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  1. Danger Close
    The thing that I found the most exiting about this clip is the talk of the Wolf's trophy case. Can't wait to see what is in it. Also the secret ending, could this be an ending after the credits roll?
  2. zen
    AVPer:I meant that towards the A / P / AVP films,not films like SAW 4 or HOSTAL.I'm afraid i have to disagree with you.I was watching PREDATOR on the couch when i was 5 years old,and i had a bowl of pop-corn in one hand and a glass of coca-cola in the other.So dont give me that "The Alien and Predator movies are adult movies..." crap.So yes,the youngans have the same right to see it aswell.
  3. Commander Griker
    his favorite AvP game is AVP 2 for the Pc he hit right it on the spot thats what i wanted him to say LOL  i feel very comftorble for AvP R this takes alot of stress off my mined   the Strause Brothers  are true fans just like me of the original AvP feel and concept AvP comics, AvP 2 PC game, Aliens movie, the oldschool clasic feel nostalga its good to see the same interest and concept coming from these two great directors i can relate    paul anderson couldn't see that
  4. Green Band
    They already ruined the surprise ending by saying it would be in the future to suggest that if thier is a third one it will occur in the future.
  5. David Nicholson
    Could this ending be the thing that supposedly sets up humans being able to get into deep space in time for the first alien film? I read something about captured Predator tech.
    maybe it will give a small preview, sumtime in the future, of something humans come up with frm the left behind predator item...something we will all recognise from the previouse alien films?...Hudson's idea sounds cool. the biggest treat of all would be a trailer for the 3rd movie which was secretly created at the same time ( like the matrix movies)
  7. Hudson
    Secret ending is 200 years in the future, and you seem some USCM Marines fighting aliens and predators (for 1 minute b4 credits) giving us a foothold for AVP3  I hope   :-[  
  8. mace-in-the-face
    It is a stupid ending that leaves it open for yet another mindless sequel. It will probably suck enormous amounts of ass. So much so, that they will probably create a new alternate ending, especially for the dvd.
  9. Optimus Maximus Virus
    YAUTJA they mention a secret ending...sounds intrestin  ______________________  Sounds very interesting, I wonder what it is?    :-\  
  10. comandante
    No, they're totally right about the ridged heads.  Think about when the alien takes out Dietrich in Aliens - you can't see it above her because its head blends in.  With a smooth head, it'd stand out against the hive. And the smooth heads let the alien blend into the ductwork on the Nostromo's shuttle, or into the plumbing on LV-426.  Whether it makes biological sense, it is still how the looks were used in the movies.
  11. Chet
    It was descent. But it was all about mostly on what we know about the film and with the pointless questions is what makes this average. But it's good to see them and hear the Strause Brothers in a good view.
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