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MovieWeb AvP Requiem Review

The first review of AvPR is now up on MovieWeb. It’s not a bad review but it’s not overly positive either.

“Despite playing out more as homage, than a sequel, AVP:R is a lot of fun. Sure, there’s the blatant Ripley/Newt dynamic. Sure there’s the very familiar score by Brian Tyler, that’s more of a mash-up of James Horner and Alan Silvestri, than anything else. Sure we get and APC-type vehicle smashing through things, and Colonial Marine-looking Nation Guard getting over-taken by aliens. And sure there’s the Predator treating his injury, and even taking off his mask in the EXACT same way as the Pred in the 1st Predator film. There’s even the return of one of Arnold’s most quoted lines from Predator (much too my pleasure).”

They gave it 3.5/5 overall. So much for not having any Arnie quotes in the movie. Thanks to JK for the news.

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  1. revility
    It looks like their aim has been doing just aliens and predators duking it out with a decent reason to do so.  The humans are just cannon fodder.  If you go into the movie with hopes of just seeing some cool avp action, then you'll prob enjoy it allot more than somebody expecting deep human characters.  I remember allot of the same things being said about predator when it came out, yet the characters still turned out to be a dynamic and memorable bunch.  If that is what this movie turns out to be in the end, but is still fun ride and does well... then there is no more excuses why they don't hire some good writers for avp3.  the humans are what made the first pred flick so memorable, same with alien and aliens.  If avp3 were done in space with marines in it, the writing needs to be good if its to succeed without feeling like a corny sci-fi channel movie even more than avp2.  It would be really hard to pull off a simple slugfest in space without the modern day grit and looks to hide the simple plot and forgetfull characters.  I hope avp2 proves to fox that putting more money and getting some good actors and writers on board is needed to take this hybrid franchise to the level it deserves.  Avp prooved the people are interested in the idea, even if it was done badly.  Avp2 could prove that if visually done right, people will dig it more.  put a backbone in 3 and we could see this as one of the few franchises that actually got better with each sequal.
  2. trailpimp
    What you (shoulder canoon) said it's true, but it's incredible how some people is highly argumentative when it comes to defend this FOX product called AVP requiem, using the aforementioned  arguments, but fail to be creative to follow naturaly by them selfs what you said. and my belief is that even after the movie screening, if the movie is what the general opinion might call a flop (like AVP), there still will be people saying that "it was a lot of fun" knowing that the experience was devoid of any real content, just because they wanted so badly to see this creatures, by any means, back in the silver screen again. I remember that it was its original silverscreen quality that build such a following. Let's hope theat AVP R delivers...
  3. Shouldercannon
    No one is apolgizing for anything trailpimp, it's just there are people out there that don't have an independent ability to judge a film's merits by themselves and have to rely on what the "critics" say to make up their minds. So it's best to watch the flick first and judge for ourselves whether it is a good horror and action flick or a "Godzilla v.s King Kong monster in suit" type of b-movie.
  4. trailpimp
    Why are we already apologizing the first movie review, with the fact that this is a horror movie?  Sigourney Weaver was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for portraying Ripley in Aliens, didn't She? Didn't Arnold's character in Predator still ressonates in the present as one of the most striking roles of his career? I'm going to see the movie because of beeing a fan, but that don't mean i have to too look to the side when the human characters portrayed aren't strong or well performed!! It was always the dynamic interaction between monters and humans that build this franchises. If I wanted to see guys in a suit I would be heading to the nearest circus or wrestlemania!
  5. Deco
    Ripley/Newt immitation....  So a movie cant have a Mother and daughter in it anymore just because it was in Aliens?   Gimme a break. I review movies and I have no respect for a critic that reveals the ending (Of which I didnt read)
  6. losis13
    f**k aliens they suck   ;D     ;D   witch tipe predator is wolf my gess he is orbitron pred cas he has some pretty good skils but he stil isnt beter than elder pred   >:D     >:D  
  7. Shouldercannon
    I totally agree with Wolfs Girl, the most important thing is whether us fans enjoy the film and have a good time while watching it. Sometimes the critics are just absurd in their criticism, what do they expect of AVP-R? Like it would be "Citizen Kane" or the "English Patient", come on, give me a break.
