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DreadCentral AvPR Review

There’s a new review of AvP Requiem on DreadCentral. It’s pretty negative. They scored it 2/5 overall.

“The fact that Fox opted for this franchise instead of the Ridley Scott/James Cameron Alien 5 collaboration or Robert Rodriguez’s epic Predator 3 script will forever be one of Hollywood’s biggest blunders. Now that they’ve effectively ruined both franchises, the next move will probably be to go back and remake the first films in each series, permanently screwing the fans out of any good future installments. To paraphrase Jackson’s King Kong, that’s the thing you learn about Fox: They’re undying ability to destroy the things they love.”

They criticise the script which is fair game, I think, and the Strauses as well as the action sequences. On the plus side, they do like what ADI have done, the redesigned Predators and Predalien as well as the score.

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  1. LordBish
    Not sen the fim yet coz i`m a brit an` it`s not in the cinema for another 9 days but i have spent all day reading reviews and the general concensus is bad,yet i`m creaming my pants in anticipation  Ain`t the AVP films supposed to be based on the comics ? Thats what i read anyway...
  2. hicks man
    The reason why these critics hated it was because their was no famous characters it was newbies which was great because the main haracters were the alins and predators
  3. hicks man
    WTF you guys are pure icks because this movie was the best way better than Transforers, I am Legend and die hard. This is what an AVP movie should be. The reason why you hated it was because this website ruined itbecause it gave you updates and clips an info before I even thought they were making it.
  4. Brownrecluse
      >:(   I have always been a fan of both Alien and Predator movies..I saw AvPR and my DiC* went limp...this was the best way to ruin the wet dream that all fans of both who have wanted to see these guy's battle..A lot of forplay with no release...BLAH!
  5. Lord Byron
    Although I like the concept of the alien and preditor creatures, this movie purely sucked. I was very disappointed. Especially when you allow an alien crab to impregnate a father and son and watch them die.   Tell me that you writers cant come up with a better plot and script than that crap.   A 1st grader could write better.....
  6. AVPfan2
    Just saw AVPR - and I have to say that we were tremendously disapointed. The script focused too heavily on the humans and was disjointed overall; couldn't seem to decide what movie it was trying to be.  I would have expected a script focused more on expanding what we saw in AVP...
  7. Drummo
    i dont know what that critic was on when he watched this movie but it must have been pretty strong S**t because it was the one of the greatest movies ive ever seen. its only fault was that it ended too soon. all you people who havent seen it better get off their asses and go see it. your missin out on one of the franchises best.
    I just can't wait till me or somebody in time will make an AVP movie that will be one of the biggest or last wars of Earth, galaxy or some other planet. let it be raated R and let it kill all those damn kid movies except the classic Lion King which is the only thin Walt wouldn't be pissed of. X-mas was a bad day to release in my opinion and I haven't seen Avpr yet cause I have to Drive an even longer ways to go c it just cause it seems my movie theater doesn't show rated r movies anymore including the MISt - best horror movie-. But I hope will c a all out war with aliens, high tech humans, predatore and human goliaths- exo suits.
  9. ian
    Good film/bad film?. what do you mainly want from it, "Alien", great film, Most will say. " A bit slow, but what a script, superb acting. I think as the two main characters dont have a single line between them, a as long as the story is'nt totally appalling (comical), we can realise this is 1 for the sci/fi, horror mad viewer. where you see 2 of cinemas greatest ultimate killer's wage war. If it's for you or not, it,s a film that had be made. It will be enjoyed by many who where disappointed with the 1st "AVP".
  10. kid_rot
    So is the little girl in the movie supposed to be Ripley's grandmother or something? And was nuking the little town a hint of real future events yet to happen? Art imitating life? And we wonder why those little green men haven't made contact with us yet. Well, not all of us, anyway. This movie sucked because it sucked our money. It was so obvious that the movie was made for the sole purpose of banking on the holiday season. Basically, with this "plot", any creature from space could've been used and not have to be the Alien. What would've made an interesting story is if the Hybrid actually made it back to the Predator homeworld and wrecked havok there. The funniest thing about the whole movie was when the Predalien french kisses those pregnant women! As if going thru labor wasn't scary enough! As a devoted fan, I will wait for the masterpiece. No worries lol.
  11. andy_07
    seriously, who do these critics think they are.  i thought the movie was outstanding, and can only make the franchise grow.  critics wouldn't know a good movie if it bit them in the ass
  12. Firetnk
