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  1. Starkiller
    this score is fantastic! its got some origianl piece's as well as similar sounds and style to the originals.  Brian Tyler has done a great job! lets hope the movie is fanatstic aswell!
  2. YutaniDitch
    Well, it is not 'trademarkeable'...I hum the Predator theme, the ALiens, ALien3 ones...Can you do the same with this one...  Also, it 'steals' from a lot of places... Which is not what James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith, Elliot Goldenthal did...  Elliot did not 'steal' from Jerry or James, nor did James steal from Jerry, and so on and so forth...  Brian does seems as talented as AR's composer, but that is not saying much... And the same age too...   ;D    Bottom line, didn't make me wanna hum it...   ::)  
      ;D  Truly awesome. I love a good musical score it's always the best way to go. Take Star Wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park and ID4 for example. I don't about you guy but I generally hate most movie soundtracks. Because they write these stupid songs that have nothing to do with the movie.
  4. sak1na
    YEAH!!! The soundtrack is the bomb! It actualy reminds me alittle of Unreal Tournament 2004, don't know why.   So.... which scene do you think this track is from? My bet is on the destruction of the predator ship, or maybe the predator/predalien fight on the roof.
  5. bueeee
    they should better upload that magnificient beautiful music from the trailer. when the town with its life is revealed.   guess it will be the only good thing in the whole movie.
  6. bueee
    danny elfman, batman-edwardscissorhands, superman, other comics movies.   f**k up the predators and aliens, greetings to comic monsters and movies, children are happy.
  7. zen
    OH....MY....F**KING....GOD!!!!!!.If i had a cellphone it whould so be my ringtone!.YOU DA MAN BRIAN TYLER!!!!!   :o     :o     :o  .Even people who dont like soundtracks will love this!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  8. Green Band
    Very cool sounding. This is much better then AVP's music. You can defiantly feel both Alien and Predator movie. At least if the movie sucks, we'll have a kick ass sound track    :)   But lets hope the movie is as good as this track.
  9. venomp2
    The beginning sounds a lot like predator. the middle has the cool ass drums going and at the end it sounds just like ALIENS. This is bad ass!!!!
  10. Optimus Maximus Virus
    Sounds great! love it very big, powerfull and its got an Aliens and Alien 3 feel to it.  Tyler's done an excellent job by the sounds of it.  Rock On!
  11. Semaka
    I want the album, I need it!! I bet all the scores are like this one!! Oh my god, this reminds me of Aliens, way to go Bros!! I hope you will go and make an Alien 5 or AvP3!!
  12. pretrixalated
    I can imagine this being in any alien film    ;D   I love it much better then that thing they dare call music in the first avp.   ???   this is a mix of music from predator and a-r...   ;D   nicely done Brian!!!
  13. Dual Blade
    simply beautiful. Like darkness, am not an expert ever BUT i know what I like and THIS IS WHAT i LIKE   It feels monumental... ... titanic... ... dramatic...  ... all the flavours of this movie becoming great, and hopfully horror/epic driven.   ;D    EVERY DOUBTER IS GOING TO EAT THEIR WORDS WHEN THIS FILM ARRIVES,    ;D     ;D  
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