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AvPR Soundtrack Listing

The record label Varèse Sarabande has posted full details of the AvP Requiem soundtrack including the track listing and the front/back covers:

1. Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem (1:30)
2. Opening Titles (3:04)
3. Decimation Proclamation (7:40)
4. Requiem Epilogue (3:12)
5. National Guard Part 1 (5:45)
6. National Guard Part 2 (2:56)
7. Taking Sides (13:04)
8. Predicide (1:31)
9. Kelly Returns Home (1:19)
10. Coprocloakia (5:32)
11. Power Struggle (4:02)
12. Skinned and Hanged (2:48)
13. Down To Earth (2:36)
14. Predator Arrival (3:37)
15. Special Delivery (2:32)
16. Alien Awakening (2:07)
17. Striptease (1:31)
18. Buddy’s New Buddy (1:59)
19. Searching the Poolhouse (3:11)
20. Gutless and Autosurgiosis (2:43)
21. Outnumbered (4:38)

20071116_02 AvPR Soundtrack Listing

20071116_03 AvPR Soundtrack Listing

No major spoilers from the tracklisting but we get an idea about some of the scenes. Thanks to John Chambers for the news.


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  1. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Everyone who loves the sound of film music, ESPECIALLY if you love it during the chase and action, GO to Brian Tyler's profile on!!  There he also has the entire 7:40 track of DECIAMATION PROCLAMATION. I don't have a profile on MySpace, I don't go MySpace, and to conclude I don't like MySpace. Bad influence in my opinion.  But was it worth it?  YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. zen
    My guess is is that Strip-tease is the alien molting out of its exoskeleton.  Copracloakia is probably the scene with alien and Wolf in the store(Thats just my opinion)  Predicide is when all the prds on the ship get killed  Down to earth is probably when the ship crashes  We all saw what skinned and hanged means  Alien awakening is most likely the scene with all those chest bursters in one body  And i'm pretty sure we all know what outnumbered means.
  3. dwell
    i would say that the term "predicide" is more in relation to the word "genocide."  that being the extermination of a race ("geno" = race), and thus a "predicide" would probably be the extermination of predators, no?  Perhaps this is when the preds fall victim to the predalien on the ship?
  4. Sgt.Hudson
    oh and in the word coproclokia it has the word cop and cloak so im thinkin it's the scen where the predator kills that cop in the woods
  5. Gazz
    Darcevil: Does anyone actually buy sound tracks?  Well I own little over 60 soundtracks and both the alien and predator series are amongst them. There is a whole community of soundtrack collectors out there, so stop being an ignorant 12 year olf tit and pull your head out of the sand.
  6. EpsilonOrpheon777
    well i dunno about you but i'm willing to bet "Striptease" may have something to do with that makeout scene by the pool from the Population trailer but i may be wrong and "Requiem Epilogue" may have been put near the beginning because i remember reading that it was one of the director duo's and composer's favorite songs.  perhaps put near the beginning to hook you for the remainder of the soundtrack. and of course people buy soundtracks! while not the best collection... i do have Predator 2, Terminator, Terminator 2, Romeo and Juliet, and some Zelda ones.  excellent soundtracks in my opinion.
  7. sixteen16
    i doubt that "striptease" has to do something with the teens well at least i hope not otherwise it would have been rated r for violence, gore, language, and brief nudity/sexuality or something like that.
  8. Pred Owns Aliens
    Why r all u complaing about the "striptease" thing sure its a unnecssary scene proably but come are u gay or what, while it is pointless lets not complain about ok   also want to say i got a sample of the opening score it sounds good
  9. Optimus Virus
    from the listing looks like the predator and the aliens come quite late in the the original's. but im concerned about how that leaves the action and story to devolp. I mean in AVP the action came late then woosh it was gone hope the action and story in AVP-R isn't rushed!!  Rock On!
  10. RidgeTop
    yeah thats what I meant, epilogue would come later, at the end.  accidentally put sooner.  anyway, looks to be a good CD, hopefully better than Kloiser's Day After Tomorrow clone.
  11. Sheriff Eddie Morales
    I was kind of hoping that AvP 2 was going to begin like Predator. I mean after the PredAlien's birth. I wanted it to begin with the song "Predator main theme" in the beginning,but...oh well.. I guess that this soundtrack will be cool after all.   ;)  
  12. Robotpo
    Composers often change the order of tracks on the score in order to make it a better listening experience outside of the film. John Williams is a prime example of this; he and others like to turn their scores into "symphonies," that can stand on their own as musical achievements, even if the listener has never seen the film in question.
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