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New Strause Brothers Interview

There’s a new Strause Brothers interview up on I say new but it was obviously done before any of the Predator Homeworld footage was released everywhere. As for the interview, same old stuff, though they did talk about the idea they proposed for the first AvP Movie.

Colin: We originally pitched on the first “Alien vs. Predator” and it was kind of a space epic. I always equated it to “Dances with Wolves” in space. It involved the Alien home world and a lot of pretty interesting stuff. And the concept still holds up. So if this movie does really good and we have some interesting discussions with Fox, that’s one thing we want to come back to. We definitely think we have an idea there.

Greg: The sentiment, though, is that we feel the Earth stories of this franchise are done and the next one should be moved to space.

They also mention that they’re in talks about two other movies and they’ve also written a ‘disaster’ movie with another writer.

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  1. Pete
    Hey Colin & Greg,   I just have to ask you guys, why did you sell out the franchise with this stinker of a movie? Are you just laughing at all of us AVP fans because you sucked us in so easily by not releasing early reviews? What kind of sick mind thinks that aliens munching on babies in a hospital maternity ward is good Sci-Fi? What did you do with that 40 million dollar budget? Every fight sequence was in my face blurry or too dark to see. Or don't you know the difference between a science fiction film and a teenage slasher flick? Well at least you were honest about the title "Requiem" because you have killed any desire for people with IQs over 60 to watch another Alien vs. Predator sequel. I only wish that instead of "Requiem" you would have used the word "Rubbish". Then I would have deserved my punishment for paying 12 bucks & not heeding the warning to stay away from your "piece of crap" movie. I hope you guys never get to make another Sci-Fi movie b/c you are both clueless on the subject. You're just con artists disguised as film makers.     Thanks for punching me in the gut & laughing at me all the way out to the movie theatre exit. I wish I could pay you back!          Pete Armstrong ( Former AVP fan. )      :-(
  2. msn_recon_marine
    I think an AvP movie on a hiveworld would be decent ... something similar to the AvP war comics by Dark Horse but without the human woman working with the predators.  Just one big all out war between the two and maybe some pathetic human or humanoid refugees caught in the middle and all of them ( the humans ) dying and for once a predator surviving. that to me would be cool ... but hey that is my taste its not for everyone.   :)  
  3. yuck
    I'm sure you had another opinion, when a director decides to degrade the Predator only to show the alien (his favourite creature) as superior badass. But you can be happy. With the biased Strauses this will never happen.  And you don't need talent to make a balance between the two creatures. Even Anderson did it better.
  4. Clydewyman
    So I see, you're taking your blame on the directors when everything goes wrong. How sad, at least they've tried their best and dared to make a movie, that's what I like.  Sure, I may not have any directing or acting skills, but I think that a person who doesn't give up on what he wants to do, is a strong person.  Actually I didn't put my blame on Salerno for his script-writing on AVPR, just that it is best he should write for other movies instead of the Alien/Predator universe.
  5. Chet
    I'm all up for this movie but im a little worried about the acting in this movie so far esp. for the teen actors. They really dont sound convincing
  6. ShadowPred
    I am not going to complain about their film involviong the alien homeworld, we really have no idea if these guys are great or crap in writing screenplays so I am actually hoping that if they do direct the next AVP that they write it also instead of someone like Salerno ruining everything.
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