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New AvPR Scenes

As those of you who have been lurking on our forum these last few hours will know, recently aired an AvP Requiem special. Well forum member ddave has put some of the featured battles online on Youtube:

20071219_04 New AvPR Scenes

Unfortunately he was only able to record two of the numerous scenes in the feature: There’s the pool attack in which Ricky, Dale, Jesse and some supernumaries are being attacks by Aliens. Not really my favorite scene. Last but not least, we have the sewer fight. This one is a great deal better but unfortunately the sound cuts out. Anyway, thanks again to ddave for posting these up.

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  1. Greenband
    After thinking about it and watching several higher quality versions of the pool clip, how the hell did no one notice that a large Alien Creature was on the other side of the pool and about to jump in. I mean seriously. This single scene has made me seriously pissed off.
  2. Green Hulk
    Thank you for the videos. Now i know that i wont go to cinema. It's a Teenage Horror Action movie.  AVP3 = PREDATOR 3  Strauses, thank you to make the Aliens as pussys and the Predator as Ubercreature.  I say the AVP-Franchise goodbye, which will make the wettest Predator Fanboy's dreams come through.    :)  
    Im a predator fan, but i like the alien films the sewer scene was awesome but im dissapointed that the wolf never killed the two aliens when he had them strung up.
  4. Xenomorphlover
    Hey guys, the german channel GIGA had a special last night and showed us 5 new incredible minutes from the movie: A sewer fight with Wolf and the ALIENS, a water scene, a military scene and one with Chet attacking Wolf. I recorded every minute of it and released a video with parts of the sewer fight(sorry, i couldnt add all the new scenes because FOX loves to delete videos that have new scenes of the movie) : BTW, Semaka already posted the link it:
  5. Starkiller
    great clip semaka! really cool, but i think ive seen most of the movie now    :(    Fox has got to stop releasing new scenes from the film    :D   Roll on january 18th  P.S I think both the sewer & pool scene were good, not great but still good, love the way the camera pans in the sewer scene when The Wolf is blastin Aliens, his shoulder cannon sounds a bit iffy tho? Cant wait to see this film.  Go Team Strause!
    great clip SEMAKA, you can see the fight a lot clearer in that. im lovin' the part where chet hits wolf towards the beems and he just manages to spin and shoot them off the wall!
  7. Guest
    "I want the colonal Marines back for the 3rd Avp film"   If they do this you watch.  FOX will ask ADI to change the design of the pulse rifle and the smartgun.  Oh yeah and if Hicks did come back FOX would have him hit by a car and die in the opening scene or else they would get a different actor.  Sad but true.      :P  
  8. Guest
    Firetnk   "I want the colonal Marines back for the 3rd Avp film"   Fu**ing eh right!!  You are definately speaking my language!!  I say put Ripley, Hicks and Newt back on the Sulaco and make A3 and AR just extended cryosleep nightmares.  Its a problem in cryo cuz you can't wake up.  Just show fast flashes of what happened in the other movies (well, maybe not AR) and then add some new stuff.  Show flashes from A1.  Then show the screen by the cryotube saying "Nightmare suppressant activated."  Then you see Ripley calm down in the tube.  They get back to earth and a bunch of time passes to account for their age.  Then get Hicks back!!!  He'll be older but so what.  It will fit with the story.  Then maybe they won't kill him immediately this time    ::)   I think it could be done realistically if done right.  Can you imagine Hicks in AVP 3.  OMG.  It has to be Michael Beihn too!!  Oh wait, we're talking about FOX.  Sorry, impossible.     ::)  
  9. Guest
    Warchant-D  I totally disagree with you.  Its not realism that makes these movies scary.  Its making the people react to the circumstances in a way that people wouldn't really react.  Also lots of bad CG and adding comedy.  You know, stupid one liners like "you are one ugly m***er f***er."  Oh yeah and changing the original design of the alien, like the trap jaw ADI alien mouth and the different dorsal tubes and the huge neck to conceal the mechanics of the trap jaw mouth.  These are the things that allow us to suspend our disbelief and get that nostalgic feeling.  Its a good thing FOX is in charge.  We can always count on them to come through for us    ::)  
  10. Guest
    Loved the Pool Attack.  Classic horror.  I love the way they filmed the alien in that scene.  Just bits and pieces.  That's what makes it scary.  Its great too cuz you can't see the ADI alien design that well.  Hopefully it will be like that through most of the movie.  I couldn't see the sewer scene.  Too dark.  Overall looks good.  Just keep those ADI design aspects in the dark.    ;)  
