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Aliens FPS Platform

With the game not coming out until 2009, information on Gearbox’s Aliens FPS is scarce and infrequent. However, a very very short interview posted on Computer and Video Games has given us the platforms for the upcoming game:

“Alien, of course, is no stranger to videogames but it’s been a real mixed bag of xenomorph blasting to date. Big guns, big aliens, big horror, big gore, all reproduced with today’s technology. What could possibly go wrong?Gearbox’s Alien FPS is expected on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – but not until 2009.”

So those of you wishing to play this using that Wii Gun Controller are in for some disappointment. The short interview also mentions how big the fans of the developement team are. The usual publicity stuff then.

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  1. gspida25
    AVP3 could go well with either engines, but it all comes down to the development of the game. Who knows when they will even anouce the game or the movie. Time will tell and it is being made i don't want no half-assed job like the psp version. Look at bioshock and UT3 those graphics and gameplay are both realistic and epic in scale. Lets just hope this one comes threw and surprise us with a tricky never before seen gameing experince. ( forgive my spelling I was in a rush, sorry y guys.)    ;D  
  2. Cellien
    AvP3 would look great on Crytek engine, but my fairly fast PC can barely run Crysis.  However, I can run UT3 with maxed out settings @ 1600x1200 at 60fps and it looks fabulous.  AvP3 on Unreal Engine 3 would be nice too.
  3. Cellien
    I seriously considered leaving my current art job and applying at this studio and relocating to Dallas (in Austin now) to work on this game.  Who knows if I would have got the gig anyhow.
    ugh. i dont expect this one till 2010.  judging by how long it's taken them to do BIA hells highway.  but then again, they will probably use the finished BIAHH engine for this game.  so it might be even shorter of a wait.
  5. Hicks_0998
    Well that's awesome but how about some artwork ala Street Fighter IV, that's not due out till 2009 as well but there was a teaser trailer for it damnit!  All I can say is this: DO NOT F**K this up Gearbox because AVPR was mediocre for PSP and it was done by Rebellion.  Do it right the first time and you will have your kudos...
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