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  1. Lone Wolf Down
    I like all of them, but Wolf's my favorite. He's not as bulky and slow as the ones in AVP 1, he's more like the ones in Predator 1 & 2. Also, I like the ridged-headed aliens better like in this one. THE PREDALIEN IS GODDAMN AWESOME!!!
  2. Gul Kalvo
    Incredible! They have manage to make the alien even worse!! Look at that back! And those hands... Not to mention the tubes in the back... I remember a discussion regarding the fight in the sewers...On side points out that the weight of the water make the tubes bent, others that it was the tail, and even the "these are production pictures" song... Now we have a proof that they were all wrong. The tubes are always bent!
  3. YautjaWarrior
    Now that I'm looking at it, the predator mouth looks pretty good (thank God). This model is the best I've seen yet for the AvPR predator. The acid damage on the side of the face is pretty sweet too    :)  
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