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New Graphic Fangoria Pictures

It seems the new Fangoria magazine has come out a lot earlier than advertised. Pvt. Hicks kindly took some pictures of the new AvPR images in the magazine. Beware, the pictures are quite graphic.

20071130_03 New Graphic Fangoria Pictures

20071130_04 New Graphic Fangoria Pictures

The first shows the skinned hanging body closeup and the other shows Carrie dead with her guts hanging out. Nice. Check out his post for more details. Somebody will post high-res scans eventually, I imagine.

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  1. My MPH is/ GOLD
    How many intestines have you seen Gameover? lol! All those in the movies I'd assume.  Anyway,  Intestines are actually alot smaller than you'd think. Contrary to the hollywood versions.
  2. Sulaco
    I love that stealthy run wolf does after detinating the ship, when I first saw the slow motion run from celtic, I started going into convultions, I hated it so bad!   ;D  
    i totally agree that avp 2 is gonna to be awesome hands down and its gonna be a hell alot better than paul anderson's sissy avp movie which was like a tea party with the aliens and the predators. glad to see the body hanging upside down skilled unlike paul's clothed verison of the bodies hanging upside down.    ;D  
  4. venomp2
    I'll tell ya, the skinned body looks pretty good. that was only production still the body will be a lot more bloody and slimy when we see it in theatres.
  5. Krycek
    For all we know, maybe that is meat on her stomach, i mean, she works at a diner. And wasn't everyone complaining about the other pictures because they looked too fake? I mean the Wolf could be right in front of you in person and half of you would   complain that he's too skinny. Babies, just relax and wait till this movie rocks you face off.
  6. Mr. Teal
    General Mills This Movie is going to be so much better than AVP! Hands down! _____________________________  I agree general mills, I mean just watch the hi-res red band trailer and look at the new pic of the wolf in the hive and read the new interview with    :D  
  7. Dominion
    Overall, happy with the way the film is looking and im really looking forward seeing it. I dont think any of us fans can say that we will come out of this film saying its worse than Andersons AVP. This is going to make AVP look like tea and biscuits between Alien and Predator   :)  
  8. Starkiller
    I agree some gore is better than too much gore, lets just wait and see, hopefully the bros havn't put too much gore in just for the sake of it.  P.S  AVP was 96 mins including credits, so if AVP-R is only 94 with credits that's pretty lame    :-\  
  9. Samus007
    30 Years later, THIRTY FREAKING YEARS and FX people STILL can't get it to look as real as it did in the original film!   bah!  Well, Aliens got it right, but since Alien4 forget it. Fake looking.
  10. zen
    In regards to the blood thing,how much is too much?.In my opinion P1 did'nt have all that much blood,but some people say that it's very bloody.Please use an example.
  11. zen
    Carrie looks like she dumped hamburger on herself rather then looking like she was gutted   :-\  .The intestines should be at least an inch or two in diameter rather then it looking like speghetti!.Where the realism?   :'(  .
  12. icefire
    I will have to agree with you on that meaning if there is too much blood in the new movie then I will not like it but, if it is right in the middle for me then I think it will do ok. From what I have been reading about the new movie it looks real good and it sounds like it is going to be longer then the 1st movie was that would be nice.
  13. Ty
      :P     :-\     :(     :-X   Don't get me wrong this film looks very good and the gore makes it 99% better than AVP1. But if theres more bloody gore than aliens fighting predators, I will give it a lower score. TO TO TO much blood is stupid. Like a that woman probably got chest bursted. If so, I have never seen a messed up left over like that.   :)  
  14. Semaka
    I think the death of Carrie will look great in the movie. But I don't think that hear death is the cause of a chestbursting. I think the predalien kills her. But if I'm wrong, and a chest-burster comes out of her, that means, we have a new hybrid. A hybrid between the Predalien and a human. I'm curious how will the hybrid look like
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