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Japanese AvP2 Poster

The Japanese seem to be getting a lot of AvPR media at the moment. Firstly, a Japanese AvP2 poster has been released online by

20071126 Japanese AvP2 Poster

There’s a new AvP2 background on Fox Japan’s AvP2 Website which you can download here. Finally, the regular Japanese AvP2 website has been updated with a Predalien Builder. It’s sorta like a flash game. Thanks to Darkoo, AlienGlenn and Yoda for the news.

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  1. rob_burleson
    This poster has a really good dark feel that I got from the first Alien 3 poster I saw.  The one with what looked like a chest burster.  It had the same green tint to it.  The avp-r planet poster doesn't have the same dark feel to me.  The perspective of the planet with the alien and pred crawling on it just doesn't look right.  The silhouette with the green blue background of this japanese poster has a creepy forbidding feel that I really like.
  2. Optimus Maximus Virus
    Head over to brian tyler's myspace page, its got an avp-r tune, its powerfull and got a aliens & alien 3 feel to it!   Rock On!
  3. Nomad
    Well, it is Japan   ;D   Gooood and creative, as always.  And can someone tell me why I cant register and become a member of this site?    ???   P.S. I'am Ukrainian, same problem with all of my friends and comrades   ;D   from Ukrain   :(  
  4. Blaz
    Seeing that background picture, at the right angle the Predalien's hands look really cool, as opposed to the horrible angle on the other one (the roof top battle with Wolf and his spear).
  5. Mr. Teal
    I agree with leumas this poster iz trashy which is good. But I dont think it would suit the western audiences, plus I dont think the bros have made a 'trashy' movie cool poster tho    ;)  
  6. Leumas
    The poster is more trashy then the Europ/USA poster. This one looks more oldscool horror like it used to be here in the 70/80 ties. Now every Thriller/horror poster here in the West looks to arty farty, to polished. I hope AVPR will be more trash like Alien or Aliens.
  7. MAD-REX
    Yeah, the poster is cool. I want to see when with the Alien Warrior and Wolf. Also the build your own Predalien is weird. You just put some parts together, then NOTHING! I was thinking there was some way to do something with what you created... but no :(
  8. Ricardo
    Yep.. it's Heaps better than the stuff Europe and America are getting! I also prefer the straight forward-ness of the name AVP2.. to the pretty damn corny "Requiem"...    ???  
    nice one, -but im not too sure bout the title in yellow with the blood splatter- other than that, i like it. i agree Optimus...a t-shirt wud be prety cool.
  10. Jenga
    Why do they often get cooler posters that we do? Their "Ran" poster was WAY better (although it should be), Their Amelie Poster: BETTER, and now this one. Oh well, that's pretty sweet.
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