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  1. xenomaggot
    Has anyone noticed that the aliens in this movie have got buck teeth? I mean the fact that ADI have tried to go back to the aliens design with the ridged head and everything is cool, but why have they made the front couple of teeth bigger? And also if you look at the jaw structure...they've completely ballsed it up! This is most evident in the store attack clip. For some reason they've elongated the aliens bottom jaw and also given it a massive petruding lip? It just looks comical compared to the original aliens design....and....sorry to nag but I'm a keen creature fan :).....the sinews that connect the jaw to the top just look stupid, like they're made out of plastic or somethin? Plus theres nowhere near enough drool. Your thoughts people? Don't get me wrong I'm like shaking with excitement at the thought of this movie, just p***es me off when studios muck up amazing designs!
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