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  1. quicksears
    It was entertaining at the least but not as good as AVP. Very poor charachter development.... but we know the stars already. To those that have seen it- please explain the very ending to me. It's been a long time since I saw the first Alien but believed it tied in to that...
  2. warchant-D
    i can think of two other recent ones that werent , the new halloween and i think the third resident evil, but no one ever said for what reason they didnt, even after the fact. strange!
  3. warchant-D
    hey I just read some interesting news , wanna see what anyone else thinks of it. apparently the movie isnt going to be pre-screened to the press before its' release...hmmm, but why? hopefully it isnt to hide anything, or because they already fear a bad review. this could be troubling news. what do you all think?
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