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Interview: Shaun Noelte

You may remember the picture of the Predalien maquette (seen below) that was circulated online earlier this year.

20071225 Interview: Shaun Noelte

It was rumoured to have been sent to ADI when AvPR was in pre-production. Though that was true, it was never sent with the intent to design the creature. Even so, a lot of fans actually preferred this design to the version ADI made. Staff member Xenomorphine managed to interview the person who created the maquette, Shaun Noelte. Check out his excellent Interview about the maquette which has lots of pictures too.

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  1. Joseph Danaher
    Hey shaun it's your bro joseph, haven't spoke in a while just checking your site out, it's pretty god darn amazing, well done with this hopefully you can come to england soon and see the family, love you xx   :)  
  2. Shaun Noelte
    Thanks everyone, for the feedback on the article, and the positive coments on the sculpture! I am honored to have it so recieved by the fan base. Cheers!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  3. TheUltimateBadass
    Yeah this is an awesome predalien DRONE design and I hope in the future coming avp movies, the alien drones wuld look like the 1 in ALIEN and that would be their official image. This is a fine looking predalien, but I would make some changes, starting with adding the translucent dome.
  4. Ultimate-Predalien
    If they make an AVP3 film which I really really hope they do, they should definietly have another hybrid appear, a warrior type one, and use this or a very similar design in the film, It kicks ass, Very very Awesome Job!!!! Shaun Noelte, You Rock man   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  5. Predboy
    Well, you can say Im both an admirer, and a critic of his work. I really like the way the design is in general, seems that he's really sticking to the biomechanical look the alien is suppose to have. The only thing I dont like about the design is how the mandibles are. If he gets the mandibles right, it will definatly get an A+ in my book.   ;D  
  6. Xenomorphine
    The model is apparently not in the shape it used to be. The company only just let them have it and some of the glue inside was leaking and so on (that sculpt is in clay; it is presently being moulded), but Noelte did a great job in fixing it up for those pictures.
  7. Kelv
    AVP-R was better than AVP but, the story and the acting was off. In the Alien films the goverment always tried to get their hands on this living weapon. And in Predator2 the goverment wanted the Predator technololy.This should've been the story: An U.F.O. crashes the goverment know's about it they lie to the sheriff leading him around in circles.So the goverments recovery team can get what they need. But wait, people are getting killed by the Aliens, so now the goverment wants to get it's hands on that as well. It's a 2 for 1 deal that the general can not pass up. This has been the story the goverment/ The Company has always tried to get an Alien or the Predator technology. But it always slips through thier fingers and this leads up to............ALIEN
  8. Rafael S.
    SHREK  The AVPR Predalien wasnt laughable. I think they didnt asept this design beacuse the directors needed something more queen like not warrior like. I still think Shaun Noelte's Predalien is better    ;D  
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