    Who cares about the critics. A lot of their complaints were not very reasonable. So far this looks like it is in the direction, the only thing I can complain about is bad actors but they can be decent so I can not complain. the fight scenes especialy the National Guard fight was coal. Also I liked AVP I know many will think wow he can go to hell. but it's my 4th favorite film in the Franchise. ALIENS 1st,2nd ALIEN , 3rd PREDATOR then AVP. ALIEN RESURECTION is what every one should hate it is what ruined the franchise I hate that movie with a pashion.
  13. crumbs
    Exactly. You're entitled to love or hate the movie; you can't slant people for giving a negative review; for starters you haven't even SEEN the film to be able to tell otherwise. I'm hoping like all hell AVPR kicks ass, but these people have seen the film and are entitled to post their opinions on it. Fanboy opinions aren't above others, like some of you seem to believe.
  14. crumbs
    Anyone who doesn't think Jeunet is an incredibl talented and brilliant director is a sad, sheltered individual. His French work is stunning, and Amelie is high on the iMDB best movies list for a reason. It's f**king BRILLIANT.  Alien Resurrection had an awful script, and Jeunet was just the wrong choice to direct the film. Cameron's first film was Pirahna II, you know, and look where he ended up. You guys need to open your damn eyes before you start slating the director over ONE film.
  15. Kasch
    Wow, a lot of hatred from the fanboys. Hey, I wanted nothing more than to have my ass blown away and the Strause Brothers to knock it out of the park, but it didn't happen. I cheered all the way through the trailer, but not once during the actual movie. Nobody's more disappointed than I am.  Of course this is just my opinion and I'm sure there will be plenty of people who will be briefly entertained. There will also be people who like it on sheer principle or for the minor fact that it's better than Anderson's crap.  Oh, for the record I don't like Resurrection, but Jeunet is one of the brilliant modern filmmakers. You guys need to watch movies with subtitles sometime and not judge a director based on a botched job when he's a fish out of water.
  16. Venenoso
    Wasn't the Ridley Scott & Jim Cameron collaberation just rumours? I mean had the two actually sat down and discussed it together? If so, then Fox just f**ked themselves, they could have let them handle Alien 5, Rodriguez Predator 3, and STILL make AvP movies afterwards (if they wanted).     >:(  
  17. PREDATOR34
    what i dont get is why avp r has ruined the franchise thats a loada *****. why not make an alien 5 and why not a predator 3 thats pissed me off.
  18. The Chibi Kiriyama
    Those of you who have read Whedon's script and seen Delicatessen know that Jeunet (while an entirely improper choice for an Alien director) is still a good director. As for the past, I've tried to say that Fox's film disasters MIGHT be good before. Right now, I can't help but be pessimistic. This seems to be yet another in a string of bad Fox films.   :-\  
  19. crypto84
    Critics critise films. It's their job, they get paid a shit load of money sitting on theie asses and make judgements on films without even paying attention to it. I remember reading a review for Batman & Robin a few years ago and the reviwer (can't remember his name) said that it is the best Batman film of all time and he critised Batman Begins saying it doesn't beat Batman & Robin. Did that guy even watched so films or was he high at the time?   :D    I know that went off topic a bit there, all I'm saying is don't pay attention to critics or reviewers on films, just wait and see it for yourself.
  20. SHREK
    evry1 is gettin mad at the bad review ...ur all saying they dont know wat theyre on about, 'they havent seen the movie so how do they know' now if they came out and said wow this is really a top class movie, 10 out of 10.. none of u would be saying that then... so just try and have an unbiassed view because most of u are already assuming that this is a great movie and u havent seen it urselfs....
  21. skinned alive
    Well, well.... looks like we got a review from the first critics who can't enjoy a movie for what it's worth. A true fan will be excited to see any movie related to either of these films, since we don't get as many like the Harry Potter fans get. Who cares about the critics and give the directors a break... at least they are true fans of the movies themeselves. It is not easy to please everyone, but still if you are a true fan you will appreciate the time and effort it took to make the film look it's best possible with the amount of time and money spent! This one's for the fans man!
  22. frakaster
    who cares about critics, they're a bunch of frustated directors that only whant to make shitty noir films that nobody likes them and they hate the world... and they only "suport" the old movies and hate sequels because they don't have the chance like the ros did...
  23. Predalien
    Looks like a lot of people have already made up their minds that they're going to love this movie.  Oh, and Jeunet is NOT one of the worst directors ever. The man messed up on Resurrection, but that doesn't change the fact that the rest of his movies are masterpieces. Nobody who directed a film like Amelie is one of the worst directors ever.
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