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  1. skinned alive
    Predalien hybrid vs. Newborn hybrid vs. Predator! Now that would be a movie right there!!! Who would win that one? My guess would be the Predalien.
  2. Commander Griker
    Stan Winston is great but hes an expencive bastad hes a grumpy old tard and will only make cool looking monsters if you have a load of money to dish out  these guys are the new wave i like them more then stan when was the last time we seen a Stan Winston creature in todays movies?  the guy is a Money pirate
  3. Space Disc Jockey
    Nice interview. From the looks of the trailers/footage, I think ADI has done a great job with Wolf, the PredAlien and the Aliens. Maybe the Aliens are not as good as Cameron's Aliens, but they still look nice, IMO.
  4. Sulaco
    Commander Griker: Thanks for the heads -up... ADI really has to step it up for this movie, avp was horrible! avp-r looks decent! AvP only did well because people missed these creatures, bring back Winston, Giger, a bigger budget, WTF???
  5. Otnip
    Well if I was reviewing, I would have came down a little hard and asked about the abomination of the predators known as Scar's face. I think theres a reason why we don't have a full size head bust of Scar    ;)  
  6. Greenband
    I hated the New Born. Would have been the worst idea ever,but they decided to clone Ripley.   Alien Resurection should  have been renamed and used the story from the Alien Labyrinth comic. That would have been badassed.
  7. Guest
    Why noobs, they are being paid to design things taking into concideration what the guys who pays them, tells them.  And gameoverman im 100% with You, when comes looks, aliens isnt that gr8, but when it comes to moves, they just plain rock. Check out the new OOMPH video, aliens in the hive jumping from wall to wall look simply AMAZING !!!!
  8. gameoverman
    ADI are underrated sometimes..  they have done a lot of good work.  It's just that their alien designs are nowhere near as good as Giger's.  Their work in bringing the alien to life though is phenomenal.
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