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AvPR’s Running Time is reporting that the running time for the movie in Germany is 94 minutes. They got this straight from Fox. Co-director Colin Strause also made a comment on the running time yesterday:

“We were that long a while ago, but we’ve tightened the movie since then. There was a sub-plot that we didn’t want in the film any more that chopped out a bit of time, but the movie is so much better because of that. I’m not sure of the exact time with credits, but it is under a 100 minutes, which is long enough for what the movie needs to be. When you see the movie, there is a great balance of really long suspense scenes, and fast action. Longer isn’t aways better, and I personally hate walking out of a good movie that could have been perfect if 10-15 minutes of filler was cut out of it.”

I’m somewhat disappointed about the running time. I guess I always expect AvP films to be at least two hours like the Alien films. AvP’s premise was great and could have easily have been a decent two hour film if everything else had been done right.

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  1. Tyler
    For one thing, I talked to the Strause Bros. to see what the film's running time really is and yes it is 94 minutes but without credits. I have just talked to them and they said that the reason why they said it was less than a 100 minutes with credits because they had said that when they haven't finished the editing process yet, they said that AVP R is still in post production until next week but they have finished knowing the real running time. They said that the full running time is a 101 minutes with credits, they said that the end credits are short (maybe 5-6 min long, they said it is less than 7 minutes). For those next time who read the films running time, you better know that most of the time when a studio speaks out it's film's running time at first (before it first comes out) , they mean the film itself without credits. And for IMDB, next time double check your running time knowledge for films because AVP Requiem is certianly not 86 minutes. For those who are in shock reading that the film is 86 minutes from IMDB, please talk to the Bros. in their website and get a second "real" opinion. They know everything about the movie because they are the f**king directors, DUHHHHh!!!!!!, the guys on IMDB are not, So f**k OFF IMDB. Just to tell you that most people know that IMDB's postings are not really real (some of them). For instence, before Spiderman 3 came out, they said it was 156 minutes, but it turned out to be 140. Thats an example of IMDB's mistakes.
  2. departedhero20
    im very dissapointed with the running time i expected at least 115 min or so now im really worried about the film so much hope on these one and the directors have let us down lets see how good the movie really is cus in the trailers it looks weird the cgi i hope all that has been fixed.
  3. Guest
      >:(   Just when you're really enjoying the film it will end.  Surely people will walk away wanting more.  Its that last half hour that really satisfies.  Bad idea.    ::)  
  4. Luckygreycat
      >:(   Bummer.  Just when you are really enjoying this movie it will end.  Movies that are really enjoyable need to be two hours or they just go too quick.  I can see going away from this one unsatisfied and wanting more.    >:(  
  5. zen
    Because of people like you listening to those idiot critics like Tom Long or whatever the f**k his name is a movie ends up failing because you dont go to the theater and then people look at how much it made in it's fitst week and then dont even bother to go and see it.Wether it's rated G and 20 minutes long or if its longer then DUNE and rated NC-17,a real--if not true--fan will go and see it!.And anyone who deny's this is only confirming that they agree with me.Also warchant-D,i dont know what f**king s**ty theater you go to,but the one i was in was fantastic!.Everyone's butt was puckering and yelling "GO,GO,GO!!" when that guy was crawling across the slowly rising wall while shurikans were being thrown at him,everyone went "EEEWWWWW!!"when that guy's throat was slit,and everyone went "OOOOHHH,AAAHHH,EEEWWWW!!!!!" during the fight scenes!.No one laughed and everyone enjoyed the movie!.Might i suggest you find a new place to go to?   >:(  .
  6. Alex McAndrew
    MAN!!!!   >:(   why do they do this kind of stuff to great movies?   ???   i will still go see it, but still i think it will be rushed.   :P  
  7. warchant-D
    hey zen, im not sure if your trying to make a point with those numbers claiming that avp was actually good for it runtime or the fact that it was made with relatively low budget. but that 171 million if thats waht your trying to use as an anchor of evidence against such a movie as waterworld ' why waterworld of all movies?' let me just say that while avp made that money it did mainly on the two names of the franchises alone. the words 'alien' and 'predator'  sold that movie not people saying, 'hey lets go see a good quality movie, how about avp', cuz thats not what it was. hell, as a big fan of both franchises I couldnt help but feel embarassed and upset as I distinctly remember people laughing and openly trashing the movie WHILE it was being shown, major dissapointment. it could have and should have been a lot better, and much of that has to do with fox not wanting to issue the attention or effort and especially the money to make a truly great movie with these two franchises ever again...its truly a sad thing
  8. warchant-D
    umm..hey foxnull, if I remember fox just recently had to fund them a little more to add some two or three scenes to the movie , and even with these it came out to just 94 minutes, so before we were possibly looking at around 85 minutes long. thats rediculous, besides if they had to struggle just to get a few added to the theatrical release, that holds very little chance for any others making it to a dvd version
  9. Foxnull
    Most of you people are going berzerk over the time, when first of all. You should be thankful youre even getting a movie. And Secondly, The DVD with commentary, possible behind the scenes, as well as deleted scenes and other things, will boost the replay value of this movie greatly. If you have a DVD player, stop bitching, and if you dont. well, sucks for you, go get one. End of story.