  8. Wolfs Girl
    I also never listen to critics, I just go along and watch it for myself and make up my own mind if I like it. Face it, we all are different and not everyone will like the same movie. That's it. I liked AVP, alot didn't. Fine with me..
  9. venomp2
    even if it is a ripley newt immitation, it makes a very good charcter development. so what if no one cares about the characters. there still needs to be good character development. by the way, maybe they took the "so called rehash" and made it original for this movie only. which is exactly what they did. the mom and daughter ARE related. ripley and newt were NOT. that's a big difference there.
    it doesnt satisfy fans to "rehash" quotes from the older movies and "rehash" character relationships from the older movies.  there is absolutely no reason for that.  this is a new setting, with new people.  be original.  that's my point about this ripley/newt thing.  it's going to be distracting.
    i'm just not looking forward to overly done "ripley newt" immitations by reiko and that little girl. there was no need for that, imo.  whatever, i know it's going to be fun.  and i dont expect ANY good reviews from critics, that's why this review took me by suprise.  very honest review from someone that seems to be a fan....
  12. FreewayShark
    The point that we need to understand is that these kinds of movies aren't made to get great reviews from the critics. They are made to get great reviews from us, the fans. The Strause brothers didn't make this movie to win a bunch of oscars. They made it to satisfy us.
  13. Charles Xavier
    I consider 3.5/5 quite good. Certainly sounds like an improvement from the first AVP (which I'd personally rate 2.5/5). Bear in mind though, movies like these often get a mixed reaction from the audience. As far as I'm aware, 'Freddy Vs. Jason' was (mostly) praised by fans, but received mediocre (and occasionally poor) reviews from professional critics.  So yeah, I'm STILL watching this movie on X-mas!    ;)  
  14. Greenband
    "trailpimp | 19 Dec 2007 22:0943 How the hell did Movie web get to see the movie?  The word is that no press preview before the 25th "  I was just about to say that too! Is this faked? Or are they basing it off all the footage they have already seen. Cause lets face it, we have pretty much seen most of the movie already.
  15. Degman
    about the meshing of Horner's ,and Silvestri score... what is the big deal about that?  All of the Alien films, had used several cues from the previous movie, and I am not talking about Goldsmiths " Temp" music directly in Aliens.  I just got the soundtrack today and it is cool, the "meshing" sounds like it belongs in Tyler's new theme.
  16. FreewayShark
    I'm expecting a lot of bad reviews or at least lukewarm for this movie. It's just how critics work. It has to be a knock your socks off type of sci-fi movie to get anything near a favorable review. In this case a 3.5 is better than I expected.
  17. superdrizz
    aside from the the whole throw back to the original's stuff he had to say, it sounds like he had a good time. i was little worried there for a moment when they said it would'nt be screened for critics, but then again it's a movie about monsters beating the crap out of each other, not something like titanic or some other melodramatic crap like that, they're reviews on these movies are always gonna be bad, or so-so, but that does'nt mean we don't have to listen to them, regardless if it's good or not, i'm still gonna enjoy it, it's alien and predator in the same movie again, these day's something like this are case's of "better than nothing."
  18. kommander696
    Just because some person out there in the world of billions upon billions of people says all this crap means squat in IMO!  In order to judge a movie (ANY MOVIE) you have to see it in it's entirity your own self with your own eyes and not listen at all to anyone elses opinion or comments about the flick.  If I get to the theatre, watch the flick and am not impressed i'll still've enjoyed this movie as it has Aliens & Predator(s) in it regardless!  NZ-Predator
  19. nchurch81
    well I didn't bother reading that rotten tomato review... just a couple of chunks... cause that guys a f**ker if he's revealing the end of the movie... and he just sounds like someone who hates all movies like this... so I don't really pay much mind to what he said... because this is not going to be an award winner... it's just a fun monster movie.  So yes the story and characters are two dimensional.  But I not going to see that.  I'm going to go see some aliens and some predators duke it out. Period.  That guy was obviously looking for a lot more.    And if he bitched about CGI and crap like that... get over that too.  Plenty of movies with bad CGI do great.  I Am Legend, Star Wars I, II, III.  I, Robot.  Golden Compass.  Need I go on.