  11. Ash
    The only people who know how to use CGI properly are Spielberg, Lucas, Bay, and Jackson, and that's because they have ILM and WETA backing them up.  Every other movie with CGI has crap effects.  The Pred ship at the start looked like a cutscene from Rebellion's AvP game from 1999.
  12. venomp2
    if it is going to show how human civilization evolves with pred  technology then the ending will have to be good or if it is not then I don't know what to say. For an ending like that, it would have to be triumphant. these scenes were kinda off for me....I get it! there not showing us the better scenes!!!...then maybe not?    :-\  
  13. warchant-D
    and also the scewer scene , from the little i can make out anyways, a few of the shots just look to cg for one, especially the alien shooting through the lazers, and a few of the predator and alien encounters /scnearios look a little repetitive sometimes, for instance the predator pinning nearly every alien he sees to something or grabbing them by the throat, and then last but not least the feeling that , just for some reason i cant help get the overwelming feeling that too much stuff was cliche to what we always see in fight scenes these days. but anyways,sorry im just a real nit picky person sometimes, its mainly because ive got quite a imaginatvie mind plus im tryting to write my own script i might finish one day,of whcih i really push realism, as i feel that implements the most fear in people, (scary scenarios, and no limitations to fear levels, not eye candy and cliche moments, but thats just my opinon, other than that it looks like its gonna rock!!! at least entertaining
  14. warchant-D
    when i heard of a water /attack scene i first envisoned it another way, personally i think the first scene would have worked a lot better in a lake or something, where more elemnts and dark surroundings as well as eerie noises(or lack thereof possibly) could have been implemented to better blend the alien with its surroundings. i mean whats more scarier than being in a dark lake surrounded by dark woods and maybe hearing something like somethings watching you. why does it have to be in a school or whatever, and especially with the alien for some reason being by itself apparently, it just seems like they're (collin and greg) just trying to touch as many familur scenery landscapes that we, or people of a small town would come across on a normal days basis or can relate to the easiest just to try and create a  phobic respsnse to us as viewers when confronting such scenes in our own future real life experiences ala what 'jaws' did for the ocean and 'the ring' with answering a phone call and so on.
  15. Firetnk
    Well the pred sewer fight scene was pretty good. Like many others I am very concerned about the acting.What I want to see in the movie is the national Guard actualy kill a lot of Aliens. I want the colonal Marines back for the 3rd Avp film. Also the only bad thing about tis film is none of the characters look intresting except the sheriff and he better live.
  16. Greenband
    For anyone who was tuned into MTV @ 11:00 US EST time, they showed the pool clip in english. Aparently the two characters are making out as in the trailer. The girl has her clothes off (except her bra and underwear). Aparently a group of angry guys bust into the gym and tackle the guy into the water and the girl screams. Then the alien jumps into the water and the clip was finsihed at the same point the one listed above does.  I'm sorry, but after I had my hope up, this scene was a huge let down for me. The scene has a very B movie feeling to it. I'm fairly disappointed in the scene overall. Bad acting, not so hot looking effects (Didn't they learn from Alien Resurection  that the Alien+Swimming does not look good). On a good note, the second clip is seet looking.
  17. Sgt. Johnson
    I saw The shot of love special on MTV it was the pool scene in english. Ricky was messin around with jesse. Dale busted in got pissed and him and his buddies pushed him in the pool. the alien jumpes in yaddy yaddy yadda the guy dies when they try to escape. it makes more sense in english and im glad Dale dies because he's a retard
  18. solidsnake1225
    Both scenes would've been way better if I could've told what the hell was going on. What I could see of the sewer fight scene was awesome. Not sure what to think of pool scene. I'll have to see that one in theaters
  19. Necrotard
    God dammit!  Too much.  I'm not watching.  First five minutes, the numerous fact spoilers, the Wach Auf music video, the showdown clip, the trailers showing many gruesome scenes.  I'm not watching these.  There will be little film left to see.
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