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Predator Ship Concept Art!

Here’s the first real concept art from AvP Requiem. Somebody on eBay is selling two concept art pieces. The first one shows the Predator ship inside another bigger ship. Notice the Predators carrying three stasis tubes containing Facehuggers. It’s a great shot and I can’t personally wait to see what it looks like in the movie.

20071202_03 Predator Ship Concept Art!

The second piece is a height chart showing how tall the creatures are compared to each other.

20071202_04 Predator Ship Concept Art!

Special thanks to Heavy Metal Spike for letting me know.

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Comments: 47
  1. zen
    Bio Mech Hunter:They're just concept drawings,mine are just concept drawings and they basicaly suck.Also in A1,A2,A4 and AVP the alien was a guy in a suit.I highly doubt that they got an eight foot tall guy to play the aliens   ;)  .
  2. Rafael S.
    Thank you so much JK. Did any one saw that Gunisson did blow the fu@$ up when that missel was launched? How is there going to be more A V P R  in the movie if we already saw the town blew away?
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, I guess it's safe to say the Strause Bros. have officially screwed the human "birthed" alien warrior's height (among other things). They've ALWAYS been stated as 8' tall, which is a little less than a foot taller than an average predator. There's ample evidence re-inforcing this fact on and off camera (in behind the scenes info).  I'd say maybe Wolf is unusally large for a pred except for the side-by-side comparison to a human (unless the human is 7'   ::)  ). What the hell's wrong with them?!   :-\    I'm REALLY starting to wish Fox brought Anderson back or got someone else. The Strause Bros. sure don't seem to know much about these two creatures. Or this wouldn't even be a point of concern.
  4. Starkiller
    I really hope fox release the L.A comic con clip on xmas day, that would be good advertising and hype fans up plus it would be good for non U.S fans like myself    :D     Please colin will you do that? It would be the best xmas present   ;D  
  5. Starkiller
    I personally think the alien & predator are equal height, that make's more sense, I really hope that is the case in the movie!  Also I wonder if they release a new trailer (red band) that includes the new colour grading?    :-\  
  6. drifter
    @Predator Ruler  Look Alien1. The Alien is definetily more tall than a human. And in this picture the alien is hardly more tall like a man. And even in the comics no predator could spit on the head of the Alien from above. xD
  7. crackbaby
    The idea of the cart (?) for the Predators keeps it realistic.  Who would ever think of a true intergalactic hunter being such a pansy that they need something mechanised to help them out?  Ask yourself, would Ted Nugent need such a thing?
  8. zen
    Hey guys,keep in mind that these are only concept drawings and that thats probably not the actual hights of the aliens   ;)  .Also in SUPERMAN&BATMANvsALIENS&PREDATOR theres a pred thats over 8 feet tall!   ;D  .
  9. zen
    Bueeee:Did you even watch the special features on P2?.Or are you one of those NRFB freaks?!.Mr.Hopkins said that he put the alien skull in there as a wink to the comics(which came out a few months before the movie).And the Bros. liked that idea.Also,did you even stop to think that there might be multipul clans?!.Theres so much evidense of that it's overwhelming!.And the AVP movies are %50 crossover and %50 comicbook movie,so why dont you read the comic or the novel?!.No P1 or A1 movies,no comics,no comics,no AVP movies.And i agree with you starkiller,it makes complete sense!.So why dont you go and crawl back under whatever rock you came from bueeee and leave us REAL fans alone!!!   >:(     >:(  .
  10. Starkiller
    bueeee ''anyhow i'm confused by predators CARYYING the facehugger tubes. give them a wheel car from airport at least'' _____________________________  I like it, its suits them, I mean they carry spears and other stabbing tools, we dont want to make the predator's too sophisticated its make's it more organic and real, plus they had the same thing in avp1 when they are carring scar.    :D  
  11. Krycek
    Hey, I have posted this on IMDB, but I'm telling you, every Red Sox fan will wanna see this movie like a million times in the hopes that Fox will make more AvP movies. So far every year there has been an AvP movie, the Red Sox have won the world series. I have spoken!
  12. Colin_Strause
    I'm sure Fox legal took it down because that person was trying to sell stolen material from the production office. All of that stuff is covered by the NDA everyone signed, so it's pretty lame to see someone trying to make a buck off of our work illegally.
  13. bueeee
    nice idea of a great ship with small ones in it. something like military aircraft carrier. so they give us the P2 ship as a shuttle.  anyhow i'm confused by predators CARYYING the facehugger tubes. give them a wheel car from airport at least.   p.s. the original predator-2 creators never liked the idea of predators USING aliens. they never made them put marks with acid. they never made them keeping aliens like home animals. even more - they said that they didn't WANT to leave an alien skull on a trophy wall, being afraid of thinking "oh yeah they will make avp movie".  so again the difference between original alien-predator universes and avp.
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