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The People of Gunnison

This is very loosely related to AvPR but what the hell. There’s a report on that explains what the people of Gunnison think of having their town featured in AvPR. They’re pleased about it, apparently.

“Residents of this southwestern Colorado city will be able to sit back and munch on popcorn as they watch aliens destroy their community on Christmas Day. “It looks like we’re pretty much annihilated,” Tammy Scott, the director of the Gunnison Country Chamber of Commerce, said cheerily. “It’s looking kind of scary right now.”…”I personally think that having Gunnison, Colo., in a national movie setting isn’t a bad thing,” Chaney said. “There are people that follow those alien movies. Maybe they’ll come here looking for the aliens.”

In other news, there’s a few different audio downloads on There’s two new sound bites, five tracks from the AvPR soundtrack, the German title track Wach Auf and some dialogue extracts from the movie. Also, I believe, there’s some AvPR feature on MTV Tuesday night after one episode of A Shot at Love.

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  1. venomp2
    @ weyland       No its not real. just in the movies the town became a attraction, but the town is not real. I'm not sure if u still remember from this summer, but I was a member here that got banned. I'll give ya a hint. P.K.<<that was my account, those are initials. so about the town, I would want to live there or go there to see the movie.    ;D  
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