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Ah, it always comes back to Aint It Cool News. Remember when they told us Anderson’s AvP was gonna suck balls? Remember when they got Fox – and us – in a big rile over an old AvP Requiem script? Good times. Well, they’re back to stir more trouble with two new reviews:

“So, basically what I’m saying is this very well might be the worst film of the year . . . worse than ‘Hitman’ . . . YES, WORSE THAN THAT. There’s one, ONE cool death, but I’ll leave that alone for anyone who finds themselves trapped watching this waste of celluloid. No tension, no buildup, no payoff, no point. Go see ‘Sweeney Todd’ again, I guarantee you’ll have a better time.”

So that ones negative, the other ones so-so. So erm…yeah. I sure hope this guy is talking out his ass. You can read them both over at AICN. Thanks to Space Disc Jockey.

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  1. hicks man
    listen guys the only reason wh they thought it sucked was in the year of blockbusters the greatet movie (AVPR) came out on christmas but their is no exscuse this movie rocked and people shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.
  2. Ultimate-Predalien
    AVP Fans, AVP-R rocked and was a damn good movie, so all these STUPID CRITICS can go F*** themselves, Don't let their Bulls*** dissing let you down, go see the movie and judge it by your own opinion, not theirs, their just STUPID FRIGGIN' CRITICS that want something to bitch about bcuz they have nothin better 2 do....
  3. cab12394
    movie was hardcore!!!!   >:D     >:D     >:D   when the blond girl got stuck to the wall by the disk, everyone started clapping! = movie was AWESOME!!!!!     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  4. Spoon
    I thought the main character is the predator and predalien? I can care less about humans.  This is a aliens vs predator movie.. the humans are just for easy killing and jeber jaber.  I would love for the movie to take in space and theres no humans.  Maybe predator subtitles ?  that would be amazing.humans are dumb %&$@s
  5. Meetxj9
    Ok guys, i just watched the movie and i have to say that the reviewers were right. This show may be better then the first 1 but its just feels wrong............there is absolutely no character development at all. You won't even know who the main characters are. Story wise its a big no no. I think the directors wanted to try something new. You will feel like the movie is being rushed purposely to deliver you to the good stuff. The fight scenes are cool however, the predator can really dish it out. Seriously, if you just want to see these things duke it out for the hell of it then there is no problem with the movie.
  6. [CaM]Spoon
    I dont know what people expect from this movie. Of course its gonna suck in sense of a overall movie but its gonna be hell of a cool for alien and pred fans. You cant make a vs movie any good.  its all fan based. They need to scrap these movies and make them on their own.  I enjoyed the other movies better knowing how mysterious they were.  its all ruined. Aliens already got ruined by Alien:R. Predators GOT DESTROYED by AVP!  Im so pissed what happend to the predator, I just want to watch this new one to hope the predator has been brought back the way Stan Winston would have appreciated it.  Tonight will tell.  Make Alien 5 and 6 AND END THE MOVIES ALREADY! Predator 3 and End that also. THATS IT!!! thats my 2 cents
  7. Shouldercannon
    I think one issue may be expectations. AVP fans may have different expectations of what constitute a good AVP film versus a regular critic or moviegoer. Thus what AVP fans may think of as a great movie many not be the case for general critics or moviegoer. Of course, it is also quite possible for both general critic and AVP fan to share the same view of the film (see the first AVP flick) We'll see.
  8. bharat
    i think avp was much better to say the least,the aliens in requiem looks like artificial toys that were made to move ,aliens in avp were much better looking and mobile in the sense they were moving preety fast. remember the fight between predator and alien in avp.. other thing is that predalien was well crafted but again the problem remains the movement of predalien,, paul anderson directed the movie well it was script that let it down, all in all watchable for alien and predator fans only
  9. Hicks_0998
    Shrek the people who are offended by the negative reviews are the people that are fanatics of the whole franchise so if you put it down for whatever reason, youre gonna get roasted lol.  It's a neverending battle for an awesomely awesome movie that seems like a struggle to obtain, but we have the franchise on all forms of media now and the fans have good reason to bag these negative reviews.  Go forth and reek havoc!
  10. SHREK
    lol so offended by a movie.... all im saying is ppl are whining sayin that these reviews are wrong they dont know wat theyre talkin about but my argument is if a critic came out and gave a very good review then evry1 wud b sayin hes the only 1 who knows wat hes talkin about and evry1 wud listen that 1 review....ppl get all mad if any 1 criticises this movie...its actually quite sad
  11. Hicks_0998
    Look for gods sake how many people from around the world have seen the movie?  So shut the hell up about AVPR being shit alright? We've been waiting nearly 20 yrs for a decent AVP movie and in 20 mins of an idiots review of the movie, which is not actually the full movie but clips of it, you all criticize it.  I'm treading old ground but go read the comics, go play the games and delve deeper in the Alien/Pred universe and become more aware.  Ungrateful little shits some people are.
  12. Wolf123
    Why are morons such as Axtotl and maro so certain of AVP_R wil being a bad movie without having seen it, I guess they take the critics as words of truth and simply can't (or don't have the courage) to actually judge a film by seeing it first.
  13. maro
