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AvP Requiem: Inside the Monster Shop have the cover art and a description of ADI’s new AvP book which is about how AvP Requiem was made. The book comes out Dec 25 in the US and Jan 18 in the UK. Also check out the publisher Design Studio Press for more details.

“…In this captivating book and accompanying DVD, special effects supervisors Woodruff, Jr. and Gillis, veterans of the first AVP and the Alien sequels, open the doors of ADI to reveal the secrets of the movie s stunning effects. Follow their talented crew in-studio and on location through conception to fabrication and finishing. A visual feast that no monster movie fan will want to be without!”

Thanks to and Alien Experience for the news.

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  1. Kelv
      :-\  AVP-R was better than AVP but, the story and the acting was off. In the Alien films the goverment always tried to get their hands on this living weapon. And in Predator2 the goverment wanted the Predator technololy.This should've been the story: An U.F.O. crashes the goverment know's about it they lie to the sheriff leading him around in circles.So the goverments recovery team can get what they need. But wait, people are getting killed by the Aliens, so now the goverment wants to get it's hands on that as well. It's a 2 for 1 deal that the general can not pass up. This has been the story the goverment/ The Company has always tried to get an Alien or the Predator technology. But it always slips through thier fingers and this leads up to............ALIEN
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