  10. Heavy Metal Spike
    I'm with Blaine too ....  If this was INCLUDING the credits then that blows! - really bad news. Predator was 107 mins (1hr 47) Predator 2 was 108 (1hr 48), AVP was 101 (1hr 41) - all times including credits. I know 5-10 minutes doesn't seem like much - but as a percentage it's HUGE. First bit of bad news I've had about this movie since I saw bits of it being filmed.
  11. Green Band
    "I mean honestly, whats the last sci fi horror or even borderline truly scary movie that anyones been to see in theaters in the last 5+ years thats under 100 minutes long and any good ? "  Thats because originality went out the door along time ago.   Lets hope they cut out some of the scenes of the god awful acting that was in the trailers and instead stick with the Predator owning everything.
  12. warchant-D
    I mean honestly, whats the last sci fi horror or even borderline truly scary movie that anyones been to see in theaters in the last 5+ years thats under 100 minutes long and any good ?
  13. warchant-D
    damn strait blaine, its cuz the film studios dont give money or attention to small budget, percieved low quality movies with no lasting or memorable appeal...which I truly hope to god is not the case here
  14. Blaine
    Citizen Kane = 119 min  Godfather = 175 min  Jaws = 124 min  Aliens = 137 min  Predator = 107 min  Coversely....  Boa VS Python = 92 min  Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever = 91 min  Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm = 85 min  Shark Attack 3:  Megalodon = 94 min  See the trend???
  15. boostedlsj
    f**kin cry babies is what it is    watch the movie and shut up! or just dont watch it.  just cause its 94 mins does not mean it sucks. I would personally prefer it longer but oh well!  you guys saying "omg its not long enough for a AVP film  the brothers suck!"   are you f**kin directors? do you work in the movie business?  how do you know they cant pull off a AVP film in 94 minutes?  seriously go get your diaper changed and stop complaining
  16. Blaine
    Longer may not necessarily be better, but who says shorter is necessarily better?  Since the Bros Strause idolize the "Aliens" movie so much, they should have mirrored they running time of that film, especially the Director's cut.
  17. Starkiller
    I agree a film doesn't have to be too long to be good! but come on 94mins for a AVP film is too quick!   I suppose if they introduce the aliens & predator earlier than they did in AVP (45mins) then maybe then, it mite be properly pace out.  AVP was 96mins with credits so if AVP-R is even shorter thats a big let down! I really thought the bros. knew what they were doin.  Oh well im just gunna wait and see!
  18. zen
    ALIEN was about,what,117 minutes long?.And PREDATOR was 107 minutes long,so for an AVP film to work it either has to be fast(80-100 minutes)or very long(120+ minutes)depending on the story.And three words:PETER BENCHLEYS CREATURE!.
  19. Spoon
    But 2 hours isnt even long anyway. He just used that as an excuse.  Hell If the movie is done right it can be 3 hours long.  Must meen they cut ALOT of crappy scenes from the movie.   This movie is gonna be nothing but nonsense killing.  Story is gonna blow.
  20. Rob - - - - - -ski
    On the DVD box and in the papers they say AVP was 100 min. long. It was, plus credits. Movies have an average 5 to 7 min. of credits after the movie. In this YOU GOT ELEVEN!!!! So it's only 89 minutes of feature film. Those 11 minutes were just fillibusters to make you think you a fair length movie instead of short, cut to the chase, single, and simple plot.
  21. RougeHunter
    I'm just glad they made the movie. So far from what I have read it sounds great no matter how long it is or what the change or whatever they do. I'll love all 94 mins of this movie cause its Alien and Predators (don't really care about the humans)
  22. Nomad
    94 minutes is not so bad, the movie is going to be great, espesualy when you wach it for the first time, I liked the first avp when I saw it for the very first time... But then... Anyway Alien and Predator in one movie is great, always, it's better than nothing.  Stop saying how long it shoud be! It just your wishes face the reality!!!!!, it wont become longer!!!
  23. Ricardo
    humm.... i'd rather wait and see... i'm not expecting any major masterpiece from the brothers.. but a healthfull return to the days of solid action movies!
  24. csutkakoma
    94 minute! It is a huge disappointment ! It has to be least 110 minutes without credits! This is not the 80's! This is the year of 2007 and they did a 90 minutes movie? Come on! What about the Strauses stuff...AvP1 has a lenght problem, but now AvPR has no problem with the lenght. And it seems maybe it will shorter than AvP'! LOL! Is this a joke or What? Sry but im very dissapointid and my expectations are go down.   :-\  
  25. spinner7478 me, a short running time equates to a lack of respect for your audience.  They basically think our attention spans are so short that we're just like "ACTION ACTION NONSTOP ACTION...and don't slow down for a second and let the tension build because we'll get bored!!"  I know it's a "VS" movie, so my expectations are a little out of whack, but the first AVP took 45 minutes before any action started...and then it felt like it was over in a snap.  PLEASE don't do that to us again.
  26. spinner7478
    a little disappointed...although, it sounds like the directors are basically saying "Look, we've spent every dollar we any additional scenes are just gonna be of human characters interacting."  The problem I have is that "The Mist" just proved last week that you don't have to be constantly showing monsters to keep people entertained or scared.  After all, the first 2 Alien movies did a good job of building tension even when there wasn't aliens on screen.
  27. Rafael S.
    Slang. I do agree with you. Thi isnt about the humans is AlLIENS vs. PREDATOR. But a sci fi movie still needs humans s you can relate or have a little dialoge.  Hopefully the movie is not rush, anyway.   ???  
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