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Alien Soundtrack Release

Okay, I’ve got a heap of news to get through tonight. Firstly, a company called Intrada is releasing a 2-CD set of the Alien soundtrack on November 19th.

“Intrada 2-CD set offers world premiere complete release of Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack to legendary Ridley Scott sci-fi horror movie. Every note of composer’s intense, terrifying masterwork appears in dynamic stereo sound from newly-discovered actual 1” multi-track session masters! Generous set has complete score as originally intended, all re-scored sequences & alternates, demo mixes showcasing unusual sounds of serpent, didjeridu, giant conch plus original 1979 LP assembly, also fully remixed, remastered!

Deluxe booklet offers definitive behind-the-scenes look at score controversy plus track-by-track analysis with slates, scoring changes, recording dates, more. The final word on ALIEN comes courtesy of Universal Music Group, 20th Century Fox, ace album producers Michael Matessino & Nick Redman plus enthusiastic crew of Intrada. Remember: in space no one can hear you scream! Lionel Newman conducts National Philharmonic Orchestra.”

More details such as the soundtrack listing and price can be found on their website. Thanks to John Chambers for the news.

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  1. Anonymous
    the brothers suck butt BUTT BIG FAT BUTT they kill wolf he is a legend and they frekin kill him then frak them!!! if u dont post this with in 6 threads ur favorite toy will get broken OWNED NOW POST!!
  2. Clark
    I always found it amazing when Jerry Goldsmith would say how annoyed he was with the final score of Alien, when interviewed for the Quadrilogy documentaries.  I guess it's one of the problems in being someone that talented - even when you get something perfect, it's still not nearly enough..!  RIP Goldsmith. And thanks.
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