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AvP Requiem Featured at Jules Verne Festival

There was a AvP Requiem preview event at the Jules Verne Festival in LA on Friday night. Directors Colin/Greg were there presenting two clips from the movie. One where Wolf arrives on Earth and the other in the hospital where the characters are attacked. It’s the clips that were shown to all the journalists who visited Hydraulx last week.

20071216 AvP Requiem Featured at Jules Verne Festival

People also watched Alien: Director’s Cut and Predator on the big screen afterwards. Pvt. Hicks posted his report with pictures of the event here.

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  1. venomp2
    Nudity without's new, but not really. My bro. had a chance to go to this....can't believe he did not take the chance.
  2. Starkiller
    Sounds like they showed some really good scenes. Wow nude chick on a table I think the bros. are definetly trying to make an adult film (I hope) The various vision modes was also interesting, really cant wait to see The Wolf in action    :D  
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