all happy and that critics agree with them. They can’t stop bitching. Stop bitching. I find it funny that ppl that hate it still come here to talk about how much they hate it. You all have friends (I hope so) to talk about how much you hate it with.
  37. SHREK
    @ GORT PRED : now if evryone loved this movie for example say ppl like me, Deco and Axlot all said this was a great movie then you wouldnt say that we didnt no what we are talkin about,   i dont h8 the movie, i couldnt wait for it to come out, but im also going to be was pretty bad, and the vast majority of fans who have seen it also agree...
  38. SamWieszKto
    This movie was so bad. Only 90 minutes. Look at "Aliens" -Directors Cut version (160 minutes of great movie) -at least they have some characters out there. Second film about Aliens still kick ass.  BTW: I think that AVP1 was great. AVP2 maybe will be better if someone do some more sequences and awesome special effects in fighting scenes. Damn 3 years of waiting for the sequel goes for a waste.  Please do not film AVP3. It cant be good if the first 2 movies was so bad.
  39. Gort Pred
    Alot of ppl here who hate and HAVE to give reasons really suck. It seems like there forcing ppl who like it to hate it. It also seems like most of the wanna-be critics just read the bad reviews and use what they said against it. Making us seem like there smart enough to think of that all on there own. AVPR was a great movie. What makes me laugh are the ppl that talk about how bad it is to compare AVPR to the old ones. Lol  Some one even had to beat someone who was a fan of the comics and say what they like is crap. Are you kidding? lol thats funny. He just had to beat the person to that. Now all of you who hate are calling yourselfs the true fans. Lol and your also acting like Alien and Predator are the only movies ever made. I think the ones that like it are the true fans. Wouldn't true fans like anything alien and predator casue they respect it so much? No? Well I guess I'm the only person who respescts anything Alien, Predator made huh?  You hatters make me sick....laugh too lol You all think you know stuff. Atlest I'm not going around telling ppl what I think is a fact.
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