  20. Xenomorphlover
    The line "GET TO DA CHOPPER!" will be in the movie again (Its Steven Pasquale´s character Dallas who will say it) Ive seen the scene on a German TV special about AVP:R!
  21. SHREK
    well i said earlier that after the rating wsa given that i thought it wasnt going to be a great movie, and now ive just read that review at rotten tomatoes im very dissapointed ....i hope hes wrong
  22. Yautja666
    I'm happy with this positive review   :)   can't be that bad. I'm certain it will be fine and entertaining but for sure not an academy award film. Thanks to Fox for low budget and mediocre script though   >:(     Seems that Fox is on a declining path.
  23. nchurch81
    I just look at each movie in it's own unique way.  Besides, what's done is done and we can't start doing that thing where we just pretend certain things didn't happen. Because then you have the Highlander franchise, which is the biggest piece of shit of all time.
  24. Guest
    I liked 30 days of night up until the vampires started talking.  I did like the little language they had but when the subtitles started it ruined it.  like when they would say things like;  Oh the stupid humans etc.  My only complaint from that film
  25. Guest
    i knew it would be an average movie but it doesn't sound too bad. someone said on the site that they reckon this will be as good as the originals!!! i laughed!   That is hilarious      ;D  
  26. SHREK
    i am actually quite disapointed with the rating. movie web gave hitman a 5 star ratin and yes it was a good film. 30 days of night was given a 4 star rating which i thought was a below average film and they gave the Golden Compass a 3.5 rating aswell soooo if 30 days of night is better than AVPR then we are all goin=g to be dissapointed.     :(  
  27. Guest
    And if you look at AR as a dark comedy/french film... it's not so bad. It's just weird.   Ok, but it needs to be a different universe entirely and a stand alone film completely separate from the other three.  Comedy has no place in this franchise.  It just doesn't.
  28. Guest
    personaly, i hope the tagline is "your one ugly mo-fo", its classic, totaly ruined in AVP, so they need to bring it back with style...also wen the pred removes the mask it should give its fantastic, familiar, huge roar like p1, coz in AVP it was pathetic!   Ok but its just not believable that these different people in these different situations keep saying the same line.  It ruins any realistic edge that the movie has.
  29. YAUTJA
    personaly, i hope the tagline is "your one ugly mo-fo", its classic, totaly ruined in AVP, so they need to bring it back with style...also wen the pred removes the mask it should give its fantastic, familiar, huge roar like p1, coz in AVP it was pathetic!
  30. nchurch81
    I dont' know Luckygreycat.... AR opened the door for some interesting opportunities like Ripley could have some crazy Human/Alien babies or Dr. Wren hid some eggs on the Betty or some alien chunks survived the Auriga crash and the government makes some alien clones or grows some alien eggs...  And if you look at AR as a dark comedy/french film... it's not so bad.  It's just weird.
  31. Guest
    Kinn Corn Karn | 19 Dec 2007 18:0711 Lionhart, it would be impossible for it to not be better than AR. If the Strause Brothers only stood in front of the camera and threw their own poo at the screen it would be an improvement! I think this film will surprise a lot of people with it's quality level.    Kick ass!!  I love it.  All copies of AR should be recalled and burned or it should be officially removed from the series.     >:(  
  32. Guest
    It's actually "Get to the chopper" I think...   It better be "Get to the chopper" although this isn't quoted that much.  It better not be "you are one ugly mo**er fu**er."  I swear I walk out of the theater right then and there.   >:(  
  33. Kinn Corn Karn
    Lionhart, it would be impossible for it to not be better than AR. If the Strause Brothers only stood in front of the camera and threw their own poo at the screen it would be an improvement! I think this film will surprise a lot of people with it's quality level.   ;D  
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