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AvPR Pool Scene Extended

As you’ve probably heard this week, there was a clip on MTV. Only people in the US could watch it but it’s now available for everybody via TrailerAddict. It’s basically a slightly extended version of the pool scene.

20071222_01 AvPR Pool Scene Extended

In other news, there’s also a short interview with the Strauses on Nothing really new but they do list in what order some of the battles take place. Thanks to Alien Experience and for the news.

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Comments: 28
  1. KAGE
    Wow the more I think about this movie the more pissed off I am....and i'm the huges alien fan there is.    and the predator made no sense....he skinned a human that he wasn't even hunting.  I think the predalien was kool.  well the shape was big and looked like a predator anyway.    and the final sceen was brutal.  I think all you jerks who thought the first one sucked need to appologize to PS Anderson.  Atleast that one had a story (for alien anyway) that fit and made sense.  Even the opening scene, even though the same as the end of the last movie wasn't as good.  the body doesn't even move when the chest berster comes out.
  2. KAGE
    the movie sucked...I couldn't see a god dam thing.  Everyone said PS Andersons movie sucked, I thought it was great.  This might be a good movie if I could see anything but black shapes....  I'm so pissed off.
  3. Firetnk
      :-\   I thought the original music does not work well with this movie. Also the Alien going on the water did not look that good. Also this scene went to fast.  I do not want a movie with teens like Halloween or Friday the 13th. I want my freaking Colonial Marines back. All the comics and books are in the future so y not. If they do make the 3rd AVP they better have the Marines back and good actors not from some shitty tv show Stargate. Sorry if I offended  any of you. I am not bashing the directors I am just saying what me and others would need to be done.          ;)  
  4. Warrior Angel
    i didn't watch this vid yet.....but i went on and watched one clip where Wolf is in the sewer beating the crap out of the aliens by punching them---which was awesome!!!! then he tried to get Chet but couldn't and the clip was dark so i couldn't really see what was happening and it was too fast....also, the first 5 minute clip was cool, didn't like the rebirth scene of the predalien was all one burst oand a shoot of green goopy blood and that's it, not like the one in AvP i like that one better......but thge stupidest thing was when the dad shot the facehuger and the acid blood got him, he acted like he didn't care and when his arm fall off....he like 'oh' with no screaming or anything, plus the kid didn't freakout
  5. ZEN
    P.P.S. I did'nt find out anything as to why someone whould put comments in my name everywhere,but i got a few ideas.Oh well,s**t happens   :-\  .  PEACE!!! .,V.   ;D  .V,. (*sad to leave   :'(  *).
  6. ZEN
    Deco:I'm going to leave,but i'll probably be back the sunday after next or next febuary.I've almost finnished another concept drawing and i thought up a scene to go inbetween it and another!.I think you,Darkness,Nomad,Sulaco and Bio Mech Hunter will enjoy my script once i've finnished it. And as Clark Griswald whould say: Darkness:Merry Christmas(did you ever figure out who was putting my name everywhere?.Oh well,it probably does'nt matter.You've been a great host!.). Deco:Merry Christmas!(i hope the movie helps your script friend!). Nomad:Merry Christmas!(i hope ya get the stuff you wished for this X-mas buddy!). Sulaco:Merry Christmas!(i hope you enjoy the movie dude!). bueeee:Kiss my a$$. man on man:Kiss his a$$. Dan O'Bannon:Kiss you'r a$$. $hmuck:Happy Hanukkah!. And to everybody else,dont judge the movie before you've see'n it,I've see'n lots of movies that i thought was going to turn out as crap but was in fact good,so have a happy Christma-Hanu-Yule-Quanzi-Festivous and have a happy new year!   :D  .  (P.S. I despise Seinfeld).
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