    there was a 5 or 6 negative reviews of this,1 so-so and you guys still dont believe ... are you goddamn blind ?? to be honest, who belives in big words of strausse bros???with salernos script ???HAHAHAHA just you, avp galaxy fans ... the fact is, the movie just sucks a big time, dont waste your money on that crap
  14. me
    well im just fine with what they said in the review. the things he said sucked sound cool to me. i want to see aliens fighting predators. i don't need to know the names of humans who die, or feel an attachment to them. i just want to yell yeah that guy got raped by an alien etc. if i feel i need to experience what the original movies gave me. ill just watch them and say wow those movies are still the best.
  15. ClockworkHorror
    AICN is a cancer. It's a site that exists simply to bring displeasure to the masses. It's one big Bias Cannon aimed at humanity. Movies are supposed to be entertaining. The way AICN spins it, we should be walking away from every movie with some sort of life changing experience. Hell, that's the way every movie reviewer seems to see it. Like their opinions on movies should be gold, and whatever they say should feed the starving children of the world with knowledge.  Just go and see it. If you're disappointed, at least it'll be first hand... not jammed down your throat like some sort of fat ass keyboard jockey who thinks his shit don't stink.  Besides, the AICN websites looks like it was put together by a unique collection of vacuous morons. Aren't they supposed to be pleasing to look at? The true review here is if they can't even pick decent colours, fonts, and layouts, they couldn't possibly organize their thoughts to write a review.  I'm gonna go see the damn movie. I want to by entertained!
  16. Shouldercannon
    Look people, whether a movie is a good or bad is decided by YOU ALONE. There is inherently subjectivity in reviews, so for some to say they won't watch the flick because of bad reviews needs to have their value judgment checked. I've had friends who attended the midnight screening and loved it,  I've had friends who hated it, it won't make any difference to me because I will decide FOR MYSELF whether it is a good or bad flick.
  17. Charles Xavier
    I finally got to watch the movie on Christmas Eve last night.    :o   I highly doubt these bad reviewers haven't yet watched the movie. I'll give you guys a brief review WITHOUT revealing any spoilers...  To honestly say, I had fun and enjoyed it. It delivers all the good old action and suspense this kind of movie needs. And there were certainly moments that chilled me to the bone.  I spotted a few small scenes (from trailers and production stills) that the directors had to omit (most likely due to time constraint). But it's nothing to worry too much to about. I thought there was a small lack of character development for a few characters, but I'm not poiniting this to everybody in the film.   Sure, 'AVP:R' may not be able to quite top Cameron's 'Aliens' or McTiernan's 'Predator'. But it's still a fun ride, and I DO recommend watching this movie as part of a Christmas treat. Whether or not you're a rabid fan of Alien and/or Predator, I'm sure you'll find this movie damn well decent. I can positively say it's certainly an improvement over Anderson's film.   My personal rating would be 3.5/5, which to me is considered quite good. I only wished there was a tad bit more action and again a pinch of more character development. But otherwise, it should be pleasing enough for fans. So go watch it when you have time!    ;)  
  18. Space Disc Jockey
    You're welcome, Darkness.   Anyway, I'm seeing the movie, no matter. I don't care about reviews.  I have always disagreed with Ebert's review of Gladiator and I know there are many more who also disagree, so it really depends on a person's own viewing and not someone else's. In other words, see the movie for yourself.
  19. Kasch
    Endless squabbling. Guys, the film is getting bad reviews because it's not a good movie. People can obsess and argue over all the whole fanboy/purist/critic angles till this film leaves the won't change the fact that nobody will be discussing this movie in 10 years. Hell, probably even 2 years.
  20. killzonewith bladesandteet
    hey guys, look many of you don't know me or probably don't even care about what I post here but I am not surprised about these "reviews" the first was at least fair the other probably raised a couple of interesting points at best. This film needs our support whether you will like it or not or  we get no chance at either Predator 3 or even AVP3. I think you have to remember its budget was  less than AVP's  and this these guys first attempt to make a movie I think its gonna be about action and gore first and foremost somethings have to get sacrificed  on that tight of a budget if you want to see any more of these films made just bear in mind what I said and go support it
  21. Hicks_0998
    Seriously guys come on, who would review a movie with no background knowledge about the universe, whether it be fiction or non-fictionaly?  That is just too stupid to even comprehend.  The Strause bros obviously know what the audience wants, Fox does not.  And if you're shitted off with the theatrical release, there will always be the DVD uncut, unrated or directors cut version ala Die Hard 4.0 unrated.
  22. Hicks_0998
    Alright kids listen up, I want this to go smooth and by the numbers.  I want professional reviewers who know the Alien and Pred universe to go over this thing by 0830.  There will be analysis of plot, action, acting, resolution and climax.  There will be no bullshit information as these idiots from AICN are just that: idiots, it is obvious they do not know the A/P universe well otherwise they would've picked up subtle references to the comics.  GOOD ON YOU GENUISES!! Now  heres $10 each to go buy some information you so deseperately need.  F**king morons who have no clue about the Alien and Pred universe should not do reviews.
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