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New Strause Brothers Interview

With AvP Requeim out in just under two weeks, advertisements are kicking up and we’re getting more pictures, videos and even more interviews. One such is MovieWeb. They recently paid a trip to Hydraulx, the Brother’s FX studio:

“It was definitely one of the trickier ones. It was something that a lot of people had to see and approve. We had to get everyone on the same page. We had sixty or seventy concepts painted up for the Predator alone. This was all stuff that they didn’t use. We looked at that, A whip was just something the concept artist happened to have. This huge bullwhip. As we were over there in the meeting, we thought, “This is about as cool as it gets! We got to put that in the movie!” We did our initial designs in Photoshop with our designer. We showed the guys from ADI what we wanted to do. They would do their paper designs and come up with something kind of close. They would then start building all of these machetes. They would first start with the head, and then they would move on to the full body. “

There’s not much we don’t already know. It’s mostly technical and backstory talk but it’s interesting none-the-less. You can read the whole interview at MovieWeb. Thanks to wolfboy.

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  1. Nomad
    Well it was interesting to read it. Good stuff. Great directors, now Irespect them more   ;D   Please!!!! Post the first 5 minutes of avpr on youtube   ;)  
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