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  1. Deco
    Bobchunk, I agree however the that flap was cleverly tucked inward   ;)   ah no as I said, I do like this sculpture and if in the movie the predator looks like this, I will be extremely happy.   ;D  
  2. bobcunk
    you don't see the bulge when the dreads are on and the original pred did have a slight flap of skin. it doesn't look like the original predator but i still think it look great and i don't mind the big mandibles. if predator 2 came out now people would complain that they changed the design and also the p2 pred had animatronic eyes.
  3. Deco
    I gotta say that I really like the sculpture, the only problem is that the animatronic wont nearly resemble it. The original design in Predator can never be outshone unless by some miracle, for the next movie, fox combine their hollow, money driven brains to come up with the idea of re-hiring Stan Winston. I am a true believer that the best renditions/alternate versions of anything, come from the original artist. The reason being that they had certain motivations to design their piece the way they did,to begin with. I mean the Predator was modelled on the Rosterfarian/samurai warrior! WHERE have we seen any throwback to that in either AVP movies to date? ADI have obvsiously not anatomically copied the original Predator... Also, if you notice, the jaws/mandibles are always open with the ADI predators because there is a piece of rubber that flaps concavely outward between the top and bottom mandibles. This takes away from the almost perfect 'W' shape the mouth should be in when the whole mouth is closed
  4. zen
    Bueee:If you hate it so f**king much then why dont you go down there and work for them?.Maybe then they'll get it as perfect as you want.Then when people see it i'll be laughing when everyone says they hate it!.Now go away and stop ruining these peoples day!!!   >:(  .
  5. SiL
    All the Predators had bulges at the backs of their heads, but it was much better hidden than here. I can't see how people think this is anywhere near as good as the originals.
  6. bueeee
    It is clear that this guy will be always with the mouth opened. ADI people is unable to make the animatronics small and wise enough to make this head with correct mandible size. Good images bueee, everyone interested should have Stan book on his bookshelf (I  do   :)  ). SiL, you are right about the actors head position, but check bueee pics, in P2 the head position was the same, but it was well done. Poor Wolf (I hate the nickname   :P   ) has a mouth so big that his face is sliding down his head!
  7. SiL
    That's just hideous.  You can see they had to push the head forward so they could have animatronic eyes - that bulge at the back is the actor's head.  I gotta say, I have seen a lot of fan stuff that wipes the floor with this.
  8. bueeee
    yeah. let's hope, let's be satisfied. let's put wild cave apes instead of homo sapiens and wild cave predators instead of an scientific extraterrestrials into the movie. let us let ADI do whatever they want and say "yeaaah we thank you thank you". as for me, i prefer breaking hands of their designer.   p.s. try also to compare the technoarmor of winston preds to warcraft blacksmith of this cavetroll.
  9. erik
    I agree with you buee.  The cranium is much smaller and the mandibles are more dominant as is the inner mouth compared to the Winston designs.  There's a likeness to Winston's (because he created the damn thing)  but the anatomy is off.  As a stand alone design from ADI, I think it works and it looks like it really could work in real life.  But, to capture the real character of the beast we all love, i think it falls a little short.  IF it AIn't Broke, Don'T Fix It ADI !!!!!!!  Unfortunately, things on film are diff. from stand alone samples.  So maybe, the Pred on camera will look much better.  My only hope is that the cheek flesh between the mandibles DOESN't have the slack that it did in AVP.  That just looked very unprofessional and well....hilarious!  IM still pissed about that. PRAY FOR THE BEST>>>EVERYONE!
  10. bueeee
    shit. pics don't work in comments. corrected:  hope everybody can understand what is shown. and why i think that ADI smoke marihuana.
  11. bueee
    "if wolf looks anything near to that in the film, he will be the most hardcore looking predator to date"  try to find stan winston's original predators, a sculpt of a p2 as well. that image is easy to find.  no of predators had small heads and big mouths.  and their head-back was more complex. the holes for "head tentacles" had a "crown" around every one, they were not simply holes in a round head.   this monster looks as alike to a Predator as a monkey looks like human. something similar... but this ape never came to civilisation and never got became a "predator sapiens", always remaining a cave troll.
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