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NECA’s AvP Requiem Figure Packaging

A little update from NECA. They’ve released packaging shots of the Alien and Hybrid figures for AvP Requiem.

20071120 NECA's AvP Requiem Figure Packaging

“Today, we give fans a further look at Series 1 of our AVP: Requiem Action Figures as we debut the first images of both the Warrior Alien and Predalien Hybrid in packaging. You can find both figures on shelves next month, but for now, take a look at our extensive image gallery…”Thanks to Xeno from for the news.

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  1. AVP R
      >:(     8)  the predalien or hybrid or whatever the hell it's caled the color of it looks so pathetic and gay. the director sucks too and the person with the color of the predalien.           AVP R better be damn good.   >:(     >:(     >:(  
  2. blah
    Why does the predator have such a massive face in this one?  They said they based it on the Predator 2 face....but they really didn't base it on that design at all :S
    cool. i cant wait to get those i want the alien and predalien for christmas so badly and i want the wolf predator masked and unmasked to add to my aliens and predator collection.   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  4. Ty
    Wolf: "the masked predator is coming out in March is that true?" Answer:Well, yes. My friend is a fan of the Predators, he is sad of that as well. But, me, I'm an alien fan.   ;D  
  5. Rafael S.
    I have a question for you Darkness or Mr.Weyland. I have this 12 inch McFarlane Alien that hasnt been took out of the package. The package isnt in that mint condition but is perfect. Would you take it out of the box yes or not
  6. Clydewyman
    I am keen on getting the Masked Version Predator, but if I had a stroke of luck and money keeps pouring from my sweat and blood that I have put in on my work, I would be getting both Masked and Unmasked Version!
  7. SHREK
    @ SEMAKA - the aliens from avp, alien, aliens and alien 4 (apart from the new born) ar all the same- they all came from humans- the newborn, runner and predalien r the same
  8. Semaka
    until now, in the Alien series, there are 7 types of hybrids, that we have seen.  1. The alien with the smooth head. (Alien and AvP) 2. The warriors or drones. (Aliens) 3. The runner. (Alien 3) 4. The cloned aliens, they are a mixture of human and aliens (A4: Resurrection) 5. The Newborn (A4:Resurrection) 6. The Predalien (AvP:R) 7. The Queen (Aliens and A4: Resurrection)  They are all hybrids, the reason they call the Predalien  a Hybrid, because the producers liked the sound of it probably. You can call him Predalien. Btw, you don't see in any of the films, characters calling aliens "runners" or "drones", but they call them "serpents", that's stupid! Only in Aliens we hear the word "xenomorph" and that's it! So that's why they don't call it PredAlien.
  9. Clark
    I wish they'd stop calling the Predalien a 'Hybrid' - by definition, all Aliens are hybrids!  And also, with regard to the Predalien's new colour scheme (of which, I am also not much of a fan), didn't Giger himself suggest that the Aliens start out/are born one colour -- Chestbuster Yellow, perhaps -- and then immediately start to bruise due to such a short lifespan? That's why the thing was desperate to breed.  Oh, well. Bye-bye, Continuity... we hardly knew thee.   Still, great looking figures, anyway.   8)  
  10. JD
    FFS why are they calling it a Hybrid, when its CLEARLY a Predalien.  I dont understand why they are calling it this all of a sudden when Predaliens have been around in the comics for years.
  11. Semaka
    Oh, and one more thing, I don't like the predators' face. It looks like a pig, honestly, the face resembles a wild boar without hair. And i don't like the long neck, and the head is very big compared with the body. But I like the fact that the Alien, Hybrid and Predator, are all well detailed, I bet they did a lot of work for those toys.
  12. Semaka
    The PredAlien does have muscles. I honestly don't like that. With the color, i'm okay, but i don't like the fact that it has muscles. In all the films, we don't see an alien with muscles. I understand the fact that it has dreadlocks, those were considered as not being predator hair, but i don't like it having muscles. And if it has muscles, it should be bigger and more powerful than a drone alien, like in the game.  I still want to know how the game ends.
  13. ALIENS
    Da predalien is pretty good actually, da problems 2 me bout da predalien are jus da hands, and colour, other than dat da predalien is a 10/10
  14. bobcunk
    probable only at cd stores and stuff. anyone been to the silver snail in Toronto wow it had like every mcfarland, neca, plasades and all thous gi joe style figures ever made.
  15. Ty
    Simbobs12345:" Thanx, and thank goodness."     No prob.   8)   But remember I said:"Don't see why not." In other words, I don't see a reason why they would only be in the US. Which I live in.   ::)   If they say, release date and in US then it means only US though. But we will have to see.
  16. Ty
    Simbobs12345:" I know this is a weird question, it gonna be on sale in Canada?" "can somebody answer my above question."         :)     :D   Well, I really don't know. Don't see why not   ::)  
  17. Gurgul
    PredAlien is not formal enough I guess. And yeah, the color on it is pretty cheap. You don't see an alien coming from a gay host with rainbow colors.
  18. Mr. Weyland
    @ Serious 101  I want some human characters because I have a shit load of alien and predator figures, and seeing the same thing but slightly different being released does tend to get a bit old, I am looking forward to the predalien though    ;D  
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